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Everybody craves to be beautiful. Who doesn’t want to look absolutely gorgeous? But not everybody is blessed with good looks and perfect features. Hence women resort to make up to enhance their looks and cover up their flaws. Make up can create wonders for several women. But to apply make up one has to know the right technique and process and have a decent aesthetic sense so that you can achieve that perfect look for yourself. There have been many make up artists now in the market who creates the perfect look which we find in the beauty magazines, and TV commercials. Unhappy with ones appearance one resorts to make makeovers so that they can get that ideal look. Sometimes people even resort to make up makeovers to enhance their features also.

A little bit of make up is always okay but too much of it can be quite disturbing. But people who opt for make up makeovers have various reasons some of the reasons being professional and some being personal. Make Up makeovers can alter a person’s look completely. Hence you can turn yourself into an absolutely new ‘you’. Your looks will be absolutely stunning after a makeover. You can make heads turn with your enhance looks after make up makeovers. To get that perfect make over it is always advisable that you opt for professional help. Otherwise you will not be able to achieve the desired look. Professional make up artists can create magic over you in no time leaving you looking absolutely magnificent be it for the next big meeting or the hottest party in town.

Right Technique to Apply Make Up

To apply make up you have to know the right way and technique. You cannot put make up on you own. You have to know the correct brush strokes so that you can achieve the desired look. For the foundation you should there are three types of foundations. Liquid, cream and powder foundations are available.

Foundation Application: When applying foundation you should use a sponge for a smooth application. When using the liquid foundations you should blend it slowly all over your face. The cream ones should be applied on the face and neck on long and sweeping motions. If you have dry skin then the cream ones are very good for you. Powder foundations are easier to apply and hassle free. There is a new type of camouflage foundations which have been in the market recently which helps the women who needs to conceal ugly marks on their face. Make Up makeovers can be brought about by using the correct foundation for yourself.

Eye Make up Application: You should first apply the eye shadow and then the eyeliner or the kohl. A little bit bronze over the eyelid can help you to enhance the beauty of your eye. And lastly you should apply the mascara on the upper first and then on the lower eye lashes. When applying color on the cheek you should color under the cheekbones and jaw lines and blend it nicely. Use a warm brush when using as a dark brush can leave the skin dry. Use bright and glossy colors. By applying the correct eye make up you will greatly able to achieve make up makeovers for yourself.

Make Up Makeovers for Monsoon

Make Up makeovers for monsoon can be a disastrous idea as if you are not using water proof make up it can ruin your otherwise perfect face. Make up during the monsoon season should be bright but you can also wear matte finish lip colors. Everything should be attuned with the whole make up. Always use the good brands in the market and test it before you use it. Do not go for any radical make up makeovers during the monsoon season. You should take care before you dress up during the monsoon seasons as make up makeovers during this time can lead to disastrous results. So be careful when you are opting for make up makeovers.

Make Up Makeovers for Summer

Make up makeovers for summer is tricky. When it is sultry and hot you should not wear heavy or loud make up. You should keep your make up minimal and you should keep your skin before opting for any make up makeovers as your skin tends to lose a lot of moisture during the summer season. Apply sunscreen lotion before you go out in the sun. You can apply soft pastel shades when you are going out in the morning. For the evening you can opt for eye colors in shades of gold. For better effect you can opt for colorless mascaras. Clear gloss in the morning can give you that dramatic effect in contrast with the light make up you have worn.

Make Up Makeovers for Luscious Lips

When you are opting for make up makeovers for luscious lips you should be very careful as you definitely don’t want to mess up your perfect look. You would first need to nourish your lips with a lip balm. After that you have to outline your lips and then you can fill in the color you like. Coordinate the color of your liner with the lipstick. After wearing the color you should fill it in with lip gloss if you want to get that shiny effect. To get a new shade of color you can mix two colors. But try to avoid doing any experimentation regarding Make up makeovers when you have something important to attend after sometime.

Make Up Makeovers Tips

Make up makeovers Tips are plenty and you can choose anything whichever suits your style and personality so that you can get that ideal look. Skin Test the products before you go for any make up makeovers. Don’t experiment with new stuff even if you have to do you should check it at least 2 days before. If you are in a hurry just put some kohl and a lip gloss and you will be all ready for your outing.

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