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Sometimes the most innovative product lines are born out of someone’s unmet need.  When Gina Austin, Makeup artist and brand manager went on a search to find a cosmetic line consisting of high performance, high quality products that were natural and eco-friendly, she became disappointed with what she found.   Gina decided to use her 15 years of industry experience and passion for animal and earth-friendly products to create Stript cosmetic makeup.  As the name implies, all the Stript cosmetic makeup products are stripped of synthetic and harmful preservatives, and animal derived ingredients.

The Stript makeup line is made up of mineral Foundations, Blushes, Lipliners and Eyeshadows, and much more.  The powders are ultra soft with build-able coverage so you can have a light application if you like, or build up to a full coverage to cover scars or blemishes.   Stript’s ingredient panels feature only skin-beneficial ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants.  Amino acids and marine botanicals proven to improve the look and feel of the skin are abundant in Stript mineral makeup also.   Signature lipstick liner crayons offer lip liner and lipstick in one product, saving time and space in your makeup bag!  There is also an impressive assortment of brushes ranging from powder, eyeshadow, and eyeliner brushes, that are of course made of synthetic rather than animal hair.  All Stript products are all natural, completely vegan and 100% paraben free, fragrance, and talc free

Today’s consumer is aware of the products that they are putting on their body and concerned with the safety of the ingredients within them.  Stript makeup offers the peace of mind that the products they use every day are all-natural and safe, not to mention eco and animal friendly.  Even if you are not a vegan or animal activist, you will love how beautiful Stript Cosmetic products look and perform on your skin.

See our full selection of Stript Makeup.

I’m the in-house pro at and a professional cosmetologist.

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The Right Business Opportunity for Mineral Makeup

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Mineral makeup is getting much attention currently specially from women who have decided to follow a healthy way of life. Mineral makeup claims that they are clear of chemical and preservatives that could give harmful issues with the skin ultimately. Since there is a growing demand due to change of lifestyle, arranging a company taking advantage the mineral makeup trend would be ideal.

So, how to start out?

Of course, as a way to promote the product well, you ought to testify its effectiveness. How can you accomplish that if you ever do not even use or support the items yourself? Start out learning about the merchandise. Learn the ingredients and their several outcomes, whether they are positive or side-effects. There would be prospects or future buyers who would unquestionably ask about mineral makeup. Seeing that this would be your main product, you should be equipped to answer all the questions.

You’ll find two possibilities to choose from when have decided to enter this occupation:

1. There are a few business people or entrepreneurs who decide to mix or produce their very own solutions in your home.

2. There are a few owners who prefer to purchase makeup which are already mixed. They can be labelled and sold privately. They can also be bought in mass.

On the latter, pre-mixed solutions can accompany personalized labels with your company name. But some entrepreneurs choose not have labelling included. They tend to do the labelling on their own to save on manufacturing costs.

In the event you decided to mix your personal, the web is in addition a fantastic source of ingredients. There are actually even recipes for mixing your own composition. You will discover websites dedicated on providing clients kept up to date mineral make up formulas, makeup kits, catalogues, and even sponsor classes.

If your buddies or family have opinions on your make up, welcome it. What they think is how most consumers would also feel. So ask them for their opinions.

When you’re still starting, it is essential to meet consumers personally. This would build your credibility. Go to beauty salons and offer them samples. This way, you will be introducing your product first- hand. This would assist you constructor your credibility, since they would get to know you as the business owner and not believe that your merchandise is known as a scam.

To make sure that your company will be successful, then you need to ensure that you would have returning clients and new shoppers. Your customers should be satisfied, not simply with the items, but also using the care that you just produce. Try having a shindig at home and show them your cosmetic line. You can also demonstrate cosmetics application methods. If your not that fantastic, then ask a friend or somebody to do that for you.

Once, client relation is currently done. Then market your merchandise on line. Having a devoted website or web log for your tool would unquestionably boost your mineral makeup popularity. Ensure that there are testimonies about your device. If you will discover suggestions or questions posted by potential on the web prospects, make certain that you just often answer them promptly. This is in addition one more part of credibility building and buyer bond.

Mineral makeup commercial enterprise is a great opportunity. Some entrepreneurs would only might need around 0 to get started. Seeing that mineral make-up is not yet mass-produced, house based mineral cosmetic enterprise will surely step up.

What do you want to look like? For an idea of how beautiful you are or could become, visit While you are on the site, also take a look at early use of makeup by Egyptians.

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Wholesale Beauty Supply And How To Start One Yourself

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We all love beauty but for most it is simply an expense that we use to buy the beauty products that we like in stores or malls but what if there was a way that you could profit from the top of the line beauty products? Products like mineral makeup, facial creams, anti aging and wrinkle creams as well as body products like body lotions and body creams, even fragrances that most everybody likes. Now there is a way that you can take the best in natural beauty and use it to start your own business. Alternative beauty manufactures top of the line bulk skin care, hair care, bath and body as well as mineral makeup. They supply in bulk and also supply in smaller containers for those that want to put their own business name on their or those that want to private label their own skin care or hair care or even makeup. Alternative Beauty is a wholesale beauty salon supply company

For most women starting this kind of business is only a dream but those that do business with Alternative Beauty is can become a reality. The current product list consists of over 150 spa creams and hair products. Salons can private label their own line of shampoos and conditioners. There are products for stretch marks, spider veins, cellulite and many more specialty products that you can choose from. Also note that Alternative Beauty can custom manufacture any products that you would to have done including skin care, hair care and bath and body along with mineral makeup. This means that essentially you can have all of your products made at one place and sell them for huge markups. Most products can sell for at least double their cost but most sell for 3 and 4 times their cost.

This means that your business makes on a jar of facial cream that cost you . Obviously, the more that you purchase the better your purchasing power when it comes to the entire product line. This means that you save on all of the products when you start to add to your product lines.

There have been several start ups that sell products through ebay along with other shopping search engines and these search engines get your products out in front of the world. The best selling products range from the natural bath and body line with a very natural process of manufacturing along with custom scenting. This means that you can choose your scent for each of the bath lines including the washes and mists. The body mists are alcohol free along with several of the hair sprays. The products are very natural and natural based.

How we recommend that you start. First we recommend that you start with about5 products or so. You can purchase our brand or you can start with a private label. If you prefer to start with a private label then you will need someone to help with your logo. Once we have your logo you can then decide what points you want to hit on the bottle. These marketing points will help your product to sell. The ingredients on the back of the bottle will stay the same unless you have chosen to change the ingredients in any way. We will help with the labels or help your designer with the labels or screens. For most bottles they are screen printed here in house and then filled with your product.

So if you ever thought that having your own product line was difficult then think again as it is not difficult when you can simply chose the products that you would like to have yourself and sell to others. We have seen spas and salons all the way down to boutique owners join in this process to simply pick out the products and then if you choose to private label then do so. Alternative Beauty is a wholesale beauty salon supply company that specializes in natural based wholesale beauty products. Located in Atlanta Georgia and ships to everywhere in the world that needs wholesale beauty products.

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Bare Minerals Foundation – Mineral Veil Review

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Mineral veil is the perfect finish to bare minerals foundation. It sets your makeup and is the perfect finishing touch. I have used both the  regular  version and the luminous finish version. I love them both, but think that there’s a bit too much sheen in the luminous version for everyday use. Great for evening, though.
If your looking for a translucent finish to your makeup, Mineral Veil melts into your skin, infusing it with softness and light. Buff on Mineral Veil over Bare Minerals Foundation to lend extra staying power. It is completely sheer and ideal for all skin tones, Mineral Veil gently absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of lines and pores and doesn’t clog pores or set into lines and wrinkles.
This product is nice and light and does reduce shine on your face. The commercial says it’s supposed to look natural and you can’t hardly see it, but I feel that you can tell you’re wearing something, but nothing like traditional liquid or cream make up.
I love mineral veil because it’s like the icing on the cake and it makes you look like you’re not even wearing makeup and you have no imperfections  It covers skin flaws, goes on like a dream and gives you an airbrushed look that we are always in search of.
Having been a mineral makeup user for 5 years, I have to say Bare Minerals is far better than the brands sold in local stores. I tried Loreal for a few months and I started to break out. It must be true that this make up is made of natural minerals from the earth. We can Go Green with make up

I enjoy researching products that relate to and enhance a balanced life, then sharing information with others. Here you can buy Bare Minerals on Ebay for up to 60% off:


Compare prices for Bare Minerals and other products here on Amazon:

I am a writer for affiliate marketing and enjoy helping people learn ways to save money.

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Benefits of Mineral Makeup

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Mineral makeup is often selected by Hollywood stars because of its versatility, coverage, and non-comedogenic properties. They wear a lot of makeup, for long periods of time, so choosing a product that will not clog pores is very important, especially when they trade on their looks. No wonder, then, that this particular type of makeup has grown in popularity over the years with other folk as well.

Ingredients of Mineral Makeup
The ingredients listed below play a role in the composition of mineral makeup.

Bismuth Oxychloride
This material adds a slight shine to mineral-based makeup. It is known for its translucent and adhesive properties, and fair absorbency but should be used in moderation as it may cause allergic reactions or irritation in some skin types.

Kaolin Clay
Kaolin clay is very absorbent and increases adhesion as well as oil absorption. This particular material is not good for dry skin types. Average coverage is provided by this mineral makeup ingredient. It has a creamy consistency.

Magnesium Stearate
This mineral is highly adhesive and it has average, matte coverage. This particular mineral improves adhesion in mineral makeup.

Micronized Titanium Dioxide
This particular mineral is translucent and offers UV protection. Though micronized titanium dioxide is more expensive, it offers amazing results.

Rice Starch
Rice starch is considered to be a skin soother and an emollient. This particular mineral makeup ingredient is translucent, with cohesive properties.

Sericite Mica
This particular mineral adds shine to the mineral makeup formulations. The mica has translucent qualities, with adhesion and fair absorbency. It is very silky to the touch.

Not all mineral makeups use it, but talc can preferred by some because it does not have a dehydrating effect. Kaolin clay tends to be more dehydrating than talc. Translucent and silky are the primary characteristics of talc.

Titanium Dioxide (White)
This mineral provides natural UV protection and is a high coverage mineral whitener.

Zea Mays
Zea mays is also known as corn starch. This mineral makeup ingredient has absorbent properties, silky texture and is translucent. It does not adhere to the skin very well. Zea mays should be combined with other minerals to increase cohesion. Kaolin clay is often used to increase cohesion.

Boron Nitride
This particular ingredient provides adhesive properties and anti-slip properties to mineral-based makeup. It also provides a light and silky texture. This ingredient achieves average coverage but the adhesive properties are high.

Not all mineral makeup contains all ingredients. Some have as few as four! (plus colours).

What makes mineral makeup different?
Mineral make up is lighter and provides more sheer coverage than other types of makeup. It does not clog pores. Regular makeup may provide a brighter and more intense coverage, which is often preferred for artistic effects in modelling shoots. On the downside, regular makeup may breed bacteria, clog pores, or promote allergies and acne.

A summary of the benefits of mineral makeup
Some of the reported benefits of mineral makeup include:

Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic (will not clog pores)
can provide UVB and UVA protection from the sun (check the package)
Minimal allergy risks (beware Bismuth Oxychloride, however)
Some healing properties
Generally anti-inflammatory, calms the skin

Provides good coverage
Water resistant
Minerals do not allow bacteria to thrive
Lasts longer than other makeup, because less is needed

Brands of Mineral Makeup There are many brands of mineral makeup available in pharmacies, department stores and online. Some popular brands include:

Jane Iredale
PUR Minerals
Bare Escentuals
Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup
GloMinerals Minerals Makeup
Avon Mineral Makeup
Mary Kay Mineral Makeup
Philosophy Mineral Makeup
Colourscience Mineral Makeup
Everyday Minerals

Chelsi Woolz takes pride in her appearance and favours a natural skincare and beauty regime. She loves to share beauty tips that she discovers when researching her freelance stories.

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A Quick Primer on Mineral Makeup and Health

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Women are most often fully fluent when it comes to which shades and colors make them look their best.  However, they are not so knowledgeable about which cosmetic and beauty products are best for their health.  Mineral makeup addresses both fashion desires and safety concerns.  Organic cosmetic products do not necessitate the sacrifice of that perfect look.

With the ease of purchasing cosmetics online a mineral makeup kit can be yours virtually overnight.  Mineral makeup is desirable for both what it does and does not have.  What it does possess are loose minerals ideally suited to extended wear sessions.  Mineral makeup also often contains zinc oxide in its standard form.  This provides for substantial protection from UV rays helping protect your skin from premature wrinkles. 

It is important to verify that your product contains zinc oxide only in its standard form and not as a micronized product.  Micronized zinc oxide creates appreciable health concerns.  Also to be avoided are parabens, propylene glycol and aluminum hydrosulphate.  Mineral makeup is also alcohol free removing a common drying source found in many over the counter cosmetic products.

The wonder of the Internet now allows you to buy cosmetics online.  Previously, many had to travel a far distance to procure the right organic mineral makeup.  Cosmetic and beauty products of all varieties can be researched, priced and bought all without leaving the comfort of your own home.  From organic toothpaste to high end mineral makeup it is now all literally at your fingertips.  When taking current gas prices into the equation the thought of running around town assembling that makeup kit becomes even more unthinkable.

Searching for cosmetics online also allows for discovery of many niche brands you’d never otherwise come across.  There are small brands which create labors of love but do not have the marketing reach to be seen on the shelves of your local department store.  The ability to buy cosmetics online opens up this additional universe of possibilities to help achieve that perfect look. 

You may not have considered some of the larger ramifications of chemical based personal products use.  Literally tons of chemicals residing in these products end up in the environment after being washed off our bodies.  Mother nature would far prefer you avoided these products and select mineral make up.  If you don’t know what is in your makeup the first step is to find out.  You might be surprised to find a list of ingredients containing many known irritants and drying agents.  Armed with the right information, you can ensure both beauty and health.

A new eBook by Flora Stay, D.D.S. offers invaluable insight into the hidden information on the labels of all the Personal Care Products in your house. Get your FREE copy today »

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Essential Natural Mineral Powder Makeup

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Tips on how to apply powder

When it comes to powder, there is quite a variety to choose from. Makeup powder is the one important ingredient that goes into the durable setting given to poised, cosmetic charm and makes for long lasting makeup wear. Makeup powder can help makeup stay in place, give a shine-free, even finish to the eye, cheek, lip or cream products used and also provides a quick touch up-tactic for the skin tone. It is a versatile makeup product that is every photographer’s delight and helps to give natural, even-toned look to faces in artificial or natural lighting, highlighting distinctive features and downplaying not so attractive ones.

There are two types of makeup powders:

1. Loose Powder – Loose powder has a light, airy consistency and is preferred by professional make-up artists because it’s less likely to streak on the skin. This type of powder gives your face a very smooth, matt look and lasts longer than pressed powders.

2. Pressed Powder – Pressed powder is treated under great pressure to create a compact, cake form. Oils are often added to the formula to ensure that the powder sticks together longer, but this can make the product streak on your face.

Beauty benefits of makeup powder

1. Many women like to carry pressed powder for a middle of the afternoon makeup touching up, be it at the office or out in the market. When applying party makeup, experts advise that post blending in of foundation and concealer, the face benefits from a feather-light dusting of a loose layer of makeup powder over the entire face and eyelids.

2. The application of makeup powder calls for a clean, large, fluffy and rounded makeup brush that helps casually dust loose powder and give a natural, even toned finish to the face.

3. A brush is a better bet for applying makeup powder as opposed to using a sponge or powder puff as these put too much powder onto the face.

4. The right way of dusting makeup powder is to touch the full end of the brush into the loose powder, knock off the excess and brush it on using the same up and down motion used for applying foundation.

5. Makeup powder eliminates the excessive shine to a face and needs to be applied more liberally when combined with the use of a sunscreen, as a thorough application is necessary for adequate sun protection and non-greasy feel.

6. Makeup powder must always be applied after the foundation and concealer has been finely blended in but before applying eye makeup.

7. The same shade of makeup powder in a pressed compact is a easy touch up tool for women on the move and a small amount of powder on a cosmetic puff, applied to shiny areas where makeup has thinned, offers great coverage.

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For more information about makeup fashion, makeup tips, latest fashion new, makeup fashion tips, health tips, medical, body fitness guide, baby care and about lastest trends in makeup fashion, then please visit

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How to use Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow and Eyeliner Wet or Dry

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Mineral makeup is a widely used mineral based powder form cosmetic. Powder mineral makeup includes mineral foundation, bronzers, blushes, eye shadows and liners, brow fillers, concealer and more. The selection of mineral cosmetics is ever growing. Cosmetic companies are expanding their repertoire of mineral makeup to include an amalgam of colors and products to give different finishes.


When applying mineral eye shadow, there are a few rules you need to stick too. While makeup counter workers will tell you never to apply foundation to the eyes, that rule applies only to liquid foundations. It is perfectly acceptable to apply moisturizer, a very light layer of primer and mineral foundation to the eye as a base in order to get a better, more lasting finish. But remember, if you apply a primer on the eye, your makeup will set quickly. There is very little room for error when using primer under your base.


There are many guides online to teach you how to apply eye makeup in a way that works best for your eye shape, age, skin type and color. It is best to practice a few different styles to figure out what works best for you.


Mineral eye shadows can be used wet or dry. Applying shadow dry allows for a softer, more easily blended, sexy look. When going for the smoky eye, use dry shadow. If you are looking for subtle eyeliner, apply neutral brown or grey shadow with a super thin eyeliner brush. I like to use a dark brown shadow as a liner and use a base eyelid color one or two shades lighter. I lightly dust a sheer shimmering shadow for a great night time look.


Wet shadow is typically used when you want a bright, fun, long lasting look. Once the shadow dries, it’s there all day. It doesn’t blend easily, so you must have a steady, quick hand when applying. Practice makes perfect.


Some women use silicone based agents to dampen their shadows, but water works just as well and will cut down on your makeup costs. Simply blend the shadow and water and apply with organic cosmetic brushes, or whatever eye shadow brushes you have available to you. It is never a good idea to use foam tip applicators with wet eye shadow. They will absorb the product and give a very amateurish finish. To use a wet shadow as a liner, simply apply a wet shadow a few shades darker than what you are using on the lid. It can be applied using a super thin brush.


To get high quality, low cost organic mineral makeup, organic cosmetic brushes and more, visit


Afterglow Cosmetics is the leading supplier of high quality natural organic cosmetics. At you can choose between their wide selection of natural cosmetics and find the shade and colors that are perfect for you. Order online and have your new organic beauty product shipped to your home or busines today!

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A Natural company sent me these organic eyeshadows! Check out there website at also fan their facebook page at http
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Best Mineral Makeup

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Best Mineral Makeup

It is difficult to define the Best Mineral Makeup as this will be determined by personal preference, including budget, use of animal testing and other underlying factors which make any product ‘best’ of each individual. Many people struggle with the use and application of fine powdery makeup and may need to try several brands to find out which is best for them.

The mineral makeup company which has had the most positive reviews and least complaints is:

Bare Escentuals, (pronounced Bare Essential). This companies’ products are often to be found on TV shopping channels and has secured both positive and negative feedback for example people found that this mineral makeup gave a flawless finish and smooth looking complexion, while other said it was messy and expensive.

Another company which has received reviews and feedback is the family operated aromatherapy and natural cosmetics company Aromaleigh. This company operates a website and has become known as a love it or hate it company. The positive feedback included comments that these products were a better mineral makeup for older skin types and that it is possible to but individual pigment colors, so you can mix your own color. The negative feedback mostly refers to the website content and shipping and ordering issues.

Esca mineralized makeup fashion has been given positive reviews, the main complaints were price related, Esca makeup can be brought from selected retail stores and on the Internet under the name of Simply Karen.

L’Oreal is one of the first big-brand companies to launch into the mineral makeup fashion market. Reviewers rated the fact that it was less expensive than other mineral makeup brands, that it gave good coverage compared with other mineral products and less messy to apply. On the downside, reviewers said that it could be drying on some skin types.

The company Youngblood started more than ten years ago. Their products are most readily available from spas and salons, but it is becoming easier to find as its popularity grows. This brand has only received positive reviews; each purchase comes with an information sheet telling you how it should be applied and reviewers said that it made any redness of the skin disappear, as well as covering flaws without being too heavy; comments also included that if massaged into the skin made the size of skin pores diminish.

So to find the Best Mineral makeup fashion for you it is advisable to try as many as you can before you make a final decision as to which is best for you.

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Youngblood introduced its silky and lightweight mineral cosmetics makeup products including natural mineral foundation, liquid foundation, mineral blush, lip gloss and lipstick at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference in Las Vegas, NV. The silky powder is a foundation, concealer and powder all in one product which offers high performance coverage and glides on all skin types to give natural, healthy coverage and a translucent glow. Youngblood’s deep-sea hydrating complex is infused with reduced salt deep-sea water-rich in ocean minerals and nutrients. The liquid foundation offers superior hydration while contains calendula extract, allantoin extract, cucumber extract, green tea extract and cactus grandiflorus extract.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Glominerals ? Organic Mineral Makeup

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There is no doubt that the use of makeup has been around for centuries. Once considered to be a women’s jewel; today, make-up has a wider array of applications. People belonging to both the genders have started using make-up for various occasions such as photo-shoots, video-shoots, parties, fashion shows, etc. As most of the make-up products contain some harmful elements, the main drawback of using makeup is skin damage. This is why organic makeup products can prove to be a great substitute for conventional make-up products.

Organic makeup products are made from natural minerals; hence, they contain minimal or no harmful substances at all. Organic makeup products not only treat your skin extremely gently, they also have a longer lasting effect than conventional makeup products. Another advantage of using organic makeup products is that they do not clog skin pores, which may result in breakouts. These makeup products are easy to wash, and do not leave any permanent influence on the skin.

To top it all, using right organic makeup products you can actually control several ageing signs such as dark circles, wrinkles, loose skin, under eye puffiness, and many more. These products help in replenishing dead skin cell, giving your skin a younger and fresher appeal. There are several organic products available in the market especially formulated to help curb ageing signs. You can select from a wide range of sunscreen lotions, wrinkle control crèmes, overnight lotions, dark circle removal crèmes, and many more.

Today, there are several manufacturers offering organic makeup products, making it extremely difficult for end user to make the right choice. This is why it is advisable to opt for a reputed brand only. One of the most trusted names in this business is Glominerals. The company offers an extensive range of make-up products which includes foundations, eye definers, eye shadows, blush, lighting conceals and many more.

If you are planning to buy Glominerals makeup products, the best place to start your search is the internet. The web-space offers a whole lot of online stores offering some of widest range of organic makeup and skincare products; hence, finding products that meet all your demands will not be too difficult.

Jag Jenny shares his knowledge on baronessa cali and Glominerals that makes you able to find the plans that best fits your needs. If you want to on baronessa cali and Glominerals, Visit – baronessa cali , Glominerals , babor, bioelements and biomedical.

Article from Items reviewed: alima pure satin matte foundation – Neutral 4 alima pure satin finishing powder – Hanae alima pure satin matte blush – Desert Rose I hope you enjoy this review! This is truly an amazing, earth friendly brand, be sure to check out the website! Please comment, rate, and SUBSCRIBE :)

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