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In the world of fashion, everyone has its own taste and style. Some people choose to look either simple, casual, bold, punk, hip hop or gothic. They chose to wear clothes that pride themselves and show their own sense of style and individualism. Everyone has freedom to dress whatever they want. If you’re tired of your old sense of fashion, you can go bold and try dressing Goth.

If you have no idea on what clothes to wear and on how to capture the gothic look, here are some tips and guides on how to look and dress Goth.

Make a quick research on what Goth fashion style you wish to achieve. You can also browse from magazines and on the internet for idea and inspiration. Goth has a wide range of styles you may choose from. It may range from romantic look, punk, down to futuristic or cyber Goth.

The Romantic Goth

Often times, Goth are stereotyped as creepy, weird, morbid and dark sided. There is a particular Goth style that offers a softer, emotional and sensual side. To capture a romantic Goth look, opt for clothes that are toned in bold colors such as deep red, black and violet. For girls, you can go for skirts that are velvet and lengthy. Clothes with laces or embroidery will catch the romantic look. For boys, a dark long sleeved shirt or polo goes perfectly well with dark washed bottoms.

The Hardcore Goth

Hardcore Goths are also referred to as punks. They are commonly dressed up with spiked collars, bondage or ripped off pants and leather jackets. The way they dress are quite similar that of Emo style. As mentioned earlier, most of the colors used are edgy and bold. Band shirts are also common to show their respect and love of their chosen music.

The futuristic Goth

Their sense of fashion is endless. They opt to go for unique and wild ideas of clothing. From recycled CDs, see-through linens, latex boots, down to plastics and scraps, their creativity and outlook in the future is simply admirable. Goth fashion has only one common denominator. Black is beautiful.

Whatever style you choose, you can always enhance your look. You can apply make-up, improve your hairstyle and accessorize your outfit. For your face, apply heavy eyeliners and eye shadows around your eyes. A smoky look and feel is perfect. Dub on some light lip gloss to finish the entire look. For your hair, if your outfit is simple, go for an extreme hairstyle. Put hair wax or hair gel and style your hair according to your preference. Adding a washable hair dye also help enhance your look.

Accessories are a big plus to complete any outfit. You can create your own lacy accessories on which you can put on your neck, arms and foot. Be creative and have a sense of originality. Dressing Goth is all about flaunting your beliefs, attitude and style. You can even blend Harajuku fashion and goth by adding bold and colourful tights and accessories.


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