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Laying foundation on the face is an area where most women have difficulties. Foundation is the base of applying make up. Makeup would not be complete without applying foundation first. Laying foundation is one way of helping us in making our face smooth and clear. Incorrect application of a foundation can lead to a clown-looking face or caked on appearance, which you do not want to happen to you. I will be sharing some tips on how to effectively apply foundation. Follow these tips and you will look perfect with your makeup.

Application of foundation is not as hard as you think. the hardest part about applying foundation is choosing a foundation that is right for you. Most companies have a wide selection of foundation colors ranging from fair to ebony. Once you’ve chosen a foundation, the hard part is over. To do this, test foundations along your jaw line. You will know the best color because it will disappear into your skin and match completely

A woman has the option of swirling the mineral makeup brush in the foundation while it is in the cap or she can dip the Kabuki brush directly into the product container. For smooth and even coverage though, it is important that the mineral powders are recessed deep into the bristles of the brush, and that any excess minerals are shaken off. The mineral makeup foundation is applied to the largest areas of the face and neck, and then it is followed by blusher, concealer, eye shadow and finally lip color.

Concealer: With the many different tones and textures of concealer on the market, finding one that suits you can be a daunting task. As mentioned earlier, test some on the back of your hand by gently rubbing on to the skin. The correct concealer for you will blend in with your natural skin tone.

Concealers are used mainly for correcting poor skin tones, concealing dark circles under the eyes, improving and contouring facial features.

A mauve based concealer will brighten up a pale and dull skin tone. Use a green base to conceal red blotches and ruddiness. Always apply foundation before the concealer.

Applying the foundation only requires a circular motion with the Kabuki brush and a buffing motion. The mineral makeup can be easily applied by working the brush bristles from the outer edge of the face inward in a circular motion. The mineral makeup will have to be reloaded into the brush at some point since the face is a large canvas to cover.

Believe it or not, most women do not know how to properly apply flawless foundation. However, by following this simple method, you’ll no longer have to worry about blotchy concealers and orange chin-straps, as these tips and tricks take the guess work out of applying foundation.

It used to be really difficult to find foundation for black women that made the skin look flawless and completely natural. These days things have changed for the better and there is a great range of foundation makeup products that are suitable for black skin tones.

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