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The wedding industry is thriving, people are going for much bigger, more glamorous and extremely expensive wedding these days. A few years ago the average wedding would cost between ,000 and ,000, nowadays with everybody having to have a Professional Wedding Planner, a big themed wedding, over the top decorated receptions, Las Vegas type entertainment, the average wedding now costs between ,000 and 0,000.

Amazingly enough 0,000 isn’t unusual, it must be my age (50), but I think too much emphasis is put on the wedding and not the marriage, it’s all about who has the biggest dress, the most bridesmaids, the best hair and makeup artists. Anyway what do I know? The wedding industry is making a killing, at my wedding I thought it was pretty amazing that I had printed wedding cake bags, I remember everyone commenting on them like it was some amazing invention.

My daughter’s wedding was a totally glamorous, unashamedly extravagant affair. She spent an absolute fortune on a beautiful hand beaded white princess style wedding dress, of course the shoes were a work of art in themselves, silver stilettos with sparkling crystals. The tiara and jewellery were matching with tiny crystals that matched her dress. The groomsmen all had personalised socks and cufflinks, the bridesmaids all had matching jewellery, little satin dilly bags, and crystal tiaras.

The reception was held at a beautiful country manor house and was decorated like a fairy grotto, water fountains, flowers, candles, not only that but a personalised gift for each and every guest, each beautifully wrapped, bottles of wine on the table with personalised labels, the wedding parties guests each had their own hand engraved crystal glass to take home as a beautiful memory of the day.

 I actually felt cheated that my husband and I had got married at the local theme park and had a budget of ,000, for everything, and of course I still got change from the ,000. My dress was half price on sale, my shoes were a size too small but they were a bargain, I made the 3 tier wedding cake and we borrowed my husband’s bosses car as a wedding car, our wedding night and honeymoon for that matter was spend in our own house, which we bought two weeks before we got married.

Oh how things have changed. The only worry is that we now have two more daughters and a son to marry off, there is a lot to be said for eloping.

Debbie Fraser, I am a mother of 4 living on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Queensland, Australia.

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