Organic Makeup ? Get Beautiful, Naturally

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With the growth of awareness among women, that conventional makeup which is made up of harmful chemicals and artificial colors and synthetic ingredients can actually harm their skin to a great extent, the popularity of organic makeup is gaining grounds.  Organic makeup is made up of natural minerals obtained from the surface of earth.  Since it contains minerals from nature, organic makeup is extremely skin friendly and enhances the quality of your skin rather than damaging it.  Unlike conventional makeup products, organic makeup products reduces fine lines and wrinkles from your skin thus making it look younger day by day.  Even the extensive use of organic makeup in everyday routine does not at all harm the skin.

More and more women these days are becoming conscious about their skin and are switching over from conventional makeup to organic makeup.  Makeup’s that are organic in nature contain several ingredients made from natural minerals and herbs.  These ingredients are Algae extract, which is extremely high in iodine and is full of nourishing and hydrating properties, Aloe Vera Oil, which is excellent in sub burns treatment and is perfect for sensitive and dry skin, Annatto which is actually a waxy extract that is obtained from a South America based shrub, Beeswax, which is used as an emulsifier, Myrtle Herb Extract which gives a soothing effect to the skin, Honeysuckle oil which is a natural cleanser with sweet fragrance and chestnut extract which contains calming properties.  One of the most important point to be noted is that it requires a USDA seal for a makeup to be labeled as organic and this assures that at least 95% ingredients used in organic makeup are 100% natural.  Hence it’s very important to check if there is a USDA seal on any makeup product that claims to be organic.  Because it’s so beneficial for skin and has no side effects, organic makeup kits are often little expensive to buy, but spending a little more money on something that will always be beneficial for your skin is worth it.

With so much of nature packed in it, organic makeup kits are the best friends of your skin making you look younger and beautiful always.  If you are convinced with the idea of using good quality organic makeup products with no side effects at all, we highly recommend you to check out


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Understanding Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit Professional

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Professional airbrush makeup kits are available to everyone nowadays. Many of us may or may not use airbrush makeup regularly, but for special occasions we love to have special skin treatment which is only possible with certain world renowned makeup kits. On the other hand taking good care of your skin is mandatory for movie stars and other celebrities because that’s how they make the big money. But which airbrush makeup kit is better for your skin? The secret is that the Dinair airbrush makeup kit is the best of them all.

What makes the Dinair airbrush makeup kit stand out among all the others is their wide range of airbrush kits available to consumers. Let’s us have a look at some other striking qualities of Dinair airbrush makeup kits.

The Dinair airbrush makeup kit comes with specifically built spray gun that is designed for the finest mist. Unlike any other beauty spray gun, it comes with an extraordinary compressor that allows it to spray tiny drops all over your skin uniformly.
You can also adjust the intensity of the colors to set the skin tone you are looking for. For example, in the case of bright, intense lights, you may want a darker skin tone to make a good contrast.
The colors that the Dinair airbrush makeup kits are using are not harmful to your skin and last longer than any other ordinary airbrush makeup kit.
Furthermore, there is a huge variety of Dinair shades range that can come in handy when selecting the perfect skin tone for you.
Though the Dinair airbrush makeup kit comes in a single package, you may want to buy individual components of the kit and they are sold that way too.

So whether you want to go to your friend’s wedding or you have to walk on the red carpet under the bright lights, the Dinair airbrush makeup kits will suit you the best.

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Applying Makeup – Using Proper Lighting

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How is the lighting where you apply your makeup?  Are you applying your makeup in a bathroom or bedroom with one bright light above your head?  Is that one overhead light casting some pretty bad shadows on your facial features, making it difficult for you to judge how much color to apply to your eyes, lips and cheeks?

Understanding proper lighting and using that lighting while applying your makeup makes a big difference in how your makeup looks.  The better your face is lit, the more even your makeup application will be, helping you to achieve a pretty and natural finish.  Beware if you are applying your makeup in a dimly-lit room – it is easy to overdo your application.

So when possible try to apply your makeup in a well-lit area.  It is very helpful to be by a window for natural light.   Natural daylight is the very best light for checking your makeup blending skills and intensity of the colors you’ve applied. In natural daylight, it is easy to see if you need to add color in some areas or tone down the amount of color in other areas.  You can check your makeup application by looking in a mirror either next to a window or by going outside.  “I have had to prepare many poorly-lit areas for makeup application in my 18+ years as a makeup artist, even removing lamp shades to get better lighting on the face of my subject!  And no matter what the lighting was on-set, when possible I almost always took my subject outside to check his or his makeup in natural daylight,” says Jennifer Kalman, Commercial Makeup Artist and Founder of www.QDazzleProm.comIf your makeup application looks great in natural daylight, it will look great in most other settings, even in fluorescent office lights or soft evening lights.

Once you’ve settled yourself near a good light for applying your makeup, here’s another helpful tip.  For best results during your makeup application, while holding your mirror to apply your makeup be sure to turn your face (and mirror) up toward the light source, whether your light source is a lightbulb or the the natural daylight outside a window.  By doing this, you can achieve an even coverage of light on your face while you apply your makeup so that no shadows will distort the amount of color you apply.  For example when applying blusher, if one side of your face is in a shadow and one side of your face is in the light, you might be tempted to apply more blush on the side in the shadow because there is little light on that side of your face and you’re unable to clearly see the amount of color you have already applied.

Of course, sometimes it is not possible to apply or at least check your makeup in natural daylight.  In these cases, try to find the brightest indoor lighting possible.  Then use the above tip of turning your face and mirror toward the light source so that there are no shadows on your face while you apply your makeup.

When you’re aware of the lighting around you before applying your makeup, you will have the best results with your makeup application.

Commercial Makeup Artist, Jennifer Kalman, has 18+ years of experience applying makeup for thousands of proms, pageants, weddings, personalities, print media, TV and video.  Her professional credentials have included makeup for LeAnn Rimes, Troy Aikman, Dixie Chicks and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Counted among her many commercial makeup clients are Pepsi, American Airlines, Frito-Lay, Dr. Pepper, and Verizon. This expertise contributed to the development of and QDazzle(R) High-Pigment Makeup Colors.  Jennifer desired to provide a resource to coach women how to polish their makeup skills (skills they can use for a lifetime) rather than applying their makeup for them once.  Her website, designed to help pageant contestants of all ages refine their makeup skills so they can be prepared and confident on stage, contains makeup instruction, techniques, and ‘Jennifer’s Makeup Tips Blog’, along with brilliantly-hued High-Pigment Makeup Colors.
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Best Foundation Makeup

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Executing makeup with a perfect finish requires a good canvas.  The best foundation makeup sets the face on a fresh start, perfect enough to bring out the necessary colors from every component of a makeup kit.

The main function of a good foundation is to conceal the blemishes and to even out the facial skin tone in order to have a clear start for makeup application.  It would simply be analogous to having a perfect canvas base in the beginning of a painting session.  However, the correct foundation should not only cover the imperfections, it should also be capable of providing protection to the facial skin.  With makeup to stay in your face for several hours in a day, the foundation should be able to make the skin look healthier and stronger.  It should have the right ingredients that can supply the necessary moisturizer to prevent the skin from drying and premature aging.

There are different types of foundation that will rightfully serve your requirement.  Depending on the situation and need, a foundation may come in the form of thick creams to very light tinted moisturizers.  Lucky are the women of today with such varied choices as compared to the old times when foundation creams were thick and unmanageable.  It would be helpful to note though, that thicker foundation may have the ability to cover more skin but they tend to be difficult to blend.  Using a light makeup foundation is recommended for those with sensitive skin and for those who need to wear it on a daily basis.

Tinted moisturizers serve as a good light foundation because it supplies the necessary skin coverage without drying the skin.  Those who are always on the go and wish to save time in applying moisturizers first before spreading out the foundation, tinted moisturizers conveniently performs as a moisturizer and a foundation in a single step application.  Mousse foundation delivers the same functionality but the aerosol can packaging to keep the whipped cream foundation makes it more costly.

A liquid foundation is highly preferred for its easy and smooth application.  A number of these types of foundation have been manufactured to last on the skin for several hours, smudge free and even water-proof.  However, they tend to contain oils and chemical ingredients that can cause skin irritation.

The latest trend in the makeup industry is the popularity of the mineral foundation. Minerals, being naturally sourced out from the Earth, do not contain any harsh coloring dyes or chemicals that may damage the skin.  Several outstanding features of a mineral foundation include the natural heat absorption capacity of the iron oxides which prevents skin drying, the inorganic component that eludes bacteria proliferation in the foundation and its non-comedogenic attribute that prevents clogging of the skin pores.

One does not need to be a professional makeup artist to maximize use of a good foundation and take advantage of what it has to offer.  Knowing the best foundation makeup that will work best for your skin and for your facial features will do the trick.

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Get Pretty With Budget Wedding Makeup

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Even though you can purchase low quality makeup for a cheap price, you’ll want something better for your wedding day.  Cheap makeup won’t hold up throughout the day – so if you have to freshen up your makeup during a normal day, you’ll definitely want to look for better quality makeup for your wedding.  Unfortunately, the more expensive cosmetics in local department stores may be beyond your makeup budget.  The following are a few tips for achieving the perfect makeup look on a budget:

Schedule Your Makeover Early

Most brides will schedule at least one makeup consultation before their weddings to get a good idea of which makeup styles will be most flattering.  If you’re planning to have your wedding during the peak season, it’s important to arrange your makeup appointment well in advance.  Doing so will give you the opportunity to take advantage of any discounts that come up, and will give you enough time find a makeup application style and product collection you like.  After all, the last thing you want to do is to be scrambling to do your makeup before the wedding and be unhappy with the results.

Mail Order Cosmetics

It’s hard to find high quality cosmetics in local pharmacy stores, but you might also find the price of department store cosmetics to be out of your budget.  What to do?  If you shop online, you’ll have access to just about any type of makeup you’re interested in, at a much better price than offline stores.  Once you’ve had your professional makeup consultation, it will be easy to find the colors and products recommended at a significant discount.  In some cases, you may even be able to order free samples that provide enough product to get you through your wedding.

Watch Fashion Magazines

If you aren’t sure about what colors or makeup styles are trendy – and you don’t want to pay for a makeup consultation – it might be helpful to study fashion magazines.  There, you’ll find a number of makeup tips to experiment with and suggestions about which colors will work best for you.  It’s also helpful to ask a trusted friend or family member which makeup styles look best on you.  Play around with cheaper cosmetics until you achieve the look you’re going for, but then be sure to invest in higher quality products that will last all day at your wedding.



You’ve been planning and arranging every detail of your wedding for months – the last thing you want to do is neglect your own appearance!  In addition to your dress and shoes, you’ll want to be sure that your hair, makeup, and nails all look perfect.  While a makeup consultation can be helpful, you’ll also need to make sure that you have good quality cosmetics on hand for your wedding day.  Getting started on your makeup plans early will give you plenty of time to gather all the products and services that will help you look your best.

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Good Makeup Foundation is Like Your Second Skin

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You may have perfect complexion for the whole day. Foundation hides skin defects, smoothes skin and makes it bright. And if you find your colour, it will be invisible.

In the autumn you need foundation as well as moisturizing cream during makeup fashion. Your face seems tired, so you have to do some makeup tricks to hide it. Therefore, foundation is indispensable. It supports cream – it protects skin against cold and sunny weather, moistures it and nourishes it. When you choose foundation, remember to adjust it to your skin type. You need a different one for oily, mature or tired skin.

Makeup Foundation that mats

Matting foundation suits oily and combo skin as it prevents it from excessive shining when apply in makeup fashion. Substances it includes regulate the work of sebaceous gland, and special micro sponges absorb the excess of sebum from skin. The effect may last up to 8 hours. Some of foundations are antiseptic and prevent spots from appearing.

1. Matt and smoothing foundation – City Matt, Lirene, Dr Irena Eris
2. Antiseptic foundation – So Clear Miss Sporty by Coty
3. Powder Mat Make-up by Manhattan
4. Intelligent powder for combo skin – Ideal Balance by L’Oreal Paris

Makeup Foundation that smoothes

It works like lifting – with wrinkled and flabby skin. After applying it changes into gentle “mist” which blends into skin and doesn’t appear in folds. The cosmetic is enriched with vitamins, silk fibers and SPF 20 filters. They give it multiple effects – makes skin firm, prevents it from ageing and makes wrinkles less visible in makeup fashion.

1. Anti-wrinkle foundation – Repulpant by Bourjois
2. Lifting foundation – Visible Lift by L’Oreal Paris
3. Smoothing foundation – Instant Smooth by Maybelline
4. Natural Silk by Pupa

For more Information about makeup tips, health tips, body fitness guide, baby care, health and beauty, health and fitness and much more, please visit the site

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What Type of Professional Makeup Artist Do You Want To Be?

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If you are thinking of becoming a professional makeup artist there are a number of different career options available. Jobs in the makeup artist industry range from becoming a fashion model makeup artist to applying make-up in a funeral home. Of course there are many options in between. Working as a freelance makeup artist is one. Working on video or commercial shoots are others. Before you begin a career in this field, it’s a good idea to sit down and figure out what type of makeup artist job would most suit you. This will increase the likelihood that you will actually enjoy what you’re doing and not just collecting a paycheck waiting for the workday to be over.

Doing makeup in fashion settings is one option and it’s a good one. This includes things such as magazine shoots, fashion runway modeling, and even doing makeup for fashion industry video promotions. Unfortunately, pay in this field is generally low, except for makeup artists with a well established reputation.

Another career choice is as a make-up artist in the film and television industries. These people work with the Director in establishing the style of the production and the make-up requirements. This type of work exists in film, TV, advertising and corporate videos etc. The pay in this area is again generally low. A trainee will often work for nothing or very low wages in order to build a portfolio. A lot of the work in this area is freelance, which makes it tough to guess how much money a person might make. Yearly earnings can vary. One person might make ,000 and another, ,000 per year. It just depends. However, top earners in this field can earn up to 0,000 a year.

An area of the business that is not often thought of is a mortician makeup artist. These people’s job is to give bereaved families the opportunity to remember their loved one as they were in life. Applying makeup for funeral homes is not a job for everyone but it can be a rewarding career. The pay in this area is generally pretty high because many mortician makeup artists are also funeral home directors.

There are available makeup artist jobs for young up and coming professional makeup artists. It might take a little time to find your niche and that’s to be expected. Don’t feel bad because once you find where you “fit” you’ll enjoy what you’re doing because it will adequately suit you.

Learn Make-up courses, beauty courses & Become A Professional Makeup Artist and get Makeup Artist Jobs easily.

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Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit Professional

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Women are always crazy about purchasing makeup kits because it is not always possible for them to visit a beauty parlor every day to get that professional makeup look. Reasons include: money, time, effort and traveling distance. In fact, many celebrities don’t even like to visit beauty salons just to get their makeup done. In order to meet the needs of such women, the Dinair Airbrush makeup kit has been introduced to the market to assist women with obtaining professional makeup in their own homes. This kit is inexpensive and so it should be within most people’s budget.


One of the best features of this high quality makeup kit is that it is available in a portable kit form for convenience. These makeup kits are readily available in a variety of shades and colors. There is also an instructional DVD with each kit to guide women on how to use the makeup correctly.


The Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit is a market leader, despite other kits having been around for over 30 years. This kit is found in many celebrity’s handbags due to its portability. The kits have a unique feature in that the makeup is water based instead of oil based. It’s very easy to apply directly onto your face. The makeup has undergone extensive testing and has clearly demonstrated that it won’t damage your skin in any way, regardless of how often it is used.


There are numerous color options so you can choose one that matches your skin, any problems you have and also the current fashion trends. It’s not as restricted as many comparable kits. Celebrities and salons right around the world enjoy the flexibility this makeup kit provides. If you want the perfect solution to your needs, then choose the Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit.


Writer: Lily Jones

Location: Largo, Florida USA

About Me:Skincare Professional as a Licensed Cosmetologist (10yrs) and Medical Esthetician (8yrs)



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Professional Makeup Brushes – The Benefit and Types

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Professional makeup brushes are a bit different from the makeup brushes that are provided as “gifts” when you purchase a minimum dollar amount of cosmetics at the cosmetics counter. The free makeup brushes usually have synthetic bristles that break easily and may cause irritation if you have sensitive skin. The bristles aren’t tapered, so it’s very difficult to blend your makeup properly. Because of that, the length of time in which you will use those brushes is very temporary.

On the other hand, professional makeup brushes can be more expensive, and they are never given away as “gifts”. Fewer come with synthetic bristles, and the more popular types are goat, sable, or squirrel. They are also available in different sizes and shapes, which will allow you to properly apply makeup to the desired area of your face or body.

I have to admit that I am partial towards professional makeup brushes, and it simply comes from my experience with using them. Now granted I still use the wedge sponge and Q-tip whenever I need to, but makeup brushes allow me to apply my makeup with precision. Because I love eyeshadow so much, the blending brushes blend the colors together so well, that the look is flawless and complete. There are no harsh lines, therefore giving me a much softer (and professional) look.

There are several types of professional makeup brushes, but I will only cover a few that I think you will need for your everyday makeup application:

1. Application brush – It is usually synthetic and the bristles are straight and firm. This brush is used to apply eyeshadow and concealer to the areas needed. You can usually find them in small or large sizes, but choose the size based on your need.

2. Angle brush – This is my personal favorite because it is typically used to apply eyeliner and to fill in sparse areas of my eyebrows with eyeshadow. The angle brush contains synthetic bristles as well, and is very firm and slanted (at an angle). I highly recommend this brush if you experience difficulties in applying eyeliner because you can “connect the dots” in order to form a straight line.

3. Blending brush – Widely available in natural bristles, this fluffy brush is used to blend eyeshadows on the eyelids to create a softer look. Please note that the smaller brush heads are used for more concentrated blending, and the larger heads tend to spread out the eyeshadow pigment. Choose the head based on the result you are trying to achieve.

4. Powder/Blush brush – Also available in natural bristles, this brush is small enough to apply powder to the face, and large enough to dust blush onto the cheeks. Because the bristles are tapered, it blends really well, and the larger head makes for even distribution.

Makeup brushes hold bacteria and old makeup pigment, which can ruin them over time, and change the color of the makeup you want to wear. The best way to maintain your professional makeup brushes is to wash them at least three times a month in a very mild shampoo (preferably baby shampoo). After washing the heads, press firmly to squeeze out any unnecessary water, shape the bristles while wet, and lay flat to dry. Following this extra step will help you achieve the results you want for years to come.

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Eye Makeup Tips and Attractive Natural Designs of Eye Makeup

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Your eye makeup is maybe the most significant part of your overall look.

Eyes get attention, draw populace in, and converse a great deal about you previous to you say a word.

But, if done badly, eye makeup can be the first clue that you are tiring too much makeup, or are simply trying too hard. The trick knows at what time and where to use different eye makeup looks.

There are hundreds of thousands of blue-eyed women in the United States and if you are one of them, take not of the next blue eye makeup tips to additional bring out the color of your eyes and refresh your whole look.

One of the most vital blue eye makeup tips is to name the level of your blue eye color.

Once it is strong-willed, you could then want makeup colors and color combinations that would enhance the depth of your eyes’ blue shade.

Eye Makeup Ideas

Changing your eye makeup can alter your overall look radically, and there is no shortage of wonderful eye makeup products to trial with! Try one of these fun ideas to change up your look:

1.    A glamorous cat eye seems is both sexy and refined. Its far-reaching eyeliner really draws notice to the eye and makes eyes come into view larger.

2.    Bright eye makeup is a hot trend, and one that is easier for most women to pull off than they think. Try a brilliant shade, such as turquoise or yellow, on your upper lid, and stay the rest of your makeup fresh and bright — but on the natural side — to balance the eyes.

3.    For a fun, funky eye makeup look, try using two dissimilar eye makeup colors on the top an base of the eye.

4.    Spice up a smoky eye in a fresh new way with the adding of a metallic of shimmer eyeliner. Or, use a colored shadow for your misty eye look, such as blue or purple, instead of the normal black or grey.

Tips for Eye Makeup

To accentuate wide set eyes or to give the delusion of more coldness between close set eyes, try next these eye makeup tips:

1.    Apply a light to medium gloominess of eye shadow to your entire lid area.

2.    Then, using a darker, flattering color, apply this shade to the outer third of your main lid area; extend somewhat beyond the outer corner of your eye.

3.    Use your finger tip to blend the darker color and soften the edges

4.    Add pencil liner, slightly widen the line at the outer edges of the eyes.

5.    Brush mascara onto the tips of the lashes near the internal corners, and on the full length of the lashes near the outer edges.

Natural Designs of Eye Makeup

There can be many variations in eye makeup. Most of the designs take motivation from natural shapes.

Eye makeup can be as staged as possible. Neutral shades like beige, the normal designs. For natural eye look, single tone or double tones are applied where shades like taupe and gray dominate.

For single tone eye makeup, apply a thin film of neutral shade eye shadow with a round brush from base of eyelid to brow bone.

Combine it with request of clear mascara to give it exact look. This is not a high impact look but just fine for a sober usual look.

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