1970s Style Disco Makeup and Era Fashions that have a Vintage Flair

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The Sixties left the coming decade with an taste for the natural, and the Seventies era particularized the “Natural Look” to makeup and hair. Hair was long, smooth, often very straight, but ideally with a flip on the ends. Think the Mary Tyler Moore show, and you’ve got the early to middle ’70s in a nutshell.

The longer hairstyles still required the large curlers (which could really damage your hair with daily use) used in the ’60s to create big waves, but electric curling irons were added to the mix when Farrah Fawcett Majors became on of the decade’s “It” girls. The flicked up hair cuts worn to some extent by all of Charlie’s Angels was applied to bangs or wings on the sides of the head. Farrah combined flicks on both sides with a high lofted center and amazing, wavy curls in streaky golden hair. Never mind that the fabulous Angel had stylists galore to keep her look fresh and “natural”; everybody wanted to look like that. And ‘that’ entailed more than a superb and constantly-renewed layered haircut: it meant hours with the curling iron, plenty of hair spray or mousse and strict avoidance of anything athletic, outdoorsy or the least bit—well, you know—natural.

1970s make-up styles had a natural, surfer appeal

Along with the “natural” hair of the ’70s came a natural look in skin and cosmetics. Earlier decades had made fashionable the dead white complexion, the flawless matte of a movie star skin, and the rosy blush of innocence through the magic of foundation. In the Seventies, it was cool to resemble to surfers at Venice Beach: an all over tan, a golden glow around the face, and minimal looking make up were the things to strive for. Bronzers made an appearance, fake tanning fluids turned thousands of young women bright orange, and women who today look with alarm at the spots appearing on middle aged skin laid out all summer covered all too lightly in a bikini and a slick coat of baby oil.

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Vintage Accessories Never Go Out of Style

Some of today’s hottest looks and fashions can claim influences from several past decades and trends.  The long, flowing hairstyles and natural makeup looks of the 1970s have returned with an updated flair.  You’ll frequently see retro-styled clothing, with either hippie or disco flair, constantly popping up on the biggest celebrities in Hollywood.  Keep in mind that there are, however, certain retro looks that have seen better days and make a better costume than outfit.  So, whether you’re in need of some unique vintage accessories, like hats, glasses, or jewelry, or you’ve got a costume party and need a killer disguise, there are tons of choices from the 60s and 70s to get you the exact look you’re hoping for.  Don’t believe everything you hear:  disco is not dead—you’ll see when you check out the many costume selections and extras available!

Get yourself a costume or some vintage accessories to flaunt!


1970s makeup mavens lightened up on the eye makeup, with mascara nearly disappearing for daywear except for something to lengthen, not necessarily thicken the eyelashes. White or pale blue eyeliner was sometimes used on the inside lid to make the eyes appear larger, but dark eyeliners were out of fashion. Pearlescent colors were popular for eye shadow, nail polish and lipstick, and liquid eye shadows became the rage. When foundation was worn at all, it was not matted down with powder, but left alone to shine a bit.

Updated skin care and skin appearances in the 70′s

Skin care became more of a concept in the Seventies. In earlier decades, women were concerned about keeping their skin clean and moisturized: most women’s skin care arsenal consisted of a bar of soap and a big jar of vintage Ponds cold cream. In the Seventies, products that had been available in spas were being sold to the general public; face masks, toners, astringents and a thousand other cosmetic skin care preparations found their way onto women’s shelves—and into their faces. Natural products like oatmeal, avocado and milk were popularized as the public was made more aware of how what they put on their skin might affect their overall health.

Disco Fashions, Hair and Cosmetics that Danced the Night Away

Just a wee bit off the mainstream, ethnic inspired fashions were making statements on the street, at school and even at work. Afros were popular for African Americans, showing a new pride in natural hair that had often been suppressed by ironing or chemical straighteners. In solidarity, some Caucasian men wore Afros, too. Clothing fashions for women included turbans, tunics worn over lounge pants, chunky beaded jewelry and woven handbags.

Disco was big in the ’70s, and the film Saturday Night Live helped create a subculture that sent some young people to discos in micro-minis, heels too clunky to dance in and blinding white disco costumes. Makeup was essentially the same, as was women’s hair; it was the disco clothing styles that made it all happen, man. The classic retro ’70′s outfit for men is still the white disco suit, open-necked, with gold chains.

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Bridal Hair and Makeup- Add Glamour to the Looks of the Bride

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The bridal hair and makeup is essential to add the beautification to the overall looks of the bride. The correct hairdo and make up can transform the looks massively. There are many hired beauticians who provide their mobile services to the bride and her family. You too can hire these makeup artists through the websites they run online. These artists are well trained hands and the makeup kits used by them are the best in the market. They preferably use mineral makeup kits as these kits are non allergic and best suitable for all skin types.

Bridal hair

The hair plays a very important role in determining the looks of the person. The length, colour and texture determine lots of things when appearance becomes the main factor. The general perception says that there can’t be many choices for the short haired girls, but this theory doesn’t hold true when the professional makeup artists start their work. These artists can do wonders on your overall looks with the different styling of the long as well as short hairs. The bride is free to choose the hair style that she wishes to display. There are certain pre-sessions that are meant for the beautician and bride to decide what will remain best for her.

Makeup sessions

The makeup sessions are also pre-determined. The makeup depends largely upon the complexion of the bride. Heavy makeup in dark complexioned person goes well whereas the light complexioned girls go well with the light makeup. The kits used by these professional hands are generally the best brands available in the market. The mineral cosmetics are preferably used as they are anti allergic and are suitable for all skin types. Makeup also largely depends upon the colour of the dress you are wearing and whether the marriage is to be held as a day event or a night event. The day event calls for less makeup whereas the yellow light used for the event of night adds to the glow of the skin.

Online contact

The professional and mobile hair and makeup artists can now be booked and contacted through the online medium.

Nasima Ahmed is a fully trained and accredited professional artist of Bridal hair and Makeup, specializing in Indian and Asian bridal makeup with unique Bridal makeup services at economical rates.

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Makeup tips every brunette should know

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Makeup tips every brunette should know

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. As is the case with brunette girls’ makeup. While I doubt Newton ever worked behind a MAC counter, with every makeup tip I could offer a brunette, there’s a contradictory—yet equally appealing—suggestion. The biggest, most encompassing tip I can give is mix things up. Mix up the colors, mix up the looks, and always always mix up the emphasis. Don’t wear dark eyeshadow and liner in combination with burgundy lips or you’ll risk looking overdone.

Tip #1:

You can get away with color. There are some sultry looks lighter haired girls can’t pull off as well as you without toning them down a notch. The traditional, sexy smoky look is much better left to the raven-haired girls, especially when they have dark skin, too. Mixing blacks and grays with nearly excessive amounts of eyeliner and a hint of silver shimmer for a night out looks stunning with the right frame around it and can look even scary with a light hair color attempting to embrace it.

Tip #2:

You can get away with bare-faced beauty. You don’t have to use the color recommended above. Flesh tones look just as gorgeous on brunette girls (and are more appropriate for daytime wear unless you work on the set of a soap opera) as the darker, nighttime counterparts. Brunettes with fair skin can choose a light brown with a hint of peach or pink to warm it up, golden shimmer optional, to brighten their faces up without looking like they’re wearing any makeup. A thin line of brown eyeliner on the top lid and a single coat of mascara makes your eyes pop without screaming, “Look at my makeup!” Add a bit of coral-pink blush and some clear lipgloss and you’re done.

Tip #3:

Wear color on your lips to avoid looking washed out. A nice medium pink or coral will add color to your cheeks and brighten your eyes. You’ll look more awake, whether your skin’s alabaster or ebony. You can skip every other type of makeup in a crunch, but slick on a lip color.

Tip #4:

Wear icy bronzes, golds, pinks, or any other light color to plump up the appearance of your lips and add contrast with your hair. Not to mention this one’ll bring out your eyes. This one gives you the opportunity to look like the portrait of wide-eyed innocence if you play your eyes up right. Put a little navy shadow on your lids, line just the tops, and go heavy on the mascara. There’s not a guy who could resist your gaze.

Tip #5:

Bronzer is your friend. At least some point in every girl’s life, she wishes she had a tan if she doesn’t. A lot of brown haired girls feel they don’t quite look right if they don’t have dark skin to match (I’m not agreeing with that notion, just offering tips). Some of us are so fair skinned we couldn’t get a tan if we were left on a deserted island for 3 years or, on a more realistic scale, hopped in the tanning bed every day for six months. Bronzers and sunless tanners are healthier alternatives to tans for those who can achieve them from the sun and the only option for those who can’t tan. So if you need a tan to feel good about yourself, turn to sunless tanners and bronzers for an instant boost. And they do look very good with dark hair.

Tip #6:

If you’re pale, love it. Renee Zelwegger and Reese Witherspoon recently went brunette with their pale skin. Did they hop in the tanning beds or go for heavy airbrush tanning? Nope! And you know what? They still look hot.

Tip #7:

Red lipstick during the day is a faux pas. Even though this is a tip for everyone and not just brunettes, I decided to throw it in. Bright red lips during the day are usually a bit too shocking on everyone else’s eyes. Tone it down a little. Just because you have dark hair and red lips look outstanding with it, you don’t have to wear it all the time. If you love red too much to let it go, opt for a gloss version. It’s sheerer and juicy, not scandalous.

Tip #8:

Sport the ruby lips if you wish! Don’t wear bold reds during the day but matte wine lipsticks can look fine for daytime wear if you keep your eye makeup muted and your hair’s on the darker end of the brunette spectrum.

Tip #9:

Wear brown shadow: Brown shadow looks good with all hair colors and eye colors. It works especially well with brunettes because it ties their face and hair into one complete picture. Added bonus: it makes blue eyes really stand out (try bronze for blue eyes!).

Tip #10:

Skip the brown and be different! Of all the hair colors out there, brown haired girls can get away with the most palettes. If your eyes are brown, you can wear any color of eyeshadow available. With more flamboyant colors, you stand out in a crowd. You may even get labeled as the fashion queen at your workplace. And that’s never an insult.

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Weddings Today

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The wedding industry is thriving, people are going for much bigger, more glamorous and extremely expensive wedding these days. A few years ago the average wedding would cost between ,000 and ,000, nowadays with everybody having to have a Professional Wedding Planner, a big themed wedding, over the top decorated receptions, Las Vegas type entertainment, the average wedding now costs between ,000 and 0,000.

Amazingly enough 0,000 isn’t unusual, it must be my age (50), but I think too much emphasis is put on the wedding and not the marriage, it’s all about who has the biggest dress, the most bridesmaids, the best hair and makeup artists. Anyway what do I know? The wedding industry is making a killing, at my wedding I thought it was pretty amazing that I had printed wedding cake bags, I remember everyone commenting on them like it was some amazing invention.

My daughter’s wedding was a totally glamorous, unashamedly extravagant affair. She spent an absolute fortune on a beautiful hand beaded white princess style wedding dress, of course the shoes were a work of art in themselves, silver stilettos with sparkling crystals. The tiara and jewellery were matching with tiny crystals that matched her dress. The groomsmen all had personalised socks and cufflinks, the bridesmaids all had matching jewellery, little satin dilly bags, and crystal tiaras.

The reception was held at a beautiful country manor house and was decorated like a fairy grotto, water fountains, flowers, candles, not only that but a personalised gift for each and every guest, each beautifully wrapped, bottles of wine on the table with personalised labels, the wedding parties guests each had their own hand engraved crystal glass to take home as a beautiful memory of the day.

 I actually felt cheated that my husband and I had got married at the local theme park and had a budget of ,000, for everything, and of course I still got change from the ,000. My dress was half price on sale, my shoes were a size too small but they were a bargain, I made the 3 tier wedding cake and we borrowed my husband’s bosses car as a wedding car, our wedding night and honeymoon for that matter was spend in our own house, which we bought two weeks before we got married.

Oh how things have changed. The only worry is that we now have two more daughters and a son to marry off, there is a lot to be said for eloping. http://onlineweddingbusiness.weebly.com

Debbie Fraser, I am a mother of 4 living on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Queensland, Australia. http://onlineweddingbusiness.weebly.com

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Quinceañera, Sweet Sixteen, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, Débutante Ball Ceremonies and Celebrations in Las Vegas just like any other cities have three phases as rites of passage stages: Separation, Transition, and re-Incorporation.
In the first phase, Young people withdraw from their current status and prepare to move from one place or status to another and I don’t mean with a limo or party bus I mean spiritually. There is often a detachment or cutting away from the former self in this phase, which is signified in symbolic actions and rituals. For example, the cutting of the hair for a person who has just joined the army. He or she is ‘cutting away’ the former self – the civilian.
The second phase, transition phase is the period between states, during which one has left one place or state but hasn’t yet entered or joined the next; the person adjust to the new status.
In the third phase, having completed the rite and assumed their new identity, one re-enters society with one’s new status. Re-Incorporation is characterized by elaborate rituals and ceremonies, like Quinceañera, Sweet Sixteen, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, Debutant Balls and college graduation to name a few.

Planning begins up to a year in advance, and requires the resources of several members of the family and friends. The family priest will perform a Quinceañera ceremony in church. The girl’s baptismal godparents will oversee the spiritual celebration and limousine arrangements. Girlfriends and relatives will attend to see the recognition she will receive as she makes the transition from girl to young lady in everyone’s eyes, and are taken by a limo party bus to the church.

Rites of passage are diverse, and are often not recognized as such in the culture in which they occur. Many societal rituals may look like rites of passage but miss some of the important structural and functional components of the coming of age passage.

Quinceañera is special event in Latin cultures are comparable in scope and grandeur to Las Vegas weddings, and the party ambiance that follows the limousine ride somewhat more subdued religious atmosphere. There is a significant dress, just as with a wedding, and can be just as expensive and unique as a Las Vegas wedding gown. Flowers and decorations are selected for the limousine to match the color scheme of the festivities, a reception is held at which guests will be served a meal and there will be dancing for all in attendance. Las Vegas limo Party Buses are standing by to take guests where they need to go.
One of the most popular Quinceañera traditions is the father-daughter dance. As the quince girl dances with her father he passes her on to her Chambelan de honor. This meaning the father is letting go of his daughter because she is now a woman of age. Additionally, the Quinceañera will wear flat-heeled shoes and will be presented with a pair of high-heeled shoes to signify a girl becoming a woman wears a tiara and make a presentation of a gift (porcelain doll) to her younger family, symbolizing the last of her toys, another representation of moving forward to adulthood.

Sweet Sixteen in the United States and Canada is like a wedding and can be extremely formal, casual, or semi-formal. Sweet Sixteen’s can range from a simple house party or dinner party at a restaurant to large group affairs in party limo buses with a hired DJ, makeup and hair stylists, and renting out extravagant SUV limousines and even yachts and hotel ballrooms. In Las Vegas the limousine dropped the party goers to the casino resort hotels and the celebration goes on in the hotel room suites.
In Las Vegas, the escort for the girl is the person she dances with and it can be her cousin, family friend, or boyfriend. They dance a special dance, and often her female friends or family members around her age and male friends or family members around her age dance around them in couples. They usually have two dances: a traditional waltz and another choreographed dance. After church they climb back in the limo to follow their itinerary to continue the party celebration.
The 16 candles hold a special meaning in the candle-lighting ceremony: the first candle is for the girl’s parents, the second candle is for the siblings, candles 3, 4, 5 and 6 are for the rest of the family members, candles 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 are for friends, candle 15 is for the girl’s best friend or friends, the 16th candle is for a significant male, such as a boyfriend or good friend, some add a 17th candle which represents good luck.
Traditional father-daughter dance is also frequently performed at Las Vegas weddings. The girl and her father dance to a slow song while everyone sits and watches. Similar to the shoe ceremony, except the father/grandfather approaches with a tiara instead of shoes. He places it on the birthday girl’s head to symbolize her becoming a woman. Sometimes this is combined with the shoe ceremony, so that two people approach the birthday girl, one with a pillow with high heels, and the other with a pillow with a tiara.

Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah in Jewish culture according to Jewish law, when Jewish children reach 13 years old for boys and 12 years old for girls they become responsible for their actions, and become a Bar or BatMitzvah, In many conservative and reform synagogues, girls celebrate becoming a Bat Mitzvah at age 13, along with boys. This also coincides with physical puberty. Prior to this, the child’s parents hold the responsibility for the child’s adherence to Jewish law and tradition and, after this age, children bear their own responsibility for Jewish ritual law, tradition, and ethics and are privileged to participate in all areas of Las Vegas Jewish community life.
In Orthodox Jewish observance, the occasion of becoming a Bar Mitzvah involves the young man being called to read the Torah, a Haphtarah portion, or both at a Shabbat or other service (Monday morning  ,Thursday morning, or a festival) when the Torah is read, and may also involve giving a d’var Torah, a discussion of that week’s Torah portion. Rabbinic literature does not discuss the origin of the practice of reading publicly from the Prophets in a formal cycle. We might look to the liturgical setting of the Haphtarah, then, for some clue about its intended function. In non-Orthodox congregations a Bat Mitzvah may include a similar service for a woman. Precisely what the Bar/Bat Mitzvah may do during the service varies in Judaism’s different denominations and can also depend on the specific practices of various congregations.
Las Vegas Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrations commonly become an occasion to give the celebrant a commemorative gift. Traditionally, common gifts included books with religious or educational value, religious items, writing implements, savings bonds, gift certificates for limousine accommodations or money for the party bus ride.
Regardless of the nature of the celebration, males become entirely culpable and responsible for following Jewish law once they reach the age of 13, and females once they reach the age of 12. Las Vegas charter limousines are use for transportation to all points and places in Clark County.

Debutante ball from the French débutante is a young lady from an aristocratic or upper class family, who has reached the age of maturity, and as a new adult, is introduced to society at a formal début presentation. Originally, it meant the young woman was eligible to marry, and part of the purpose was to display her to eligible bachelors and their families with a view to marriage within a select upper class circle. Debutantes may be recommended by a distinguished committee or sponsored by an established member of elite society. In the Southern United States, debutantes are also referred to as Southern belles. The male equivalent of a débutante is a beau.
Début presentations vary by regional culture and are also frequently referenced as coming-out parties débutante balls, cotillion balls. Débutante might have her own début, or she might share it with a sister or other close family relative. Modern débutante balls are often become Las Vegas charity events with complimentary limousine and party buses provided by the parents of the débutante and donating a certain amount of money to the designated cause, and the invited guests pay for their tickets. These balls may be elaborate formal affairs and involve not only debs but junior debutantes, Sin City escorts and ushers, flower girls similar to Las Vegas wedding ceremony participants as well.

Russ in Norway culture is a participant in the traditional Norwegian videregående skole (high school or the British equivalent to sixth form) graduation ceremony known asrussefeiring (Russ celebration). Russ are easily recognized by their distinctive overalls and caps (russeluer) resembling student caps. Tradition dictates that they wear the overall and the cap from the 1st to the 17th of May without interruption. Russ commonly drive cars or hire car services and limousines or party buses painted in the same color as their overalls and caps, often sporting large limo coaches with sound systems and lighting rigs. Danish word rus is the abbreviation of Latin rusticus (rural) and is very similar to Danish graduation ceremony and Swedish graduation party.

Dokimasia, in Greek culture (δοκιμασία) was the name used in ancient Greece at Athens to denote the process of ascertaining the capacity of the citizens for the exercise of public rights and duties to be admitted among the epheboi, he was examined in an assembly of his district to find out whether he was descended on both sides from Athenian citizens, and whether he possessed the physical capacity for military service. All officials, even the Council of 500 had to submit to an examination before entering upon their office. The purpose of this was to ascertain, not their actual capacity for the post, which was presupposed in all candidates, but their descent from Athenian citizens, their life and character and even the amount of their wealth.
The examination was carried on in public by the archons in the presence of the Boule, and anyone present had the right to raise objections. If such objections were held to be valid, the candidate was rejected; but he had the right to appeal the decision to a court, which would take cognizance of the matter in judicial form. On the other hand, if he were accepted, anyone who thought his claims insufficient had the right of instituting judicial proceedings against him. If the decision was adverse, he would lose his office and be further liable to punishment depending on the offence, which could be, for instance, that of unlawfully assuming the rights of a citizen.
A speaker in a public assembly might thus be brought before a court by any citizen, for only one possessing the full right of citizenship could legally address the people. The question might thus be raised whether the orator were not actually atimos, or guilty of an offence which involved atimia.

Genpuku in Japan culture, among the samurai, Genpuku (元服)or Genbuku was a historical Japanese coming-of-age ceremony to mark the entry to adult life of boys between the ages of 11 and 17 (typically of about age 12), they were taken to the shrines of their patron, kami. There they were presented with their first adult clothes and, and their boys’ hairstyles were changed to the adult style. They were also given new adult names, and oh yes, their first official limo ride (リムジンに乗る) or limousine party (リムジンパーティー).
In Heian times, the ceremony was restricted to the sons of noble and samurai families. During the Muromachi era, it gradually spread to include men of lower ranks. For girls aged between 12 and 14 the equivalent ceremony for women was called mogi (裳着), and was similarly based around the presentation of adult clothing.
In modern Japan, these ancient ceremonies have been replaced by annual coming-of-age ceremonies for 20-year-olds of both sexes called seijin shiki, or by a ceremony held in school for students who have turned 15 years of age called a risshi-shiki (立志式) meaning literally “standing hope ceremony (希望式に立って) in which children stand in front of the school and declare their goals for the future before they jump in the limos and continue the celebration.

The Guan Li in China (冠礼or 冠禮) is the Chinese coming of age ceremony. The name Guan Li refers to the ceremony for men, while the Ji Li (笄礼 or 笄禮) refers to the one for women.
The age of the person is usually 20 and during the ceremony, the person obtains a style name. These ceremonies are now rarely practiced in China, but there has been a recent resurgence, especially from those who are sympathetic to the Hanfu movement. Hanfu movement (汉服运动 or 漢服運動). Hanfu subculture is a movement created in China to reintroduce into modern life the traditional Han Chinese clothing styles that were banned by the Manchu Qing Dynasty. They also employ a Chinese limousine service (中国轿车服务) to celebrate; we are also looking into the party bus situation and will let you know.

The Dvija in India, coming of age generally signifies that a boy or girl is mature enough to understand his responsibility towards family and society. Hinduism also has the sacred thread ceremony for Dvija (twice-born) boys that mark their coming of age to do religious ceremonies. Women often celebrate their coming to age by having a ceremony. This ceremony includes dressing them with sari, and announcing their maturity to the community.
Tamilians perform an occasion called Manjal Neerattu Vizha, to celebrate their daughter attaining adulthood. They invite their relatives and neighbors for the proceedings and formally announce it. The purpose of the ceremony is to provide awareness to the daughter about the changes that will proceed, and also to make them clear about Do’s and Don’ts, they should follow. The girls will be made to wear the traditional dress saree, and they are showered with turmeric water, during the occasion.

The Poy Sang Long in Thailand known as Festival of the Crystal Sons is a rite of passage ceremony among the Shan peoples and Burma undergone by boys between seven and fourteen years of age, consists of taking novice monastic vows and participating in monastery life for a period of time that can vary from a week to many months or more. Usually, a large group of boys are ordained as novice monks at the same time.
The ceremony goes on for three days, as the boys dressed up like princes in imitation of the Lord Buddha, who was himself a prince before setting out on the religious path spend the entire time being carried around on the shoulders of their older male relatives. On the third day, they are ordained, and enter the monastery for a period of at least one week, and perhaps many years. Limousine service  (บริการรถลีมูซีน) in Thailand is very affordable, with daily rates starting from .

Just like weddings, all these celebrations commonly become an occasion to give the celebrant a commemorative gift including books with religious or educational value, religious items, writing implements, gift certificates, or money. Recently in modern days, girls sometimes may have a less traditional Quinceañera. They may not have damas and chambelanes, and only have their baptismal vows renewed at a special mass dedicated to the girl. The party afterward is taken with a Las Vegas limo party bus often just a dance with all of her friends, and not necessarily the dance with her father. Also, gifts tend to be less traditional; often girls receive cash, or gift cards of some sort or even clothes in more ways than one is very similar to a Las Vegas Wedding Party.

In all the worlds cultures these Rite of passage and coming age parties, ceremonies and celebrations have one thing in common no matter what culture: they all use traditional limousines since the beginning of time…In most recent years has become the norm, due to the large groups and the demand for larger and bigger limousines, the livery industry approved the 14 passenger limo SUV like the Cadillac Escalade ESV, Hummer, Navigator or the Chevy Suburban. 16 passenger and up is it becomes a limo Party Bus and it can accommodate more than 20 passengers and up to 30 passengers.

Las Vegas VIP Entertainment

Vegas Vip Services


1. I provide leadership to position Las Vegas VIP Services at the forefront of the Las Vegas NightLife and DayLife VIP service industry. I’m developing a strategic internet marketing plan to advance Las Vegas VIP mission and objectives and to promote revenue, profitability, and growth as an organization.
2. Hold responsibility to align the company, internally and externally, with their strategic vision. My core duty is to facilitate business outside of the company while guiding employees and other executive officers towards a central objective.
3. I oversee company operations to insure production efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources. Plan, develop, and implement strategies for generating resources and/or revenues for Las Vegas VIP. Identify acquisition and merger opportunities and direct implementation of marketing activities.
4. Approve company operational procedures, policies, and standards. Review activity reports and financial statements to determine progress and status in attaining objectives and revise objectives and plans in accordance with current market conditions.
5. Evaluate performance of executives for compliance with established policies and objectives of the company and contributions in attaining objectives.
6. Promote the company through written articles and personal appearances at conferences, conventions, meet and greet industry parties and/or on radio and TV.
7. I’m going to represent the company at legislative sessions, committee meetings, and at formal functions. I’m promoting Las Vegas VIP services to local, regional, national, and international constituencies.
8. I’m building an internet marketing network using personal and professional contacts, direct mail, special events, search engine marketing, search marketing optimization, social media optimization and hospitality industry foundation support. I’ll present company report at Annual Stockholder and Board of Director meetings.
9. Direct company planning and policy-making committees. Oversee marketing operations to include evaluating operating and financial performance. Balance internal and external initiatives to build a sustainable company
10. I’m responsible for other duties as assigned. Ability to motivate teams and simultaneously manage several projects. Ability to communicate and interact with officials at all levels of government and to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.
11. I have the skills and experience in strategic planning and execution, knowledge of contracting, negotiating, and change management. I’m skilled in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures. I have experience in formulating policy, and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures. 
12. I have the ability to develop financial plans and manage resources, analyze and interpret financial data. This is normally acquired through a combination of the completion of a Masters Degree in Business Administration, Finance or Accounting and ten years of experience in a leadership role for a large division or company. 
13. I have knowledge of public relations principles and practices, communication and public relation techniques. Ability to develop and deliver presentations. Ability to identify and secure funding/revenue sources for my company.

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Wedding Hair & Makeup Stylist, Australia

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Wedding Hair & Makeup Stylist, Australia

Hair & Makeup from your beauty stylist will complete your wedding look, and make you feel ready for your big day…and all those photographs!

Hair & Makeup Stylists

Do your research before selecting your hair & makeup stylist.  Some businesses specialise in either hair or makeup, and some can offer a combined service for a complete package.

Australian Caterers offers a great selection Australia Wide, for both Hairstylists and Makeup Artists.

It is important to know the style and look you are wanting to achieve for the day.  The weather will also play a big role as makeup and hair products, from the middle of summer to colder climates.

On your wedding day, your stylist will arrive early to setup, and work on either yourself or a selection of the bridal party and mother.  Depending on the number of people, a package deal may be a cheaper and more suitable option for you.

Hairdressers can be very capable, and generally require your hair to be washed the night before.  Ask your stylist of any requirements they may have.  If you have really long hair, and wish it to be in an upstyle, allow additional time in the morning, and possibly time after the reception for any touch ups before the reception.

Having your closest family and friends around getting ready, possibly with a champagne breakfast is a wonderfully relaxing and great way to start your wedding morning.

Enjoy your pampering and remember to smile, as you look beautiful.

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Look Like A Las Vegas Movie Star

April 4, 2011 by  
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Have you ever looked at a movie star and wished that you could achieve that Hollywood-esque glamour or seen the showgirls and wished that you could achieve that Las Vegas style? The great truth is that you don’t need all of those resources to look that great. Here are six simple tips that will put you on the road to movie star appeal.

1. Proper Nutrition

While it may seem counterintuitive to some, beauty starts from within. That is certainly the case with our first tip. A women has to eat right in order to look her best. This has nothing to do with starving yourself so that you can fit into impossible sizes. This means taking care of oneself by carefully considering your diet. In other words, if you eat healthy, you’re going to achieve the fabulous potential of your skin naturally.

2. Exercise

You knew this was coming as soon as you saw proper nutrition. Let’s accentuate it again that this is not about killing oneself to attain unnatural sizes for your body. This is about healthy living. Start exercising right away even if you start small. At the very least, shoot for a half-hour of cardiovascular work every morning. Not only will you feel great, you’re going to look just as good. Being physically healthy leads one to that natural glow that we’ve all tried to achieve through cosmetic means.

3. Pamper Yourself

Pampering oneself may seem obvious. We all love to do it. However, real life has a tendency to get in the way. Therefore, it’simportant to schedule pampering sessions. Remember that stress manifests itself physically. Try to take a rejuvenating bath at least once a day to keep those signs of stress away. Then, make sure to schedule more extensive pampering sessions, such as a day at the spa.

4. Healthy Hair

You’ll only ever look as good as your hair does. Unfortunately, bad or unhealthy hair has been the bane of us all, at one time or another. The first step is to let the professionals take care of your hair and give you a Hollywood-style do. You may be saving money with DIY hairstyles and hair colors, but chances are you’re not reaching that spectacular potential. The professionals can tailor your hairdo to your face so that it accentuates your best features. In addition, they can instruct you on how to keep it healthy. Eggs and olive oil work as great moisturizers but there are dozens of botanicals that do a better job.

5. Keep It Light and Glowing

Makeup style, like fashion, comes and goes. Pay attention to what’s in. One thing is for certain, long gone are the days of the overly rouged cheeks and dramatic heavy-lidded eyes. The modern mantra is light and glowing. If you need to hide flaws, such as dark rings around the eyes, then use base concealers followed by mineral-based makeup like foundations and blushes. This is a great combo employed by professional makeup artists to hide undesirable spots and give women that flawless, vibrant look. Remember to apply the same treatment to your neck so that the look is uniform.

6. Dress for Success

A girl doesn’t have to spend millions of dollars to look like a movie star. She just needs some imagination and some shopping smarts. One great piece of advice is to achieve movie star style yet be unique by looking to yesteryear. That’s right, vintage is in so take advantage of it by studying the style of the old movie stars and then recreate it with some modern flare.

For more information on Las Vegas Movie Star Appeal, visit http://lasvegasbeauty.net.


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Be More gorgeous Bridal Hair and Makeup

April 4, 2011 by  
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For a bride, a wedding day is special in many aspects. As the bride is the primary center of attraction, her looks, charm and beauty mesmerizes every one. Since it’s a very precious day for a bride it needs to be perfect. When talking about the bridal hair and makeup, a face with heavy makeup never has a grace and lacks at light and freshness. Undoubtedly every bride loves to have a little makeup at least on her face but she needs to choose the right product for flawless beauty.

When you are preparing for adorning the bridal hair and makeup, at very first step consult a bridal makeup artist. Always remember that in case you love to have a shiny or oily face on your wedding day you may apply oil absorbing gel all over your face to get a prettier look. It is suggested to all the brides to put a primer on the face before putting foundation on the face.

For all the make-up hassles, an efficient and experienced bridal makeup artist could be consulted. These professionals are very much aware about the trends going in the makeup backdrops.

Sometimes a bride also uses little powder to set your make-up base. It assists in reducing the executive shine and provides a perfect base for the eye shadow. If a bride looks for a skin that charms she needs to take care of her face in very cautious way to make the face more and more radiant.

Bridal hair and makeup is also an important part of a bridal’s outlook that needs an extra care. A number of options are available from where you may choose in accordance with your style. It’s seems a tradition now if the bridal hair is falling around the shoulders on her wedding day. As a distinct bride you never want to show your back therefore right hairstyle is mandatory to make the look more fascinating and charming.

It must be ensured that on the wedding day, the hairs of the bride shouldn’t unmanaged or dry in any way. Make a proper hair diet with the shampoo and wash it properly for the best results. Taking advice from an expert bridal makeup artist may yield good fruits. On its big day a bride wants to look entirely different therefore it’s mandatory to have a good hair and facial makeup.

This article is written by a beauty professional. Nasima Ahmed is a fully trained and accredited professional mobile makeup artist, provider of Indian as well as Asian fashion Bridal Makeup Services

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Behind every great designer is a visionary, forecaster and artist. My job as a hair designer is to report and show beauty trends. I think that the new Era of beauty focuses on Beauty from the Inside Out. It is magnificent because people are no longer slaves to fashion and trends. They do whatever makes them feel happy. The message is so clear; today’s beauty has Heart and Character. That is why I give character to my brides and do not place them all into the same framework. For more info visit us at www.bellanella.com Friend us on Facebook: www.facebook.com

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Pros and Cons of Various Professions: Make-Up Artists in Focus

April 4, 2011 by  
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What can a student dream of? Is it successful social and professional life? If it is so, then, what a student should do to achieve professional success? The answer is easy: to choose a profession that he/she is interested in. However, among the variety of professions and occupation it can be tough and require a lot of efforts. Here are some pros and cons for a profession of a make-up artist.

Profession of a make-up artist

First of all, a student should know that profession of a make-up artist is highly demanded and is very popular. Make-up artists may work for some organization or take a freelance work. This profession is very similar to profession of an artist as it is very creative and interesting. However, there are a lot of cons and pros for this profession.

Advantages of being a make-up artist

Here are the positive points of this profession:

It is very easy to acquire this profession. It only takes one to two years to study to be able to work. Of course, one should never stop learning but the degree is given after two years of studying.
Profession of a make-up artist allows people to express their creativity and to put any crazy idea into practice.
This profession presupposes meeting new people, visiting new places and what is more exciting, working with celebrities.
A make-up artist may choose to work independently or in a team depending on what he/she likes more.
Make-up artists see the results of their work immediately. Moreover, it brings a lot of satisfaction to see happy clients’ faces.

Drawbacks of being a make-up artist

Despite this profession is very appealing, it has a number of disadvantages:

The competition among professionals is extremely high, so one should be really assertive and creative.
There is no working schedule, so a make-up artist may be asked to work even at night.
There may be problems with regular work.

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Bridal makeup- Look ravishing on your D day

April 4, 2011 by  
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Marriages hold a special place in everyone’s life. It is a dream of every woman to look at her stunning best on this special day. Brides-to-be want everything to be perfect enough to create a fairytale wedding. Prospective brides look forward to this day with much preparation and planning. Apart from perfect jewelry and outfit, bridal makeup plays an important role in making the bride look just perfect. These women pay attention to even the minutest of details including makeup that works wonders in enhancing the features of these brides. Whether you are looking for bridal makeup in London or bridal makeup in Kent, get in touch with a professional to make look like a princess on your D day. You will stand out of the crowd with the right makeup artist by your side.

Bridal make-up is an important aspect of the wedding and choosing the right makeup artist can ease you from the tension of looking great. A good wedding makeup artist is well acquainted with type of makeup that suits different skin type. Expertise and essential tools of this artist will provide you the look you have been wishing for this special day.

Look for wedding makeup artist who has passion for his work. More than skill, elements of innovation are a must in bridal makeup. Let your makeup artist work to bring out the best of your personality and outfit. Properly done wedding makeup will add to your delight. If you want to try something different, you can rely on your makeup artist for making you look beautiful. Smokey look, unusual colors and different makeup tricks are tried by an experienced artist. By getting in touch with an efficient bridal makeup artist, you can also take up makeup lessons. Learn different makeup tricks that can help you look gorgeous within few minutes.

If you are looking for good bridal makeup, look for someone who can work the best with your face. Regardless to say, makeup can enhance your features or degrade them. A good makeup artist can hide your facial flaws and give you the preferred look. Go for a reputed make up artist who can understand your face and work accordingly. You can try Asian bridal makeup that gives you an ethnic look. Asian bridal makeup blends beautifully with the lavish dresses and decorated venues. This type of makeup is a challenging one and requires someone who has an insight of makeup skills. Find a makeup artist who cans work with full dedication and commitment and to make you look at your stunning best.

You can look online and get in touch with an apt makeup artist who will be able to assist you in looking your absolute best. With the right makeup artist you will manage to turn a lot of heads around without straining your budget. Step to a new life confidently with appropriate makeup. By little research online, you can get in touch with the finest makeup artist. Make your wedding worth remembering with the help of a professional makeup artist.

Find more information relating to bridal makeup in Kent, and makeup lessons London here.

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