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Applying makeup is an art and a lot of practice is required to master this one. Makeup brushes are useful aids that can be used to apply makeup in the right way. Different makeup brushes have different uses and are of different types. They help you achieve precision and accuracy while applying makeup and there is no way that your makeup would look ‘caked up’. Using the right makeup brush can give you results similar to makeup applied by a professional makeup artist. Makeup brushes and their uses are of various kinds and so you should at least have the essential ones required to apply the most basic types of makeup.

Makeup Brushes

A makeup brush is made up of fibers and a handle. The fibers can either be synthetic or natural, and the handle is made of wood or plastic. The handle should be securely attached to the fibers and the fibers should not be too rough or harsh on the skin. The handle should be comfortable to hold and should not be too thick. Synthetic makeup brushes are easier to clean and last longer than makeup brushes with natural fibers. While choosing or buying a makeup brush, keep in mind the type of fiber and handle used, and always opt for quality makeup brushes.

Makeup Brushes Types

Depending upon the area to which makeup is to be applied, various types of brushes are designed. For example, to apply makeup to the eye, you can use a liner brush, a blending brush, an angled brush, or a shadow brush. For the lips you can either use a retractable or a long handled lipstick brush. For the face, you will need a foundation, a concealer, a blush, a kabuki, and a powder brush. These makeup brushes are designed with tapered, straight, or chiseled tips, and can be used as per the specific look that you desire to achieve.
Makeup Brushes Uses

The types of makeup brushes and their uses depend upon the area that they are used to apply makeup to. Following is a guide for makeup brushes and their uses, depending on the areas of their use.

Foundation Brush: A foundation brush is used to apply liquid or mineral foundation over the face neck and even on the back. They have flat and long bristles that taper at the tips. It can be used for application as well as for touch up of the foundation.

Concealer Brush: A concealer brush is used to apply concealer to areas of imperfection on the face. This brush effectively helps cover blemishes, spots, and imperfect skin tone.

Powder Brush: A powder brush can be used to apply loose powder over the foundation and concealer, and can also be used to apply a shimmer or a bronzer to the face. It has fluffy bristles that help dust out the excessive makeup product and applies the exact amount required. It also helps even out the makeup on the face. This is one of the must have makeup brushes.

Blusher Brush: A blush brush can be either big and fluffy, or small and angled. Blusher brushes are used to apply blush or cheek color evenly over the cheeks and cheek bones.

A lip brush is a fine, soft and tapered brush that can be used to apply lipstick or lip gloss to the lips. They help blend in the lipstick with the lip liner to give a smooth and even finish to the lips.

Eyeliner: An eyeliner brush is a really thin and fine brush with soft bristles that help you line your eyes with precision, along the shape of the eye.

Eyeshadow: To apply an eye shadow in the right manner you will need brushes like the contour brush, the lid brush, and the crease brush. All of these are specially designed to apply different shades of eyeshadow to the eyes.

Mascara: Mascara usually comes with a sturdy brush that applies mascara evenly to the eye lashes. Some mascara brushes also come with small comb like bristles to remove excess mascara from the eye lashes.

Eyebrow Brush: An eyebrow brush gives definition and shape to the eyebrows, giving it a clear and precise arc shape. So, now that you know about the various types of makeup brushes and their uses, do not hesitate to use them while applying makeup the next time. Use only the best makeup brushes to give your makeup that perfect finishing touch.

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