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Here are a few secret beauty tips to share with all of your friends. If it works, why keep it to yourself? because somebody else is stunning…that is no reason to be jealous. Let us start with five of the ancient beauty secrets.

Olive oil has been valued since recorded history as a food, flavoring & moisturizer. Anointing with oil was & is a religious practice, but using olive oil as a facial, hand & body moisturizer is five of the secret beauty tips that women shared only with their daughters.

jealous women kept the practice to themselves, which is why so few people were aware of it. Modern-day scientific research has shown that this is five of the ancient beauty secrets with merit. Olive oil provides essential fatty acids, which are fully absorbed by the skin, improving its moisture content. The oil is also rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps prevent sun destroy.

Five of the secret beauty tips that fell by the wayside for some time was to basically protect the skin from the sun. In the 1800s & early 1900s, fair-skinned women carried parasols & wore gloves. Only field workers were tan.

Plenty of of the ancient beauty secrets were geared toward protecting against or healing sunburn. Passion fruit, seaweed, jojoba oil & Shea butter are a quantity of the native remedies for protecting against & healing sunburn. Modern research has shown, time & again, that these plant-based facials contain minor sun-screening agents & they all contain numerous antioxidants.

It is not surprising that practically all of the ancient beauty secrets revolved around sun protection. It must have been obvious to the ancients that people who spent a lot of time outside had leathery, rough & wrinkled skin.

In later years, as celebrities began showing off their “healthy” tans, everyone wanted the New york look. You might still think that you look better with a small sun, but there is nothing worse for your skin. UV rays cause uneven pigmentation. They do destroy on a molecular level that leads to wrinkles & sagging in the future. Most people are, by now aware that UV rays contribute to skin cancer,

There’s 2-simple steps that you can take for improving your skins appearance or retaining your beauty:

• Use a broad spectrum sun-block when you are outside
• Moisturize after cleansing, with a lovely olive oil based moisturizer

Those 2 secret beauty tips should keep your skin younger looking & healthier, More tips related your teeth health like natural teeth whitening and how to home teeth whitening now.

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