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Gothic womens clothing need not be boring. By choosing unique materials and designs, you can wear something Goth and still be yourself.

You could choose sexy black or red lace leggings. Match those up with a short black skirt or dress and you will make a statement.

For a night out, corsets with or without sleeves can be worn with just about any kind of bottom. Form fitting understated slacks or a skirt will let your top do the talking. A lacey black necklace or Gothic silver cross will complete your outfit.

Corsets can be torn and tattered or look like brand-new. One of the latest designs includes a row of belt buckles starting just beneath the bosom and extending to the waist.

Pin-striped corsets are classic looking. Silver buttons from top to bottom give a shimmery look without going overboard. Some corsets are topped with touchable fur to soften what can be a harsh look.

Gothic womens clothing styles are very similar in color. The punk designs are usually a little different. The tattered and torn look is more punkish. Horizontal black and red striping on the corset is another popular choice.

Some women like to wear a short-sleeved men’s collared shirt underneath a buckle holster that fits just under the bosom. Adding a black tie completes the look. This fits in with both punks and traditional Gothic looks.

The right hairstyle, makeup and accessories will allow you to make the statement you want to make. Red or aqua highlights in black hair can be fun. Don’t avoid bangs if you like them. If you feel that your hair is boring, talk to your stylist about a different look.

Pale white pancake makeup was something of a Gothic rule for several years. Black lipstick was the only choice for someone wearing Gothic womens clothing.

Today’s women are just as likely to choose blood red lip color and a more natural looking foundation. You’ll want to stick with the darkest eyeliner and mascara, of course.

These makeup selections create a dramatic appearance. You can look like you are ready to walk on stage, even when you are just there to watch the concert.

You can choose from many different kinds of jewelry and other accessories. Black and silver crosses are ever-popular choices as accessories for Gothic womens clothing. But if you do a little shopping around, you will see there are plenty of ways to express yourself.

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