What brand of makeup do you use?

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What brand of makeup do you close to best and why?
Also what is the maximum price you would pay for makeup… Mac eye makeup & Anna Sui’s lipgloss Well it depends on what the product is. Some things I close to a cheaper version some I dont. I have Lancome foundation. It is 40.00…

What brand of makeup do you construe truly works the best?
People who have experience please answer. I like benefit but I haven’t really tried too much. Mark , by Avon meetmark.com economically it’s a little bit of each brand The best eyeshadow: loreal’s H.I.P. (it stays on and shows up economically, comes in…

What brand of makeup do you recomend??!?
i need a new brand of makeup since mine is not that great! what do you reccomend? it can be for anytime of makeup since i’ve have mine for a week already so i need new everything anyway! I wud similar to an answer ASAP cuz my weekly Friday…

What brand of makeup do you resembling best?
For my 21st birthday i’m getting all new makeup. I be thinking about getting Bare Escentuals, does anyone use this and do you like it? What should i seize??Please tell me what you use!! Jaffra is obedient product and believe it or not – Amway has great make-up…

What brand of makeup do you use?
for your mascara, eyeliner, foundation, and primer? any special recommendations for each? :P I’m so vacillating as to which is better – MAC or Sephora and why? I use any kind of makeup. I really similar to Urban Decay,& Bare Minerals. I love their colors,and the way their…

What brand of makeup have really virtuous makeup for sickly empire?
I have very light skin – and i would like to know any good makeup brands that have really pale powder? its really difficult for me because usually even the lightest shade of powder in a brand is still too foggy on me and makes…

What brand of makeup is best for super sensitive skin?
i have really dry and sensitive skin. i have tried loreal true blend foundation, and it made my skin red and bumpy, as capably as several toners. i have also tried physicians formula, but it also irritated my skin. i have also hear that bare minerals…

What brand of makeup is best for young-looking girls.?
I’m 16 and i live in australia. what brands on the market are suitable for my skin that wont clog my pores and has no oil. I’ve tried classic brands close to maybelline and revlon. Can you suggest some uncommon brands that are effective? i live…

What brand of makeup is best.?
im 15 and i asked a question concerning what age i should start wearing makeup. now i want to know what makeup works the best for slimy easily clogged skin like i hold. also what is a great bramd of makeup remover? i heard neutrogena had graet makeup and…

What brand of makeup is the best and the cheapest?
My makeup always seems to wear past its sell-by date, what brand is the longest lasting? Basically, whats the best quality out here? But I’m also a little cheap, what brand is not to expensive? Wet n’ Wild can’t be beat, it’s at most of…

What brand of makeup is the best characteristics to use?
i want to know what brand is best and goes well near brown hair and brown eyes. MAC http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=ArP0K5HMr0RbOkrBCACRq6bsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080801190629AAs7Uha There are lots of brands out in that. The best advice I can give you is to try and experiment. See what is locally available to…

What brand of makeup is the best part and cheap at the same time?
i know there r a bunch out there, but which one is better than the rest? which one is the cheapest? which is a combination contained by between? in confuse. lol! Thanks a bunch! Everyone will have a different answer. Some…

What brand of makeup is the enormously best to cover aged acne scar ?
I would recomend you go to your dermatologist, because the scars can still be treated and the skin give support to to heal. In the meantime, Chanel makes amazing foundations and concealers that look really pure. You can do better than…

What brand of makeup is the most accurate for concealer?
I want to find a great concealer that will cover up all sorts of spots and redness areas on my skin, short looking like I’m wearing too much makeup. I have found mac cosmetics to conceal spots and blush without the appearance of cakey type makeup….

What Brand of Makeup is well brought-up for WHAT?
Each Brand has their own best makeup for, Like MAC is best for their intense pigment Eyeshadows Smashbox for their face Primer Urban Decay for their potion eyeshadow primer Maybelline for their mascaras….? ( i know that they enjoy lots of options of mascara but ive tried…

What brand of makeup last the longest on skin? in principal foundation and eye shadow?
I use mainly cover girl maybeline and Physicians formula. Not impressesd. Looking for specific names of better be paid up and how to apply so it lasts all sunshine. MAC…. it feels crude and lasts a pretty long time. Hello,…

What brand of makeup stays on longest?
The make up I’ve always have tends to only end nicely a couple hours. I need a foundation that will end a long time! Which ones are good, how much and where to buy? gratitude I use Too Faced makeup and I love it, it lasts all sunshine…

What brand of makeup would you recommend for my nuptials light of day subsequent month?
the best makeup and what do you think about getting my makeup done by a MAC makeup artist? I think if you get it done by the MAC makeup artist move about and get it done beforehand. I am pretty…

What brand of mallets is best?
I’m going to college and a percussion major requires a list of a mallets that you enjoy to buy. I can’t decide where to buy my mallets from. I know Mike Balter is nice, but Pro-Mark is more expensive, so that made me imagine it might be a little better…Yet…

What brand of mane color is suitable for fine, curly mane?
It’s time to start dying the gray out of my hair. It is fine and curly, but I’ve never done it before. Should I enjoy a professional do it the first time, or should I try it at home? Are there any…

What brand of maple syrup is the best for the Lemonade Diet? If you’ve be on it please advocate!?
the lemonade diet doesnt work. i tried it, i almost passed out because my body couldn’t handle the stress. my friend tried it for 4 days .. lost a lot of shipment, and then gained it…

What brand of mascara do you use and why is it the best?
Bonus Question: What is your favorite affordable make-up line? (example: Loreal, Cover Girl, Maybelline etc.) Maybelline Pulse Perfection… Honestly for a drug store brand its pretty dam righteous, it does clump, it seperates your lashes nicely, dont try that one called…

What brand of mascara doesn’t clump and elongate your lashes?
I’ve tried colossal by mabelline and lash blast from cover girl and both still clump. Can anyone tell me what the best mascara is that doesn’t clump and elongates and accentuate your lashes? I think any maybeline mascara is perfect, I have almost all of…

What brand of mascara is devout?
im looking to spend up to 12 dollars. i have used most department store brands and Clinique. they are good for a week or two but afterwards go bad. do you know any flawless brands that will keep their performance for at smallest a few months. ps. i like long…


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Selecting Right Shades for Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes Essential to Highlight Color & Beauty – Information on Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes & Makeup

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Those gorgeous looking blue eyes need to be decked up with the right shades of eye makeup to make them even more gorgeous. A lot of women make this common mistake of sporting eye makeup that matches the outfit they are wearing or simply because it is their favorite color. These reasons may not be enough to choose eye makeup that does not go very well with your eye color. So, in order to achieve that stunning eye makeup for blue eyes, choose the appropriate shades of eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner or eye pencil. Now you must be wondering which are the appropriate shades for eye makeup for blue eyes, right? Here are a few eye makeup tips for blue eyes.

Eye Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

While choosing the eyeliner shades for eye makeup for blue eyes, you should opt for darker colors as they will help highlight your blue eyes well. You can choose shades like brown, dark green, charcoal gray, black, or dark blue. Applying a thin stroke would work better than a thick one in the case of blue eyes. For a more starker effect, line the inner rims of your eyelid with a liquid white sparkle eye pencil. If you want a more smudged look, opt for eye pencil shades of the same color as the eyeliner. Remember not to apply light colors as they can underplay your blue eyes considerably.

Choosing the correct eyeshadow shades is the most important aspect of any eye makeup. As far as eye makeup for blue eyes is considered, eyeshadow shades like deep blue, purple, mauve, lilac, taupe, violet and gray will work well. Pink or rose would also do quite well with blue eyes. If you are looking for a smoky effect, then mix black and blue eyeshadow shades for that ultimate dramatic look. Do not apply light blue eyeshadow or a shade that matches your eye color because then the effect of eye makeup for blue eyes will be totally lost. Purchasing eyeshadow palettes or duo eyeshadow is a good option to find the perfect shades.
The mascara should be kept as minimal as possible for eye makeup for blue eyes. Stick to the basic black or experiment with a dark blue mascara shade for your blue eyes. The mascara should have a rich color and should be smudge-proof and water-proof for long lasting results.

Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes
Makeup ideas for blue eyes would include application of a combination of different colors and some eye makeup techniques and makeup tips for eyes, for you to apply that perfect eye makeup for blue eyes.

One of the best makeup ideas for blue eyes is to ‘go brown’. Apply a dark shade of brown eyeshadow, brown eyeliner and black mascara. Apply any shade of brown lipstick, to compliment the brown eye makeup for blue eyes.
Brighten up your blue eyes by applying a little shimmered eyeshadow at the inner corners of the eye.
Applying smoky eye makeup for blue eyes would mean that you should keep the rest of your makeup neutral and light.
Using a dark brown eyeliner to line your lower eyelid rims would brighten and highlight your blue eye color.
Lavender eyeshadow and silver eyeliner is a very good combination for eye makeup for blue eyes. Bronze, too is an apt color as eyeshadow and eyeliner for blue eye makeup.

Use these ideas and tips for eye makeup for blue eyes to achieve that stunning look for any occasion and get ready to welcome a storm of compliments for your gorgeous makeup.

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How To Apply Dark Eye Makeup

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The eyes are the most prominent feature in a person’s face, defining the entire look of a person. A lot can be deduced from a person’s eyes. This is the main reason as to why most women love to deck up and enhance the appearance of their eyes, which rightly justifies the increasing demand for eye makeup these days. While some love to play with light shades that pass on a neutral hue to the eyes, it is the sophisticated and mysterious dark look that charms most females. Dark colors not only make your eyes stand out, but also gets that unrivalled attention. Though not difficult to apply, dark eye makeup can easily go wrong with the slightest carelessness. With simple dark eye makeup tips and techniques given here, you can certainly flaunt your sensuous eyes with pride and become the center of attraction at any gathering.
Tips & Technique To Apply Dark Eye Makeup

Technique 1
The first step would be to apply a primer to your eyelids so that the makeup will not crease or fade away after applying.
Next, apply a dark color with a creamy texture on your eyelids. This will form as a base for the eye shadow, giving it a firm base to stick to.
Blend the color throughout your eyelids either with a stiff synthetic brush or your fingers.
Now, pat some dark eye shadow on a stiff eye shadow brush. Work the shade on your eyelids slowly to prevent fallout and excess application. In case you have dark brown eyes, the best would be to go for shades like black or deep tones of grey or navy blue.
Using a fluffy blending brush, blend the edges of the eyelids towards the direction of the temple and crease.
The area under the brow can either be left free or colored with a light tone to enhance the darkness of the eyes. Apply a concealer to the area under the brows and blend downwards into the dark eye shadow.
Now, apply a highlight flesh tone under the eyebrows ending into the crease.
Blend the tone with the fluffy blending brush used to apply the eye shadow. Merge the tone with the leftover color in the brush, avoiding using any more of it, to bring out a smooth gradient.
Apply eyeliner to your eyes and add two coats of mascara to your lashes.
Technique 2
Prime your eyes with a good eyelid primer.
Apply a light eye shadow under our eyebrows and blend it downwards towards the crease.
Apply lots of dark blue or grey shade to the center eyelid. Now, blend it with the already applied lighter shade.
Using a crease brush, apply a black eye shadow to the crease and blend it well with the other two shades.
Smudge the black eye shadow along the lower eyelash line.
Line your eyes with black eyeliner and apply two coats of mascara to your lashes to intensify the look.
While applying dark shadows, be careful since they are likely to get messy and fall on other face parts such as the cheekbones.
Work slowly to intensify the color and your eyes.

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Smokey Eye Makeup Tips for Women

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Smokey eye has been a trend of makeup for quite some time, but it is still in fashion. Like some of the other famous makeup trends in the fashion industry which become ageless like for instance cat eyes. When you see an advertisement today, one of the first things you will notice is that most of the models photographed are sporting Smokey eye makeup. Smokey eye makeup is a trend that comes and goes with other fashion trends. It is used primarily for night time use. When you are looking for the right tips on how to apply Smokey eye makeup you need to first make sure that the eye shadow that you apply should not melt and this is quite possible. Use a medium sized eye shadow brush to apply white/flesh toned eye shadow from the bottom of your eyelid up to your eyebrow. Once you have chosen your feature eye shadow color you need to choose your supporting eye shadow color. If you prefer to use single eye shadows. Apply the eyeliner just above the upper lash line and draw a thicker line to the bottom eyelash. You will have to experiment with holding your brush at just the right angle for the application you like best. The Smokey eye darkens the lid area and highlights the brow, drawing instant attention to your eyes.

Brush this dark eye shadow on your upper eyelid and into the crease. The next step is to apply a dark colored eye shadow on your upper lids. Follow the crease, or you can go up a little higher to make your eyes look bigger. If you look on the cover of any fashion magazine, many of the models that you’ll find will have Smokey eye makeup. A light touch of shimmer over the center of the eyelid and on the brow bone would suffice for day. Apply eyeliner on both top and bottom eyelids. Apply into the eyelashes as much as you can. This step by step cat eye guide shows you exactly how to master this eye makeup application technique with ease and reproducibility. Smoky eye makeup is essentially a makeup application that darkens the lids and highlights the brow bone. To complete your new look you need to apply some black eyeliner. You can also create a Smokey effect with dark green colors, as long as they are very subtle.

The next step is to curl your eyelashes, and apply several coats of Maybelline Volume’ Express Lift-Up Volume & Lift Mascara. Create points of light with an illuminator in the area just below the eyebrows, the upper regions of the cheekbone, the space between the eyebrows, and on the chin. If your eyes are green then go for blues again the darkest shades of blues you like. If your eyes are brown then you are just plain lucky with your choices of colors. To achieve the Smokey eyes you desire, you can use any eye makeup color however a full effect on your Smokey eyes can be best enjoyed if grey, black, mauves, brown are used rather than the bright colors.

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How To Apply Scene Eye Makeup

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Choppy short hair or long spikes with bandana, fake moles, pierced body and heavy makeup are the few identity traits of a scene girl. Add to this bright, heavy makeup and you would have a perfect look which goes in sync with the wild and outstanding personality of a scene girl. Scene makeup plays up on the eyes. The mantra of a perfect scene makeup is dark and catchy eye makeup with slight touch of foundation and lip gloss. Heavy black eyeliner, big lashes and bright eye shadows play a vital role in providing a scene look. However, what counts most is the application. It is very important to wear the eye makeup properly, as a bad application can give you a “sad clown in rain” look. The lines to follow provide you with few scene eye makeup tips that will help you get cryptically sexy look.
Scene Eye Makeup Tips
The first step would be to gather all the makeup stuff that would be required to get that scene look. Black is an authorized scene makeup color. Therefore, look in for good quality black eyeliner, which you can work on with, without many complications. Though liquid eyeliner is considered to be ideal for the purpose, rich pigmented stick eyeliner can also prove out to be perfect for the job. If you are looking for a bolder and a funkier look opt for bright colors like violet, blue, gray or even a color as unique as bright neon to get that extra spark.
Once you have picked the eye liner, it is time to turn for some fetid and burnished eye shadows. Eye shadows in their liquid or creamy form will give out the best result. However, some high quality powdered shadows can also deliver the same clout with no or little mess. Choose colors like bright pink, bright green with gold undertones, a smoky pewter, red, fuchsia, lavender or any other bright color that aptly compliments your choice of eyeliner.
Purchase good quality mascara in black or in any other bright color that suits your skin and fake eyelashes to add on instant drama and glamour to your scene makeup. Go for ones that give a voluminous effect, rather than those that just add to the color.
Once you have gathered all the stuff, start off by using an eye primer. Eye primer provides a base for the heavy makeup to follow. Choose a shade that matches your skin color.
Once you are done with primer, start in with the eyeliner, applying it on the upper lid from the inner corner out to the outer corner of your eyelid. You can even wing the line into a little tail for some extra dramatic touch to it. Go ahead and line your lower lid in the same manner with a different color, maybe one that is similar to your eye shadow.
Pick up your eye shadow and apply it carefully over the upper eyelid from the lash line to the eyebrow bone, with the help of an angled brush. Make sure that you use a bright and smooth color and apply it evenly over both the eyelids. You can even apply the shadow on the lower eyelid. If you want to get a retro look, play with different color combos.
Now, it is time for your dark black mascara and artificial eyelashes to spread their charm. Add two coats of black mascara with fake eyelashes to get an elegant look. Lightly brush the entire area with some translucent powder to keep the makeup intact. Any other face makeup should be pale and low in key. A little powder or foundation and a lip gloss will be enough to complement and make your scene makeup shine.

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Eye Makeup ? Tips and Techniques of Eye Makeup

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Eye makeup is one of the last few steps involved in the makeup application routine. It is a step that completes the makeup preparation, for often a little foundation and eye makeup is all you would need to pull of a glamorous and exciting look. It is the eye makeup routine of the entire makeup application process that really brings out the beauty of the makeup, also could make the difference between a natural look, an exotic look, or a demure but sexy look. Eye makeup comprises of all the makeup and makeup accessories that you would use to decorate or highlight your eyes.

Eye Makeup Tips

Before you learn how to apply makeup, you need to know what kind of makeup you’re applying. There’s makeup for the face, eyes, eyebrows and lips. You certainly don’t have to use makeup on all of your facial features, but you can. If you decide to use facial makeup, or concealer, make sure to get a concealer shade that matches your face. If you’re concealer is too dark or too pale, it will stand out. If you have nice skin, you can bypass concealer or, you can apply it to areas that contain blemishes.

Formal eye makeup tips will allow you to look glamorous no matter if you are heading out for the biggest night of your life or if you are just hanging out with friends. To look glamorous, you need to know just how to apply makeup correctly, to achieve the desired, finished look. Learning how to put on eye makeup does not have to be a difficult process either. Here are several key steps to make your wedding or prom pictures truly amazing.

Use your fingers for working the foundation on one area of your face. It is better if you are moving your fingers in circular motion, and after you have finished this finger-walk, you can use sponge for the final working of the foundation.

Techniques of Eye Makeup

It doesn’t matter the size or shape your eyes, with the proper makeup techniques you can change the shape of your eyes. You can make your eyes appear bigger, wider and even more dramatic with these simple easy tips.Do you have small eyes? Use pale color up to the crease, contour crease with a dark, smoky color, smudging often.

Apply your foundation first over your entire face before you start on your eye makeup. You need a good canvas to work with.

Choose an eyelid sparkler in soft, metallic cream and dab a smidgen of it on your lids. Then sweep a pressed powder eye shadow in metallic copper also on your lids to add a dark, sexy glaze. Use a clear mascara to lengthen your lashes. You want to keep the attention to your eyes, so a touch of champagne gold lipstick will be enough to complete the look.

Apply an eye shadow primer from lash to brow to make your eye makeup last. You can skip this step if you prefer. Using a makeup brush or eye shadow sponge, apply the medium shade from lashes to the crease of your eyelid.


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Eye Makeup Techniques and Eye Makeup Tricks Exposed

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Like many of you looking to achieve beautiful eye makeup, I am constantly learning and researching tips for improving my eye makeup capabilities.  Over time I have reached the conclusion that eye makeup application is not that difficult once you learn some of the “special” eye makeup techniques and eye makeup tricks. Join me as we learn how to apply professional looking eye makeup step by step.

Step 1: “Choose Eye-Shadow Colors Carefully”

Select eye-shadow colors that contrast with or heighten the coloration of your eyes instead of matching it precisely. Violet eye shadow, for instance, exposes the green in hazel  eyes; topaz causes brown eyes to look deeper. Mauve, coral and gray are complimentary to  blue eyes.

Eye shadow ought to also enhance your skin tone and the color in your clothing.  Softened shades appear most effective in the daytime; use iridescent or brilliant colors at night, if at all.

Step 2: “Determine Your Eye Factors”

Hopefully you have noticed by now that not everyone has the same shaped eyes. This  fact is very important as it will determine the eye makeup technique for applying eye- shadow. So before you proceed any further, stop and examine your eye shape by  looking in a mirror or have someone else observe and tell you whether your eyes are:

classic egg-shaped (oval) or not small and recessed or striking close together (close set) or wide apart (wide set).

These three factors play a prominent part in the eye makeup application that follows,  so it is vital that you are as accurate as possible with your observation.  Perhaps have  several people help with this step for a better result.

Step 3: “Shading Tips”

If your eyes are the classic egg-shaped, apply a medium shade from the eye crease to the  eyelashes, a somewhat darker shade on the eye crease, and a light shadow along the  browbone. Blend in the colors upwards and out. If you eyes are less than perfect ovals, you are able to redefine their shape with shadow. Bear in mind that a light color will bring an eye  area forwards; a dark color will reduce it.

To make small or sunken eyes seem bigger, use a pale shade from the browbone to  the lashes. Broaden them even more by employing a small “V” of slightly darker  shade just on the far side of the outer eye corners. Large eyes will appear smaller if you use a dark  shade all over the full lid just about to the browbone.

To make close-set eyes appear farther separated, use a pale shade on the third of the eyelids  nearest the nose, a darker shade close to the temple. Reverse this to cause wide-set eyes to  appear closer together.

Step 4: “Shaping Techniques”

Utilize a liquid or pencil eyeliner to accent shape. Draw a thin line as near the  eyelashes as possible, as well on the outer third of the lower lid; smear it lightly for a  natural look.

Step 5: “Mascara Tricks”

For a “wide-awake” effect, use an eyelash curler prior to putting on mascara. Hold up the  curler near the base of the eyelashes and squeeze; count to three, then let go. Move the  curler further out towards the tips of the lashes and squeeze once again.

Put on mascara with your eyes open. Grasping the wand vertically, coat the tips of the  upper eyelashes, and then drag the wand horizontally across the lashes from base to tips. If  you wish, you can likewise brush mascara to the lower lashes. If any eyelashes bunch up,  divide them with the wand tip. Employ a cotton swab for cleanups.

Congratulations!  If you closely followed the basic eye makeup techniques and eye makeup tricks as directed above, you should now be looking at some beautiful eye makeup. If you did not get the results you wanted, please try again. Like most things in life, whether learning to ride a bicycle, learning to skate, etc., it all gets easier and better with practice. In no time at all you will be able to apply such perfect eye makeup that your friends will think you paid to have it done!

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Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes – Top Hints For Your Fairly Brown Eyes

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Brown eyes along with dark brown hair extensions , in comparison to the several other catching eye colors, have their personal drama, one particular that exudes a glow of the earth’s base coloration, and the warmth of its richness. Some women would only die to have brown eyes, even though some ladies who already have them are just not so satisfied with it, contemplating it is instead drab or bland. But that is a statement that does not hold correct to alone. Brown eyes are really expressive and exotic. And they can be the very best eyes to highlight, in terms of eye make-up for brown eyes, considering that quite a few great colours match them effectively. Some eye make-up hints are just what you will need.

If you have brown eyes, and you are questioning about shades that may boost or properly match it, do not shed yourself in a wrinkle of aggravation. Numerous of your favorite eyeshadow colours can actually match your very brown eyes. Basic hues these kinds of as earth hues in the browns, bronzes, golds, mochas, taupes and spices households will definitely improve your functions. But if you feel like sporting anything to perk up your eyes with a contrasting impact, you may possibly use light pink or peach or purple or indigo.

The colors you use will greatly rely on your personality, style, and of course, the event. Eyeliners, in any color of brown or black will also highlight your eyes, from subtle contour to heavier contour. Of course, mascaras and curlers will always finish the trick.

Subtle Daytime Make-up

If you usually go to the workplace and would like to perk up your eyes with basic day make up, and be usually on your ideal look, right here are some shades and combinations that you can use to enhance you quite brown eyes to the limit. As a base for your face, use a matte foundation that will just match and blend with your skin tone. And to get started with your eye makeup, use a neutral shade as a base. Then select a subtle shade to utilize in the place above your upper eyelids to your creaseline, to highlight your eyes and brighten it up. If in the rose household, opt for peach or light pink, or if in the brown family members, bronze or caramel. Then use a light brown eyeliner to contour your upper eyelids, and use mascara as soon as to your curled lashes. Doing this will brighten and open your eyes. Add a light peach flush to your cheeks, and some lip gloss or light lip shade, then you’re off to go.

Darker/Bolder/Smokey Shades for the Nighttime

For the duration of the nighttime, your fairly brown eyes ought to be excess sultry and dramatic. Consider Salma Hayek, and you’ll have an notion. For nighttime make-up, you might use a heavier basis that will nevertheless mix with your skin tone. For your dramatic eyes, start off with applying a shimmery neutral shade for a base to make the eyes shine. After which, pick a darker hue, like mocha or dark purple to highlight your creaseline. Mix it with the earlier neutral shade and line the whole of your eyes, upper and decrease lids, with black eyeliner. Utilize mascara twice or thrice to make your lashes prolonged and thick. Add a sultry examine tint, like apricot or peach. And use a minimally colored lip coloration because the drama should concentrate in your eyes.

If you actually like your eyes to be observed and be the object of envy for a lot of, boost it and highlight it as significantly as you can. Employing these eye make-up for brown eyes suggestions , you are definitely bound to love your face. So just smile, and allow your brown eyes say it all.

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Xotic Eyes Makeup ? For a Sparkling Performance!

April 4, 2011 by  
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Whether you’re a stripper or a dancer, just donning erotic clubwear is no longer going to do the trick. To become the show stealer, you’ve got to think different. And what better way to do it than with sexy exotic eyes makeup. To let your eyes dominate on stage you’ve got to try the absolutely alluring sexy exotic eyes makeup available at SummitFashions.

A girlie eye makeup is sure to give a sexy twist to your costume. And when it’s a girlie thing, it’s something to do with the color pink. Put on the Sexy Passion Pink Rhinestone Eye Glitter or the Sexy Punked Xotic Eyes makeup and reveal your graceful femininity.

Tired of being girlie-girlie? Then, let your wild side emerge with the Sexy Purrr Cheetah Print Exotic Eyes Makeup. Just put on this seductive temporary body art on your eyes and set the stage on fire.

Well, you’re wrong if you think that these temporary sexy exotic eyes makeup are just for dancers and strippers. Complete the look of your vampire costume with the Sexy Vampire Bloodlust Xotic Eyes Makeup and show the crowd what the latest trend is all about!

Getting a sexy eye makeover done with this xotic eyes temporary body art is of course not a mountain to climb. All you have to do to add some dazzle to your eyes is just follow three simple steps. Simply peel off the pink backing, stick it on to your eyes, and finally press it to give a completely new dimension to your eyes.

So all set with your costume to rock the stage? Then, don’t forget to don the sexy exotic eyes makeup to knock ‘em dead!

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Smokey Eye Makeup for Women

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The traditional Smokey eye makeup colors are, of course, black or grey. You are however not limited to these color. When applying makeup for Asians, do not forget that there are numerous options available to you. Select eye-shadow colors that contrast with or heighten the coloration of your eyes instead of matching it precisely. Violet eye shadow, whenever you put on your eye makeup, your aim should always be to make your eyes look brighter.


A huge mistake that many people make when it comes to formal make up is that they try to make each of their facial features a focal point. Applying eye makeup can be a frightening concept if you are not equipped with the correct knowledge and equipment. Once you know the basics, If naturally pretty types appeal to him, Goth makeup would turn him off. Natural looking makeup would be your best bet.


Secondly, another way of achieving a dramatic look is to master the cat eye technique. Today there are wide varieties of brands, which offer best quality make up products. Stila, Dior, Channel, NARS Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, Givens, Smash box, Appropriate makeup methods will help you get a dewy and perfect moist look. Or are you one that tends to over pluck them? Your eyebrows are a very important part of giving a good impression. Firstly, know that dramatic eyes can be achieved in MANY different ways. It doesn’t always necessarily mean wearing the darkest, deepest eye makeup colors.


For basic application, let’s discuss the professional look. From there, you can choose to add more makeup for an evening out. Although beauty engenders a sense of positive reflection in finding balance and harmony with nature, whereas the phrase “natural beauty”. Smoky eye makeup is essentially a makeup application that darkens the lids and highlights the brow bone. Eye makeup is the fun part of applying cosmetics. Some simple eye makeup tips. Use eye shadows that fit the character or to express mood.


Consider having many different dark makeup sets. That way you can match the colors to fit. What sort of makeup goes best with Spring/Summer’s bright silk dresses? Take a look at Versace’s creations. You may not be born with perfect eyes, but who is? If your eyes are squinty or too far apart, don’t despair. Start with a pearly light gold eye shadow on the upper portion of the over eyelid. Then some rose-colored eye shadow, the order of application should be eyeliner, then shadow and then mascara. Next, the medium toned shade should be lightly applied to the middle third of the eye lid.


For nearly all women with blue eyes, makeup application can be difficult. One thing that you need to think about when applying your eye shadow is that many times flecks of color will fall off and land on your face, Bridal makeup is all about looking good in the flesh, and in photographs. For the photographs, the application of makeup needs to be heavier than normal. They say the eyes are the windows to our soul. I guess some of our windows need a deep clean.

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