The Most Exaggerated and Enhanced Part of Emo Makeup – How You Can Do Edgy, Yet Cute Emo Makeup for Girls and Boys

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Most people associate the term emo with sensitive, shy, extremely introverted and most importantly angst-ridden people with deep rooted emotional problems. A stereotype that seems to be a take on the fact that the emo culture finds its origins in emo music or emotional hardcore punk music which emerged in the 1980′s. A style of singing that is characterized by melodious tunes and lyrics that border on the confessional variety, emo music has often been criticized for promoting itself as a male bastion, having almost no women in most emo bands. Despite this bias that the music has been blamed for, the emo culture has spawned a fashion style that has become quite a rage amongst both women and men, especially teenagers. A look that can be characterized by the use of the color black, in both clothes and makeup, the style is predominantly dark and also androgynous. A very integral part of the look is emo makeup which is what sets the style apart from other similar punk and goth looks, where you can find the roots of this fashion.

How to do Emo Makeup for Girls

Avril Lavigne with her well-defined smudged eye makeup is a poster girl for scene emo makeup and fashion. Several teenaged girls want to emulate her style and the way she dresses up. If you are equally awed by the rock star, then here is how you can do this edgy, yet cute emo makeup for girls

The first step in applying makeup is always the foundation. Remember to choose a foundation that is of the same tone or a shade lighter than your skin tone.
The next step is emo eye makeup. Choose an eyeshadow, either neon shades or darker colors like black, brown, dark blue, gray, etc.
For girls, it is best to use a liquid eyeliner. First apply eyeliner to the bottom lid in one continuous line. If that is difficult for you, then make four dots on the bottom line starting from one end to the other and then join them. Once you have applied the liner, thicken it.
Now apply the eyeliner to the top lid. Choose the color of the eyeliner depending on how vibrant and colorful you want your look to be. Let the two lines of eyeliner meet at the corners of your eyes and then to exaggerate the effect, give the line an upwards stroke.
Apply mascara to your lashes taking care to not clump them.
Apply a nude lipstick or lip gloss depending on your preference. The lips should not be too prominent as the eyes have to be the most exaggerated and enhanced part of emo makeup.

How to do Emo Makeup for Boys

While emo makeup looks easy for even guys to wear, what they need to remember is that, the aim is to highlight the look and not look like a drag queen or a two year old who was handed a makeup kit. Boys do not have as many color options as girls do, which makes it important to get the makeup right with a minimalist routine. Given below is a step-by-step guide on how to apply emo makeup for guys. Following these emo makeup tips will help you achieve the desired look.

First and foremost, you need to apply the foundation for the makeup. Use a sponge to apply foundation all over your face and neck. There is a misconception that emo makeup needs you to look pale. In fact that holds true for goth. Therefore, use a foundation that is the same shade as your skin tone or only a shade lighter. If you want a slight glow on your skin, then apply a lotion before you apply the foundation.
The most important part of the face to focus on, even for boys, are the eyes. Eye makeup defines the emo look. Most men tend to stick to basic black for the eyes, though if you want to feel adventurous you can opt for red as well.
Start with the eyeliner. We suggest you opt for a pencil eyeliner, as for a guy, a more smudged look sits better. Starting at the inside corner of the eye, line the bottom lid. Make it as thin or thick as you want it to be. Boys should skip applying eyeliner to the upper lid.
The next step is to apply the eyeshadow. Apply black eyeshadow all the way up to the eyebrows. After you are done applying the eyeshadow, you can apply the mascara. Be careful about not clumping up your eyelashes.
If you want you can apply a nude lipstick to complete the look or even opt for lip balm to just make sure that your lips are not cracked or unsightly.

Despite all the criticism that emo sub culture has come under, including accusations of gender bias, being juvenile and even promoting suicidal tendencies and self harm, the music and the fashion still enjoys huge popularity. Emo makeup, therefore, becomes a symbol of rebellion and a statement that is hard to be missed.

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