Makeup Foundation for Autumn

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Makeup Foundation for Autumn

Foundation is an essential part of your makeup fashion routine. It should be like your second skin, only better! A good foundation for your face will include a moisturizer, concealer, if you need it, and the actual foundation. Just as we change our wardrobe with the seasons, our makeup needs will change as well. Creating a natural look is important and choosing the right tools for your skin is the best way to put your best face forward. In this article, we’ll take a look at some helpful tips for foundation in autumn.

Skin tone

In the autumn, our skin tone starts the transition from the summer tan to the paler tones of winter, and it’s important to use a foundation that accurately matches your skin tone. When choosing a foundation for autumn in makeup fashion, always try to test the foundation before you buy it, and whenever possible, test it in good lighting. Natural light is best, when it is available. Test the foundation on your skin and let it set for a couple of minutes. Often, the color of foundation will change when it comes in contact with the natural acids in our skin, so the color in the bottle may not be exactly the same for everyone. Also be sure that the color will blend well into your neckline.

Trends in foundation

In recent years, trends in foundation have been towards natural looking, luminous skin, even in autumn and winter, and how you apply it can make the difference between looking caked on and creating a natural look. Start your routine with a moisturizer, which will help the foundation go on smoothly. Apply concealer as you need it; under the eyes to hide dark circles or to cover up blemishes in makeup fashion, for example. Apply the foundation with your finger tips in small amounts to help create the natural look. Remember, you can always add more foundation if you need it.

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