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Always use good lighting and a clean mirror.Keep your make-up light in the summer. Heavy foundation will cake and melt off in the summer heat and humidity, leaving you with a streaked look.For proper hygiene, don’t use outdated cosmetics, particularly around the eye area and never share your make-up with anyone.Try bronzing powder underneath your cheeks and jawbone to make your face appear slimmer.To make your nose appear smaller, apply bronzing powder carefully down the sides. Add a little shimmer creme or powder down the bridge of your nose.Use Q-tips to blend in any eye shadow that has fallen on your cheeks or face.Clean your make up brushes and applicators often to reduce bacteria and oil.If your powder blush or eye shadow breaks up in the compact, use alcohol to press it back together.

While cosmetics are something that many women can’t live without, others like keep it minimal and look natural. Whether you’re a young or mature woman, these free tipsĀ  are for those who want accent their finest features and look their best.

Remember, make-up is a great beauty enhancer, but you need to remove it every night and let your skin breathe — so you don’t end up with clogged pores and blemishes. Here you’ll find free make up tips and tricks to give you a stunning look for both casual and formal occasions.if you want more about makeup tips plz clikc under below

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