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Healthy Skin Beauty Tips

All soul landed on the universe are wonderful creation of God. Is it not true. Yes everyone could agree with me as it is the real fact. Every human being born are beautiful. But as days goes on the effect of storm and hot sunlight may affect the skin and impart a dull impression to ones personality. So it is the responsibility of every individual to maintain healthy skin. Don’t be perplexed at this moment there are many useful method at my hand which makes your skin healthy and glowing .I am here to discuss about the beauty tips and home based treatment (grandma’s tips) which is necessary for skin care.

Skin Care
Skin is a water proof which needs to be well protected from heavy wind and hot sun. Before dwelling into the subject deeply, let us move on with the various methods for maintaining healthy skin.

Skin Cleansing: This method removes acne’s from your face. Just before going to bed if one have a mild face wash as he could make his skin healthier as rinsing would allow your skin to breath, avoid irritation, removes dirt’s, clog, makeup and prevent erosion of oil which is the secret way to make your skin young.

Grandma’s tips beauty tips

Normal skin – With 1 cup of milk add any of these oil (sandalwood oil, rose oil neroli oil, lavender oil) which help in skin cleansing for a normal skin.

Dry skin – For dry skin, add a cup of milk to ylang-ylang or rose oil or camomile or geranium.

Combination skin – In case of combination skin add milk either to lavender or geranium that would produce the best output.

Skin Toning: The second step following the former is toning of skin. Cleansing process may leave some remnants that could be possible through skin toning. But it should be free from alcohol, as it dry the skin. It closes the skin pores and tighten the skin, makes it cool, nourishes, hydrates and freshen the skin.

Grandma’s tips

Dilute the finely chopped cucumber slice with half cup of yoghurt and keep it for ten to fifteen minutes. Then rinse it well you could feel the difference. Rose water and tomato juice are highly recommendable . For dry skin you can use wheat oil and vitamin E.

Skin Exfoliating: It makes the skin younger, shed off the dead cells and removes fine lines and wrinkles from the face. The very sensitive area around eye which is thin need not be exfoliated.

Grandma’s tips

Create a paste using aloe vera and baking soda and then rinse, apply on your face to get the one you desire.You can also try with paste created from one tbs of honey and one tbs of salt with a little drop of patchauli oil which aid one in skin exfoliating.

Skin moisturising: Now the skin after exfoliating will be drier so it needs hydration. Good moisturizer is the need of the hour to restore the danger in your skin. Moisturising oil can be applied gently on your face to make it moist and soft

Grandma’s Tips

Glow moisture

Lime juice (1 cup)

Boiled milk (half cup)

Olive oil (1 tbs)

mix well and apply gently on the face.

Hydrating moisturizer

Cooked oat meal (1cup)

Honey ( 1tbs)

Aloe vera leaf extract from one large leaf

mix all the ingredients make a thin paste and apply it.

Moisturizing oil

Coconut oil

Castor oil

Sesame oil

Almond oil

Grape seed oil

Apply this oil to make your skin soft.

Remedy For Wrinkles And Aging

Wrinkles and aging can be easily cured, if one adopt nine measures properly.The following nine method as listed below should be followed to make the skin younger free from wrinkles and aging, as it is the sign of beautiful skin with glow in it.

1 To make your skin soft and beautiful apply lemon juice on your face.

2 Massage your face from neck to forehead which increase blood circulation in your face which help you to restore your beauty.

3 Apply white egg on the wrinkles, dry it to and the wash off.

4 Apply coconut oil or olive oil or Castor oil that will help you in keeping glow.

5 Cut the green seedless grapes into halve and apply it .Leave it for 20 minutes and then wipe it off

6 Apply ripe papaya on your face . Let it dry for 15 minutes which makes you fair and free from wrinkles.

7 Turmeric powder with sugar cane juice help you to prevent from aging.

8 If one intake half a cup of carrot juice it would give the desired result.

9 Green vegetables and fruits in diet help to restore youth and beauty.

Cure For Acne’s And Blackheads

Home based cure for acne’s and blackheads are discussed in the following list.

1. Create a paste of fenugreek seed and apply it on your face before going to bed and then rinse it in the morning to get rid of acne’s and black heads.

2. Intake of garlic seed purifies your blood  which help you to stay away from acnes and rubbing of garlic on your face also aid you in it.

3.  A cucumber paste helps you in getting rid of acne’s and blackheads when apply it on your face.

4. Mix lemon juice with rose water and apply gently on your face.

5. Take yeast  mix well with lemon juice and apply gently on your face, let it for few minutes you will get the desired output.

Thus making oneself beauty tips is in our hand, its our flaw not giving importance to all those kinds of treatment. So be conscious of your skin treatment, is not that you have to go a long way to beauty parlour or something else, a simple and convenient way is at home, if you use it perfectly you no need to worry about your skin as it will be in healthy state if you maintain it properly. The above said are the most simplest one which you can make avail at your home and make your life happy with good personality.

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