How to Select the Proper Powder Based, Natural Makeup & Cosmetics for Acne Prone Skin – Apply Makeup Correctly to Flaunt a Smooth Skin

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When it comes to dealing with acne prone skin or very oily skin types, there are certain things that should be taken care of, right from routine skin care to selecting cosmetic items. One should take time in analyzing the beauty products and the ingredients before directly applying them. Failure to do so will lead to outbreaks of unsightly acne and pimple. In short, correct self care tips are imperative to reduce acne or keep them under control. Let’s understand what to look for in what can be considered as the best foundation for acne prone skin.

For existing acne condition, you can use a good foundation as a part of your makeup regimen and hide the skin outbreaks. But, remember that frequent application clogs up the pores and worsens the condition. With so many brands in the market, selecting a good foundation is quite confusing. It becomes more tricky, if you are searching the best foundation for acne prone skin or sensitive skin. Besides being a matching shade for your complexion, it should coat lightly and have a balancing effect on the skin after application.

How to Select the Best Foundation for Acne Prone Skin?

Deciding a foundation for acne prone skin is very difficult. This is because, the sensitivity, texture and overall skin condition vary significantly from one person to another. Hence, a foundation that blends well with your skin may not have the same smoothening effect on your friend’s skin. Considering this, opting for the best foundation is like a trial method that should be be done with care. The thumb rule is to know your actual skin type and opt for a non-comedogenic formulation.

Some products cause increased dryness or add greasiness to the already oily skin. To prevent such cases, examine the active ingredients in the best foundation for covering acne. A natural, oil free, powder based (or water based), mineral type is ideal to cover acne, while reducing clogging of pores. Another criterion is easy removal of the foundation with a mild soap. In addition to the regular formulation, there are also foundation sticks that are excellent for quick fixing of skin blotches and acne spots.

Professional beauticians prescribe using a superior quality foundation for achieving a glamorous look. It is often suggested to spend more money on buying a good foundation, rather than expending on other cosmetic items. However, it is to be borne in mind that the best foundation recommended for people who are susceptible to acne need not be very pricey. You can opt for inexpensive foundation, provided that it meets your purpose of applying foundation, without exacerbating acne or causing unusual side effects.

At any point of time, do not go by the advertising hypes, which show smooth skin immediately after using the beauty product. Speaking about applying foundation correctly on acne prone skin, it is no different from the usual instructions. In most cases, the directions for using the product are mentioned in the leaflet. Hence, you can refer to the guidelines for getting best results. You can consider applying foundation with a brush if you are used to it. Avoid using harsh soaps or cleansers for removing foundation and also for regular face washing.

So, this was a brief information concerning the best foundation for acne prone skin and applying the same. It is not so easy to get the best brand that suits your skin. But, spending a little effort in examining the product reviews and consumer satisfaction data will help in getting the best acne skin care product. If at all you are confused about buying a good foundation, seeking advice from a beautician is a wise step, rather than using an unknown product with strong chemicals.

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