Is Natural beauty better than makeup?

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For women of today, putting a makeup is as common as wearing a clothes. But now the interest of the women has changed, there are now looking after ways to look and feel natural. They have realized that natural beauty is the best and there is no reason that why they should hide their beauty. Also the methods applied on the face are quite difficult and sometimes in this busy schedule we don’t have time to give an extra money and time to face.

Here are some methods which will help you to enhance your beauty and will give a new life to the women inside you.

Eat healthy to stay healthy- A good and a nutritious diet will not only make your body fir but it will also improve the way you look. Nutrients enriched food which is having minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants will help us to improve your look. All your problems related to skin and body will be gone. Your skin will be rejuvenated again and thus it will be soft and silky. Drink at least 8 glass of water everyday in order to drain all the unnecessary toxins from the body and thus maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Try to reduce your level of stress. Do all those stuffs which make you happy and thus decrease the level of stress. You can go to a massage parlor or to a spa or involve yourself in yoga or meditation. Morning walk will also help in decreasing the stress in your life. This will help in giving your face a new life and thus your face will be glowing

Always keep your face clean. If you feel good then you will look good also. Remove bacteria, dirt and pollution from your face. Use a scrubber or exfoliate your skin at least twice a week in order to clean your face and thus clean out the toxins from the skin.

Get a plenty of sleep and thus remove any puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. Skin

You can also use talcum powder onto your face so that your skin look oily and thus you feel good two.

Clean your lips in order to remove the dead skin. Apply butter or Vaseline in order to nurture your lips and keep them soft.

Get new haircuts according your personality, as your hair will change the way you look.

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