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Tips on how to apply powder

When it comes to powder, there is quite a variety to choose from. Makeup powder is the one important ingredient that goes into the durable setting given to poised, cosmetic charm and makes for long lasting makeup wear. Makeup powder can help makeup stay in place, give a shine-free, even finish to the eye, cheek, lip or cream products used and also provides a quick touch up-tactic for the skin tone. It is a versatile makeup product that is every photographer’s delight and helps to give natural, even-toned look to faces in artificial or natural lighting, highlighting distinctive features and downplaying not so attractive ones.

There are two types of makeup powders:

1. Loose Powder – Loose powder has a light, airy consistency and is preferred by professional make-up artists because it’s less likely to streak on the skin. This type of powder gives your face a very smooth, matt look and lasts longer than pressed powders.

2. Pressed Powder – Pressed powder is treated under great pressure to create a compact, cake form. Oils are often added to the formula to ensure that the powder sticks together longer, but this can make the product streak on your face.

Beauty benefits of makeup powder

1. Many women like to carry pressed powder for a middle of the afternoon makeup touching up, be it at the office or out in the market. When applying party makeup, experts advise that post blending in of foundation and concealer, the face benefits from a feather-light dusting of a loose layer of makeup powder over the entire face and eyelids.

2. The application of makeup powder calls for a clean, large, fluffy and rounded makeup brush that helps casually dust loose powder and give a natural, even toned finish to the face.

3. A brush is a better bet for applying makeup powder as opposed to using a sponge or powder puff as these put too much powder onto the face.

4. The right way of dusting makeup powder is to touch the full end of the brush into the loose powder, knock off the excess and brush it on using the same up and down motion used for applying foundation.

5. Makeup powder eliminates the excessive shine to a face and needs to be applied more liberally when combined with the use of a sunscreen, as a thorough application is necessary for adequate sun protection and non-greasy feel.

6. Makeup powder must always be applied after the foundation and concealer has been finely blended in but before applying eye makeup.

7. The same shade of makeup powder in a pressed compact is a easy touch up tool for women on the move and a small amount of powder on a cosmetic puff, applied to shiny areas where makeup has thinned, offers great coverage.

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