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With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for Halloween party of the year that’s second only to New Year. Is there a dark side to you dying to burst out? A naughty, mischievous goblin or a spooky ghoul lying in wait perhaps? It is a fabulous event that everyone can join in. Even your perfect little angel could end up being your worst nightmare as they get into character! Here are some great Halloween face painting tips to help set the scene at your party.

HALLOWEEN MAKE-UP IDEAS: These will help bring out the monster in your children!

With the best intention, looking hurt is very popular! Blood is the must-have look during Halloween so, if you want to appear as though you’ve been attacked by the local crazy guy or in a fight with a chainsaw, add modelling wax to your face and create the illusion of deep wounds and gashes.

Colour the edges of these fake wounds with red or purple. Halloween face painting tip: Use more purple the older you want to look. Add trails of blood drooling out of the wound and down your shirt. There are all manner of gigantic plastic axes, arrows and knives you can use and all you need to do for the finishing touches is just add the fake blood to the edges of all the wounds and gashes. Using these clever Halloween face painting tips will help ensure you get the right look.

One of the most popular costumes of all time is the Vampire! You can always count on the Count to be popular with both the male child and adult every Halloween! Make-up is easy and a must! Try to blacken your hair and smooth it flat to the head, forming it into a point at the front.

Using a sponge rather than a brush, paint all the face white. For the best effects, let that coat dry and then add another coat. Put plenty on as you want it as white as possible. For real effects, add dark eyeliner on the edges of the eyes – best to let the wife or girlfriend do it for safety! – Halloween Face Painting Tips: and, if you feel inclined, then how about some black contact lenses. You would be amazed at the effect that will create.

Now we need some fangs with blood on the edges and dripping slightly from the corners of the mouth. Great fangs can be acquired to add that super touch. Get the ones with blood already on them and you know your bloody look will stay put for the night.

Boys love being animals whether it be werewolves, dogs or lions and tigers, and pouncing on unsuspecting victims is all part of the fun. For werewolves, you will need the modelling wax; try to make those lines on the forehead stand out, while on the cheeks make it seem as though you are growing a snout.


PAINTING WHISKERS: Try using a small, fine pointed brush, working outwards across the cheeks for a whisker effect. For any fine lines you may be painting, you will find that liquid paints will work the best.

FUR EFFECT: When trying to create a fur effect, use a medium-sized brush, working from the centre outwards. That way the edges taper off. Have a go on paper or a face painting practice pad first until you get to grips with the motion needed for your required effect.

ALIENS: Get creative with the alien look. For both boys and girls, you can have so much fun with this. Faces all painted silver or gold, multi-coloured eye shadows and plenty of glitter for the girls is a must with this look. How far you go with your alien look will be as good as your creativity. There is no limit.

HALLOWEEN MAKE-UP KIT: Using these Halloween Face Painting Tips will help set the perfect scene for your party but a good idea would be to put together a little Halloween makeup kit in advance so that you have everything you need to hand. Make sure you have plenty of different shades of vivid red lipstick, red face paint and masses of fake blood. Halloween Face Painting Tips: You can make your own fake blood by mixing some red food colouring with sugar syrup. You need plenty of black everything, face paint, eyeshadow (get that from sister or wife) and black eyeliner. Prepare some hypoallergenic modelling wax and you’re ready to go!

One of the best parts of Halloween is the Trick or Treating and, for the children, possibly the most important part of their evening. But would Halloween be anything at all without the costumes? Donning the outfit is when you suddenly become your chosen character for the night, be it a Wicked Witch, Gothic Ghoul, Cuddly Teddy or simply a sexy and gorgeous Fairy Princess.

HALLOWEEN FANCY DRESS FOR THE GIRLS: – Super witches costumes look terrific with green face paint, black lips or very deep red for a splash of colour and don’t forget the pointed slippers. Then there is the gothic princess look, Tinkerbell and vampires. Again, for that extra special magic, add the face paint to complete a simply stunning outfit. A splash of glitter dabbed high on the cheekbones just finishes it off. As always, there’s the everlasting cute look with such all-time favourites as Tinkerbell, princesses, Cinderella, Snow White and all manner of other Disney characters.

HALLOWEEN FANCY DRESS FOR THE BOYS: – There are, of course, the much-loved traditional superhero costumes and, with the release of another Toy Story movie, we have Buzz and his friends being firm favourites in the fancy dress stakes along with Transformers,  Spiderman, Batman, Robin and the Star Wars characters. Harry Potter is up there with Voldemort costumes and face mask, and not forgetting all the extras like Harry’s scarf, glasses and wand, etc for the would-be magicians nor that wonderfully wizardly Professor Dumbledore with his fabulously long beard. For those that wish for the more darker costume, there are always plenty of choices with the classic vampire, ghoul, skeleton, zombie, werewolf,  mummy, Dracula, Devil and dark messenger to name a few.

HALLOWEEN FANCY DRESS FOR THE TODDLERS: – It does not matter what you put your little darlings in as they will receive the inevitable aaaahs all night. Cute is strawberry shortcake, baby bee bunting, lady bug tutu, sugar plum fairy, angel and pretty princess and pumpkin princess. Lots of animal costumes will be favoured by many and there are some terrific Lil Devil and Vampire costumes even for the smallest child.

HALLOWEEN FANCY DRESS FOR THE LADIES: – Well, girls, there are lots on offer here so, if it’s hot ‘n‘ sexy you’re after, you will find plenty of naughty but nice outfits to choose from. Sexy Betty Rubble, naughty nun, sexy nurse, prisoner of love, luscious lady bug, dazzling devil, Playboy Bo Peep and Playboy wicked fairy are but a few on the agenda. For a more traditional costume, there are mystic Medusa, zombie prom queen, gothic sorceress, wicked dark fairy and the ever-popular nurse, police lady, cowgirl, Red Riding Hood and Alice in Gothland. Add the wigs, face make-up and glitter and you are dressed to kill.

HALLOWEEN FANCY DRESS FOR THE GENTS: – Guys can be a bit funny about dressing up so, for those that want easy-to-wear costumes, no problem. How about the simple gambling man, sailor, cowboy, pirate, etc? Add the hats, guns and moustache and you’re away. For those that don’t mind dressing up, there’s plenty to go at with the ever-popular Dracula, ghastly ghoul, Freddie and zombie to get your teeth into. Fancy being funny? Then how about Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, the Hulk or Shrek. If you want to be charming, then be Prince Charming or an ever-suave nobleman or Zorro. Just go for it.

For those that love going the whole hog, or even maybe considering learning face painting seriously, go here for some great Halloween Face Painting Tips and videos to watch, and, pick up a fabulous FREE mini face painting course. For a fabulous selection of Halloween and all manner of fancy dress costumes and accessories for the whole family including the dog!!! http://fancydresscostumestobuyonline.com for the best Halloween party.

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