Mineral Hot Makeup Give You Natural Complexion

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Mineral makeup is a natural makeup containing no perfume, no preservatives, no body fat. That makes him a makeup tolerated by the majority of skins including the most sensitive and most fat.

Unlike the usual make-up said, mineral hot makeup as the skin heals. He comes from components from the ground like rock extracts. Mineral makeup contains no chemicals that could cause irritation. He brings the same protection to the skin using natural minerals that compose. It also has soothing and anti-inflammatory.

Mineral makeup also contains titanium dioxide which is a perfect ally in the fight against the harmful effects of Ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB). But that hardly means that this type of makeup can replace sunscreen.

Mineral makeup comes in different forms: foundation, loose powder, eye shadow or blush. Very discreet, he is almost invisible. Unlike traditional makeup, mineral makeup allows skin to breathe and does not clog pores. The facial skin is more tolerant of the product because the minerals are inert, so that the bacterial growth on the face is markedly slowed.

Know the difference

Many brands offer a wide range of makeup, which bears the marking Mineral. Here he must be careful because so far there is only one “official standard” that frames the term “mineral makeup”: the prohibition of the use of talc in composition .

What makes a product that uses one or two minerals, which does not contain talc, but which has in its composition of chemical ingredients can be described as ‘mineral makeup’. So, remember to read the product label or advice so ask your salesperson. Using this kind of mixed product may cause irritation, itching and dry skin.
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