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Born out from Washington, D.C. music scene in the mid-1980s, Emo style is trendy and popular among young people today. The word ‘Emo’ actually been created to describe the bands’ emotional performances, their choice, sensitive, or even their followers. With time they grew popular and the circle of Emo grew large that consist of mainly teens and young twenty. Emo community persuade their own thinking and rules and rejects the trends of the mainstream and gradually they started to produce new looks and hairstyles by experimenting on themselves and brought a new revolution in the world of fashion and makeup. Though you need to be daring to follow the Emo style and control on your temperament to hear the criticism and the way people throw their glance at you as they are not Emo and they don’t want to accept anything that is not in the mainstream.

Despite of several criticisms Emo was indeed successful to conquer the hearts of a lot of devoted fans as admirers of this music genre pose in the likeness of their icons. To manifest the Emo look you need to know the right Emo fashion and hairstyle. Often it has been found that Emo fashion is associated with the Gothic fashion but the fact is that although these two has some basic resemblance still, the Emo fashion’s major distinction is typified through dark color on eyes, nails and the lips while Gothic fashion has the same style just sticks on the sole shade of black.

Emo makeup embrace pale looking skin and emphasizing to use of thick foundation in creating a paler look after applying moisturizer. The shade of the foundation should match your skin color. Next attention is paid to your eye makeup in Emo fashion that is done mostly with black eyeliners with greater prominence on the path encircling the eyes and is followed so in making the eyes more accentuated than the rest of the other parts of the face. To give a gloomy effect around the eyes you can add on colors associated with dark and shady hues of purple or violet and dark red properly highlighting the lower eyelid. Also the same effect can be given using dark red color. Applying of 2 to 3 layers of mascara create thickness that will harmonized with the eyelids and eyebrows dark shade. Hairstyle also is an important part for the Emo guys. Usually black hair, with a more two-toned look, with one color on the top and another color on the bottom especially by the Emo girls is preferred.

Finally the whole Emo look is completed with the styles of dressing. Usually “Emo kids” prefers black outfits with very tight jeans, tees adorned with the name of a rock band, studded belts, canvas sneakers or other black shoes, and black horn-rimmed glasses. Following all these steps makeup you are a complete Emo.

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