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Semi-permanent lip make up is getting more and more famous in the market nowadays. Semi-permanent lip make-up is also known as lip sense. The leading company which manufactures lip sense is SeneGence. The SeneGence lip sense is the most widespread semi-permanent lip make up being sold in the market. This lip sense imparts color to the lips and also moisturizes them. The moisture does not allow the lips to dry and they look good in every circumstance. The lip sense comes in over 30 colors from which can a woman select the suitable color for her lips. Moreover, it is cheap as compared to other cosmetic products.

Technically, a lip sense embeds a colored pigment beneath the dermal layer of the lips. This is done either to change the color of the lips or to improve the shape of the lips and make the lip line more attractive. As mentioned above this method is very convenient and cheap, so more and more women opt for this product. Women with misshaped lips can improve their lip line using this make-up or women who want to change the color of their lips and make them more appealing than before can also opt for this product. This product ultimately enhances the look of a woman’s lips.

Semi-permanent lip make-up lasts long on a woman’s lip until it is washed thoroughly. It is kiss proof, water proof, and spread proof. It does not leaves a mark on kissing or when anything comes in contact with the lips it remains stain free. This is the biggest advantage of this product. Another advantage of this is that a person can change her color of lips at any point of time. Suppose a woman is bored of a particular lip color then she can apply a lip sense of another color and change the color of her lips according to her wish. Moreover, it does not get easily washed by water. So while drinking water or just coming in contact with water the lip color does not easily get washed away. It also does not spread on the lips like any other lip stick does. So the woman does not have to check her lips time to time and get worried about the looks of her lips being damaged. Those women who are frustrated of buying the same lip stick again and again can have the most advantage over that lip stick by applying this product.

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Its the law of nature that we cant all be blessed with full and sensual lips! But with any shape lips, as we get older, the natural skin pigments fade, and can draw colour out of the face.It is now possible, thanks to FAMEĀ®, to change the shape and shade of your mouth. Many of our clients are unhappy with thin lips, explains Debra. to restore lost definition, we line the lips very softly outside the border with the Lip Perfection Contour and Blended Contour. As well as lost definition we can create fuller and more sensual lips with out the need for frequent injectable fillers.Barely There Blush is a softly defined outline which is blended and faded about halfway into the lip area to give an amazing, natural looking pout. The Volumising Lip Tint defines the contour slightly and discretely outside the border to give an impression of fullness with a hint of colour applied to the centre of the lip for a natural looking tint.
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