Makeup Beauty Tips

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Makeup Beauty Tips

The most appropriate Makeup Beauty Tips are those which give reliable and accurate information.

To begin any beauty regime the condition of the skin should be looked at. Preparations include cleansing, toning and moisturizing, this will give your makeup a good base on which to sit.

Foundation is then applied; this can be in the form of a liquid or mineral powder which gives the skin an even tone and texture when applied in makeup fashion. The choice of shade is important, it is best to use a foundation which is the closest to your natural skin tone. Some of the advanced foundations claim to automatically match your natural color.

A concealer should be applied, either by using a concealer brush or by applying with your finger tips, concealer should be used as the name suggests, to conceal and hide blemishes, spots and spider veins. The latest mineral makeup’s claim to do this effectively.

Eyes should not be left un-cleansed and un-moisturized; this should be included in the daily regime. Creams which are specifically designed to be used on these delicate areas of skin should be considered. These will not only give a base for your eye shadow but will help prevent ‘crows feet’ and sagging. Treat the eye area gently and use the tips of your fingers to pat or dot the moisturizer under the eyes and then smooth by beginning at the outside corner and working towards the nose, be careful not to drag and pull the skin.

The color of the eye shadow is personal choice; mature people should use subtle colors and leave the bright neons to the teenagers! Apply either cream or powder eye shadow over the entire lid and if using more than one color blend them together to achieve a more natural look. If using eye liner in makeup fashion use the type which suits you, be it in pencil or liquid form.  An eye liner the same color hue as the eye shadow can give a subtle effect if smudged or blended. Two coats of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes will complete the look.

Lip makeup fashion can either be a natural color which should be used if the ‘natural look’ is being aimed for or choose a color which matches your clothing. Lip should be kept in good condition by brushing the dead skin away and many people like to use a lip liner to give definition, lip liners should be a shade darker than the lipstick.

Makeup Beauty Tips can vary depending on the source of advice; whichever you use you should use tips which you are comfortable using.


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