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With the growth of awareness among women, that conventional makeup which is made up of harmful chemicals and artificial colors and synthetic ingredients can actually harm their skin to a great extent, the popularity of organic makeup is gaining grounds.  Organic makeup is made up of natural minerals obtained from the surface of earth.  Since it contains minerals from nature, organic makeup is extremely skin friendly and enhances the quality of your skin rather than damaging it.  Unlike conventional makeup products, organic makeup products reduces fine lines and wrinkles from your skin thus making it look younger day by day.  Even the extensive use of organic makeup in everyday routine does not at all harm the skin.

More and more women these days are becoming conscious about their skin and are switching over from conventional makeup to organic makeup.  Makeup’s that are organic in nature contain several ingredients made from natural minerals and herbs.  These ingredients are Algae extract, which is extremely high in iodine and is full of nourishing and hydrating properties, Aloe Vera Oil, which is excellent in sub burns treatment and is perfect for sensitive and dry skin, Annatto which is actually a waxy extract that is obtained from a South America based shrub, Beeswax, which is used as an emulsifier, Myrtle Herb Extract which gives a soothing effect to the skin, Honeysuckle oil which is a natural cleanser with sweet fragrance and chestnut extract which contains calming properties.  One of the most important point to be noted is that it requires a USDA seal for a makeup to be labeled as organic and this assures that at least 95% ingredients used in organic makeup are 100% natural.  Hence it’s very important to check if there is a USDA seal on any makeup product that claims to be organic.  Because it’s so beneficial for skin and has no side effects, organic makeup kits are often little expensive to buy, but spending a little more money on something that will always be beneficial for your skin is worth it.

With so much of nature packed in it, organic makeup kits are the best friends of your skin making you look younger and beautiful always.  If you are convinced with the idea of using good quality organic makeup products with no side effects at all, we highly recommend you to check out


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