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Have you ever looked at a movie star and wished that you could achieve that Hollywood-esque glamour or seen the showgirls and wished that you could achieve that Las Vegas style? The great truth is that you don’t need all of those resources to look that great. Here are six simple tips that will put you on the road to movie star appeal.

1. Proper Nutrition

While it may seem counterintuitive to some, beauty starts from within. That is certainly the case with our first tip. A women has to eat right in order to look her best. This has nothing to do with starving yourself so that you can fit into impossible sizes. This means taking care of oneself by carefully considering your diet. In other words, if you eat healthy, you’re going to achieve the fabulous potential of your skin naturally.

2. Exercise

You knew this was coming as soon as you saw proper nutrition. Let’s accentuate it again that this is not about killing oneself to attain unnatural sizes for your body. This is about healthy living. Start exercising right away even if you start small. At the very least, shoot for a half-hour of cardiovascular work every morning. Not only will you feel great, you’re going to look just as good. Being physically healthy leads one to that natural glow that we’ve all tried to achieve through cosmetic means.

3. Pamper Yourself

Pampering oneself may seem obvious. We all love to do it. However, real life has a tendency to get in the way. Therefore, it’simportant to schedule pampering sessions. Remember that stress manifests itself physically. Try to take a rejuvenating bath at least once a day to keep those signs of stress away. Then, make sure to schedule more extensive pampering sessions, such as a day at the spa.

4. Healthy Hair

You’ll only ever look as good as your hair does. Unfortunately, bad or unhealthy hair has been the bane of us all, at one time or another. The first step is to let the professionals take care of your hair and give you a Hollywood-style do. You may be saving money with DIY hairstyles and hair colors, but chances are you’re not reaching that spectacular potential. The professionals can tailor your hairdo to your face so that it accentuates your best features. In addition, they can instruct you on how to keep it healthy. Eggs and olive oil work as great moisturizers but there are dozens of botanicals that do a better job.

5. Keep It Light and Glowing

Makeup style, like fashion, comes and goes. Pay attention to what’s in. One thing is for certain, long gone are the days of the overly rouged cheeks and dramatic heavy-lidded eyes. The modern mantra is light and glowing. If you need to hide flaws, such as dark rings around the eyes, then use base concealers followed by mineral-based makeup like foundations and blushes. This is a great combo employed by professional makeup artists to hide undesirable spots and give women that flawless, vibrant look. Remember to apply the same treatment to your neck so that the look is uniform.

6. Dress for Success

A girl doesn’t have to spend millions of dollars to look like a movie star. She just needs some imagination and some shopping smarts. One great piece of advice is to achieve movie star style yet be unique by looking to yesteryear. That’s right, vintage is in so take advantage of it by studying the style of the old movie stars and then recreate it with some modern flare.

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