Cool New Makeup Ideas for Blondes

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The saying “makeup is a girls best friend” is only true if the makeup is applied properly and the colors chosen suit your skin tone, eye color as well as hair color. Choosing wrong might reverse this proverb so the makeup will become your enemy, as there is nothing wrong than a poorly done makeup.

Because hair color can be a determining factor for your makeup we have put together some cool new makeup ideas for blondes to inspire yourself as blonde hair seems to be increasing in popularity.


The cosmetic industry has evolved greatly, allowing new and improved cosmetics to be developed, cosmetics which come in a variety of incredible shades. This means one can select the perfect makeup shade as not all people benefit from the same makeup colors.

Blondie’s usually have a fair to medium skin tone thus they need to find the right makeup shades to complement their hair color as well as their skin tone if the right result is desired. It is necessary to adapt the style and the coloration of your makeup to the occasion so choose a simple light makeup for day wear and a darker, more powerful makeup if you wish, for the evening.

For daytime makeup

If you are trying to select a makeup suitable for day wear which will help enhance your natural beauty without attracting too much attention towards the makeup, you need to turn towards light colors which do not stand out but which still manage to enhance subtly your eyes. The eyes are considered to be the gateway to the soul so enhancing them can only be beneficial. Go for a simple eyeliner makeup or choose eyeshadow colors such as lavender, neutrals, browns, pink, peach(orange), greens, blue as these are the shades are lovely. To obtain the subtle effect the eyeshadow will be applied lightly.

Keep your skin looking flawless using foundation and pink/tan/peach blush. Coat your eyelashes using mascara, apply a nude colored lipstick or lip gloss on and you will look adorable.

For evening makeup

If you are going for an evening look go for darker colors or more vividly colored eyeshadows. This way you can choose powerful colors such as purple, navy blue, black and gray, neon green, neon blue, red or hot pink. Choose to go for a monochrome eyeshadow color or spice things up with a smokey eye makeup. Ensure your skin looks flawless by turning towards the help of concealers and foundation. Define your cheekbones using blush and apply nude or bold colored lipstick on your lips.

Playing with powerful shades is not easy so make sure you create the makeup right!

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