Your Teenage Princess And Breast Augmentation Surgery

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The world is obsessed with youth and beauty; that’s the way it always has been and will continue to be. As a result of everyone’s desire to be young and beautiful, breast augmentation has become one of the most often performed elective cosmetic surgeries. This surgery has become a popular high school graduation gift for young girls who are not even eighteen years old yet. Women of all ages want firmer, fuller, higher-sitting breasts because they know this will add to their sex appeal. They are willing to pay exorbitant fees for larger breasts.

Many people believe silicone gel implants are unsafe for anyone to use, although the FDA did finally approve their unrestricted use. If an implant ruptures or bursts, then the silicone gel can leak into the body, causing health complications. The well documented health risks that are closely associated with breast implants may not be ideal for pairing with a teenage girl’s bodily-image insecurities.

When I was in high school in the 1980′s, I knew four girls who had breast augmentation surgery. Today, young girls are getting this surgery much more often than they did back then. In fact, today’s culture has made breast augmentation surgery seem like a rather normal, routine procedure that is no more dangerous than getting one’s teeth whitened. Is it safe for teen girls to undergo breast augmentation surgery? The subject is certainly open for debate.

The recommendation that a breast augmentation patient be at least eighteen years of age before she has breast augmentation is just that: a recommendation. There is no law which states that this recommendation be enforced. Many parents are paying for their young daughters to have breast augmentation surgery because it is not illegal. There are many reasons that should give a parent pause for concern before purchasing breast implants for their young daughter.

As children enter their teen years, it has been proven that they are often unhappy with the appearance of their rapidly changing bodies. As they get a little older, however, they become increasingly pleased with their appearance. This is one of many reasons a girl should wait until she is at least eighteen before she has breast augmentation surgery.

There is another very good reason to wait before allowing a young lady to have breast augmentation surgery. Physical development continues into the twenties – it does not stop at the age of legal adulthood. If breast augmentation surgery is performed too soon in a young girl’s physical development, they will never know if they appreciate their natural breast size and shape, because they will never know what that size and shape is. For this reason, many surgeons believe young ladies should wait until they have fully developed before they make the decision to have breast augmentation surgery.

If anyone needed another reason to wait for a few years before having breast augmentation, try post-surgery complications that require additional surgery. Between twenty and thirty percent of breast augmentation patients have complications from their implants within four years of surgery. Breast implants must be replaced every ten years which means that a young girl of high school age who undergoes breast augmentation surgery could easily have three breast-related surgeries before she is twenty-five years old!

Those are only a few reasons a young girl should wait several years before having breast augmentation surgery. You should always consult a licensed and highly skilled surgeon before making the decision to have breast implants. Only a licensed plastic surgeon can properly advise you regarding your surgery-related decisions.

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