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The best foundation makeup is the make up that will effectively cover any blemishes, bumps and imperfections on your face. It will make your face smoother and essential to have a finished look after all the make up is put in. You will definitely notice it when you put on a make up and forget the foundation. Most of the time, it will make your blemishes and facial imperfections look worse.

Here are some tips on how to find the best foundation makeup for you.

Get A Quality Brand. While there are cheaper brands, they are not recommended. The better and more quality brands contain skin protectors, moisturizers, provide a much better finish and coverage, have fewer chemicals and are overall better for the skin.

SPF Protection. We also need to get a foundation makeup that has a SPF protection against the bad effects of the sun. It is very important to find this type of protection on your foundation.

Choose the Right Foundation for You. Every woman is different. Their needs changes with age also. A woman of 25 will not need the same coverage as one that is 35 years of age or older. Foundation makeup comes in many forms, including age-defying and lighter coverage types. It is important to choose one that fits your needs.

We also need to take into consideration the type of skin that we have. We need to get the foundation for oily skin if we have the oily skin type. If you have a dry skin, then we need to pick the one that has some type of moisturizer on it.

There are also products that are made to last a long time. These types are great for those who will not have time for, nor the inclination to do touch ups throughout the day.

Applying Foundation Tips. Make sure you wash your face and it is very clean prior to applying any facial makeup. A good way to have a long lasting foundation is to exfoliate the skin first which will get rid of dead skin cells that can ruin the effectivity of the makeup. The exfoliant will clear away all the dead skin cells and reveal a very fresh and younger looking skin, and the foundation will look considerably better.

Apply your eye makeup first then do the face foundation last. Many women start with it and then apply eye makeup. Putting on eye makeup can mess up your facial makeup if it is applied first. Use a face powder to seal the foundation in place. It will keep your makeup stay longer and also provides a matted smooth finish.Try using a good powder brush instead of the pad that comes with the powder product you are using, it makes a big difference in providing a more natural look and a lighter more even coverage. This article provides you the information to search for the best foundation makeup that will give you a long lasting beautiful face.

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