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Are you a woman who follows your own beauty tips or do you usually take beauty advice from someone else such as people and beauty books and magazines.

With beauty, you must always take care of your skin, face, eyes, lips, nails and hair and you can’t forget your body as well.

Did you know that drinking eight glasses of water a day will rehydrate your skin and when you cleanse your skin, you should always use a foaming cleanser which is so much better for your skin with products such as beta hydroxy which provides a mild exfoliation that makes a small, but meaningful contribution in the battle against fine lines. So don’t get lazy when it comes to washing your face.

However, your beauty tips for yourself should never be a complicated thing and always buy essential products and techniques that should set you up for life and your make up should determine the best of the best with over so many make up and skin products to choose from.

Olay regenerist is one product that is so good because it contains a peptide that helps build collagen for your skin which is also a great moisturizer and Neutrogena is also great because it contains UV Ray filters with a very high SPF.

For your lips: Covergirl amazements is kind of like a lip miracle that looks great and goes great with your skin tone.

Note: Your skin products should be like your house keys, meaning you should never leave home without it.

When buying make up: You should always make sure that you buy good quality make up because any cosmetics could do double duty.

I’ve recently read about some hair myths and it was said that lemon works perfect for your hair because it gives you that shine and mayonnaise is used as a conditioner and avocoado as well and beer also works for your hair because it’s known as a a body builder for your fine tresses and you should always sleep with a satin pillow to prevent your hair from running flat and dry.

Although, a great make up job will play out your looks and make you look fabulous and maybe even enhance your looks and layering moisturizers will give your skin that lift, in other words: pop, define, and finish.

It’s a known fact that concealers always cover up your under eye darkness and puffiness around your eyes and making you look less tired with that droopy eye look that might just add years to your looks.

With clothing and dressing yourself: You should always wear nice high end clothing and shoes without breaking the bank with all of those affordable fashion pieces which is financially sound.

Now you can pear off your outfits with a little bit of sparkly jewelry because it’s all about the accessories to bring an outfit together.

know that: With any well tailored pair of jeans, a great pair of shoes will go great with it.

Now certain dresses speaks for itself so you won’t need any accessories at all to go with it and you can maintain a fabulous look with not that much money by shopping at affordable stores such as Target, H&M, Old Navy, The Gap, Forever 21, and all of those other high end designer shops that sells Manolos, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and every other brand you can name with a fraction of the cost.

When dressing yourself: You have to respect yourself or even look like you do because you don’t want to walk around with a bad look and just keep up with those latest trends when you’re out shopping and when you want to meet a man and meeting Mr.Right isn’t going to happen when you’re dressing that wrong because what man do you know that’s going to take you serious when you’re dressing bad and you don’t want to wear any outdated clothing so focus on yourself because in all actuality men want to take a woman out if she’s definitely dressed the part because he will want to parade her around town and show her off becase a bad outfit is not so easy on the eyes.

So never do shirts that are too short or jeans that don’t fit right because you might want to really dress your body and in order to hook a hottie, you might want to dress nice at all times and it starts off with the right jeans and shoes and a bad outfit speaks a lot about a person so you’ll need to wear something that portrays you as a woman and that speaks confidence and every woman deserves to look beautiful.

So when it comes to beauty tips, fashion and style, and of course shopping for the latest trends, you deserve to always look good and giving yourself a vast improvement with a nice upgradable look that speaks WOW.

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