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This makeup palette has highly pigmented shades, all shadows can also be applied wet for a deeper longer lasting effect. The compact case makes it easy for storing and traveling. The case has a matte surface and measures 9″ x 6.5″ (23 cm x 16.5 cm) closed, The pots are Dime Size around and contain plenty of powder for many excessive uses. The colors do not have a ton of shimmer in them if this is what you are looking for, you can always dust shimmer over top as I did in the above photo. It is nearly a 50/50 mix of matte and satin with slight shimmer.

Technical Details

-88 high pigmented colors
-Can be used by all ages and skin tones
-Creates hundreds of different looks
-Matte and Shimmery Colors
-Thousands of Tutorials shown on YouTube


Customer Reviews

By AColton (Pennsylvania)
I heard about this palette on YouTube and when I saw the price, I had to try it. At first I was debating on the regular one or the shimmery one. I am so glad I went with the regular. There are several shimmery colors in this one and sometimes, I just don’t want to be all sparkly! ;o)

There are many colors to choose from and the pigmentation is pretty good. I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by these because I figured that for so may colors and for the price, something must be wrong with them but I was pleasantly surprised. I also ordered the neutral palette and I love that too.

By Ashley N. Wagoner
I’d debated on which palette to buy for months and I’m pleased with this one. The colors are vibrant and don’t fade fast or wear off. It came in perfect condition wrapped just like at the store. I would definitely recommend this. I can’t say there’s anything I don’t like about it, that’s why i gave it 5 stars.

By no name
I bought this palette at a makeup artist trade show and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s been over a month now and I’m having fun with it every single morning.

I’d had no idea what this line was or where it came from; it was just a product that was available at the booth where a makeup brush company had their display set up. I only bought it because I thought it would be fun to play with, it was inexpensive, and my friend (a professional MU artist) said she’d seen good things about the line being said on message boards.

I’ve been quite pleased with the quality, and have been having a blast playing around with the yellows and peaches (colors that I’ve never worn before, but that actually look quite lovely and natural on me!).

I use Too Faced eyeshadow primer underneath, and apply with Royal and MAC brushes (seriously am loving my new Royal brushes…). I haven’t had any problems with chalkiness, blending or building, or lasting power.

I had been tempted by the 28 color neutral palette and the 88 color warm palette, but wound up getting the standard 88 piece one because it has more colors in it that were previously lacking in my collection, and dang it I love to play with different looks on myself and any friends that will sit still for long enough. :0) I like it enough that I might wind up getting the 88 color warm palette at some point, too. The palette is very small and fits in a narrow bathroom drawer easily.

This set has a few shimmer, a few matte shades. In general I’m not a fan of shimmer, but these blend so easily that I don’t wind up feeling like I have bright shiny metallic eyeshadow on. :0)

I find the quality to be very similar to my MAC shadows (which I have far too many of, in many different shades), but lately I’ve been reaching for this palette far more often than my MAC stash. The MAC shadows are so incredibly pigmented that I have trouble executing a “no makeup” natural look with them, while with the Coastal Scents shadows it’s easier to do a sheer wash of color, which is what I usually prefer, particularly with the yellows and peaches I’ve been having fun with lately, but also with all the beiges and browns. The color definitely builds easily, though, so the few times that I’ve wanted to do a more intense look on myself or someone else I haven’t had any trouble doing so. Using a shadow as a liner with a liner brush – which I love – is very easy, too. Love this palette!

Now I’m looking at the 88 color warm palette again and am really wanting to get that too…

Disclaimer: I have next to no familiarity with other brands of eyeshadows, which may be influencing my opinion. I’ve tried drugstore and I’ve tried MAC, Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder, and Sephora brand stuff (which sucks). But other brands that I see talked about on message boards (in my head I think of them as “Sephora brands,” because that’s the only place I know they’re available for purchase) are greek to me. So just keep in mind that my frame of reference is slim. *I* love these, but for all I know they’re total crap compared to something else. ;0)

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