Cosmetic Surgery For Men Are Men Interested In Improving Their Appearance Via Operation

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Cosmetic surgery for men, though not as popular as that for the fairer sex, is catching up or picking up faster than lightning and you will be surprised to know that huge numbers of the male brigade are extremely interested in beautifying their visages through surgery to appear more attractive. Beauty is no longer the sole domain of women and the men have stormed this erstwhile female bastion with a vengeance.

In this article I will deal with cosmetic surgery for men and which of the cosmetic surgeries are most popular among men. Previously, men used to opt for cosmetic surgery which would be more appropriate if I called them reconstructive surgery because they were mostly done to rectify facial disfigurement after an accident or injury or to hide scars or remove scars. But now, men have become as looks conscious as women and cosmetic surgeons are laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to this doubling of patients.

Among cosmetic surgery for men, the most popular picks are nose job or rhinoplasty, eyebrow lift, lip augmentation or a complete face lift. In fact, there are hundreds of aged men who queue up before the clinics of cosmetic surgeons to get a face lift in order to appear younger and wrinkle free. Liposuction is perhaps the most popular among men because most men, like women, look at liposuction as an easy way to get rid of body fat quickly.

Men also go in for liposuction of the chest area to tone up the chest rapidly. Another cosmetic surgery that men prefer is gynecomastia or removal of male breasts. Other popular picks are hair rebonding, hair transplant and surgeries related to hair regrowth to cover up the balding patch or alopecia on the head. More and more men are going in for hair transplants because no one wants to move around with a balding pate at the age of 30.

And the good news is that, men are not afraid to splurge money on cosmetic surgery for men and there are many from the male brigade, who go in for multiple cosmetic or aesthetic surgeries and the patient list doesn’t always include wannabe models or film stars or men from the glamour world. There are countless corporate honchos and high flying executives who wish to look impressive in the board room, apart from talking well and convincing clients and in a cut throat, looks driven world, first impressions always matter a lot.

The willingness to undergo cosmetic surgery among men is recording a steady increase. Recent data collected from aesthetic and cosmetic surgery clinics reveal that 22% of all clients/patients who opt for cosmetic surgery are men and this figure is growing every year. The rate of growth, as far as, cosmetic surgery for men is concerned is 20% per annum.

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