How to Apply Eyeshadow-Properly

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How to Apply Eyeshadow

OK girls this is something you will do every day, its apart of your daily make-up routine. But are you getting the best from your eyeshadow to enhance your eyes without looking like something from the Adams Family.

The Occasion For Your Eyeshadow

The idea when putting on your eyeshadow is to make them the focal point on your face and the not surrounding areas. Applying your eyeshadow will vary depending on the time of day and the occasion. If it is day time you need to remember that there is natural light all around you, so you will need to pick the best colour that best suits your skin type. If it is a night time occasion you are planning for then why not experiment a little as the environment is dark, so you will need to enhance your eyes more for maximum effect.

Applying Your Eyeshadow – Method 1.
You will need to prime your eye lids, to help achieve an even skin tone and giving the eyeshadow an area to adhere to. you can do this by using a foundation or concealer, make sure that you blend well using a light touch.
Another good tip before you apply your eyeshadow is to put on your mascara. This will ensure that the mascara is dry, preventing it from spoiling your eyeshadow.
You now need to pick a colour to your skin tone or maybe a little lighter and sweep over your lid from eye lashes to brow bone.
To highlight your brow bone you will need to sweep from under your brow in the middle of your eye gently outwards using a white eyeshadow. (light white)
Choosing the next darkest eyeshadow brush across the eyes, blending outwards from lash to crease.
Apply Dark Eyeshadow
For creating the most impact your darkest colour can be applied on the crease of your eye, starting in the corners working to the outer edges, remembering to blend well. (To achieve a more natural look, you can apply a medium to dark eyeshadow in the crease and a darker but only slightly darker eyeshadow in the corner.
To complete you eyes, apply an eyeliner to the top of the lid, using a colour to compliment your eyes.


Applying Your Eyeshadow – Method 2

As mentioned in the first method, you will need to apply your concealer and mascara before carrying on with this method.

First you will need to apply under your eyes is an eyeliner above your eyelashes and then apply a thin line above your eyes, as close as you can to your eyelashes.
Using your thinnest eyeshadow brush and just dab into your black eyeshadow and raising your brows you will need to locate your crease of the upper eyelid and apply a line with the eyeshadow. You are trying to achieve a half circle above your eyes remember not to go to far outwards.
Next you will need to lightly fill in the area you have just created, again using the black eyeshadow. I say lightly so the first line you created will stand out.
Now using your biggest eyeshadow brush and using a lighter colour (this colour is your choice). Now lightly sweep your brush across the dark line you created earlier. You will need to dab the lightest at the edge of your outer eye and at the edge of your inner eye to create a smoky effect.
To complete the bottom lid in one motion brush the eyeshadow under you lashes from side to side in a straight line.
To complete your eyes you can add a little more concealer if you like.


I hope you enjoy my methods and find them easy to follow. I always get my make-up from the Gorgeous Shop and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

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