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Attractive, beautiful lips make you appear younger at all ages. Well-tended lips are a princely gift and a perfect addition to your make up. There are some lip makeup tips as well as secrets of lips make up:

- Lipsticks can be glossy, matte, creamy or frost ones. Choose the one that is comfortable for you and do not desiccate your lips skin and lip makeup tips;

- Never use a lip liner of shadow tones if you strain after looking younger. Prefer a lip liner close to lipstick color to define the shape of lips;

- For long lasting lip color, you may also apply a first layer of foundation on lips, than a layer powder on them and then color them. This also helps lipstick not to change its color on dark lips;

- What about the stubborn lip makeup tips, you’d better apply two coats of lipstick for longer durability. After the first coat, sop the lips on a tissue paper and then apply the other coat. If you don’t like the tone after applying two coats, prefer more light lipstick;

- Outlining of the lips as a rule prevents lip discoloration;

- Lip-gloss can be applied over lipstick or used alone for a natural look. If you don’t need lipstick, don’t forget about lip-gloss or even though petroleum jelly cream to prevent cracks and xerochilia;

- Lip-gloss makes lips look fuller, so women with thicker lips should avoid using it;

- If you use a lip liner, you should stump it with stump until the line is not noticeable.

If you want your lips to look plump, first size up a situation carefully. Do you really need what you want to do? Remember, there lip makeup tips always seem to be a bit actorish, even it is made by a professional. The question at issue is that your face became disproportional. If you still would like to do it, apply a light shade of foundation with a layer of powder to smooth your lips color. Start with a lip liner in a color that closely matches your color of lipstick. Make the outline just outside your natural lip line. Don’t append a lot of space it usually looks unnatural, even unbeautiful. Then fill with lipstick and then blend.

If you think you need to make your lips slimmer, you need to start with applying a light shade of foundation followed by powder on your lips to remove the color from your lips. Remember, you need to make your lips practically imperceptible. Prefer a lip liner in a color that closely matches your color of the lipstick. Make the outline just inside your natural lip line. Don’t append a big setback it usually looks unnatural. Now fill with lipstick and then blend.

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