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Gothic clothing is an addition to the fashion world by members of the Goth subculture. Gothic fashion clothing can also be described as a profusion of dark velvets, fishnets, lace, scarlet-shaded leather, tight corsets and gloves, accessorized with silver ornaments.An extensive assortment of Goth cloths such as Medieval Cloak, Regency Robe, Hooded Cotton Cloak, Midnight Fantasy Cloak and Gothic Corset can be accessed at The Goth Code promises to supply Gothic cloths with latest designs and quality as it creates Gothic cloths by blending traditional Gothic styles with the modern ones. The fusion of tradition with the modern styles has given a new dimension to the Gothic fashion clothing, which ranges from everyday wear to dazzling outfit for some special occasion.

Tight Gothic corset is one of the important gothic clothing articles. A Gothic corset shapes the body of a girl like an hourglass, which is considered very aesthetic and flattering. The Goth Code in the UK offers beautifully designed unique collection of Gothic-style corsets in a range of colors and fabrics at very attractive prices. Other offering by the include Plus Size Corsets, Gothic Shirts & Tops, Gothic Blouse, Gothic Skirts, Gothic Dress, Gothic Pants and Gothic Jackets & Coats.

Gothic Corsets were among the more elegant and sophisticated style symbols in the early Gothic period. Sleeves became tight and the forearms enjoyed more importance. Minimal trimmings on the Gothic dresses were also a feature of the early gothic period. The Gothic dresses became longer and the necklines went deeper. With the passage of time, the gothic clothing styles changed with the fabrics looking stiffer in their appearance. In the late Gothic periods, the men had short hairstyles and more importance was given to the detailing of the upper silhouette.

Gothic dresses like Belted Flared, Belted Ruffled, Black &Purple Polyester Gothic Dress, Black PVC Witch Long Dress, Golden Goddess Gothic Dress, Gothic Cross Long Dress, Gothic velvet Mini Dress and the many more are being offered at a discount of whopping 15 percent. Gothic skirts such as Gothic PVC Side Slit Mini, Gothic Velvet Long Skirt, Gothic Velvet Ribbon Mini, Fish-Tail Skirt, Black Satin Gathered Skirt and Stripes Long Fishtail High-Waist Skirt are also available with price tags ranging from 16.95 pounds to 45.95 pounds.

In winter, Gothic clothing is incomplete without Gothic Jackets and coats. So, there are a wide range of Gothic Jackets and coats to choose from. Long Gothic Coat is very popular with men, while Gothic Victorian Punk Corset Satin Jacket attracts huge swarms of young ladies. In addition, male & female grab sets, medieval helmets, hat and other accessories are also available for purchase at the Goth Code. offers medieval clothing, which include medieval dress, pirate skirts, coats, vests and lose fit Gothic shirts with frills & drooping shoulders. An exclusively-designed collection of Gothic Clothing including Bully Hayes Shirt, Cap’n Quincy Shirt, Buccaneer Shirt, Half Cape Medieval Shirt and many more are available for purchase at affordable prices.

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