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It’s fun to be emo because you can focus on the music and fashion
and hanging out with people with similar interests. What emo means, if said about a person, usually is someone who wears slim fit jeans often in
bright or dark colors and also tight t-shirts, usually branded with emo music groups names. Also often used in emo fashion are black studded wristbands and other jewelry and accessories like that. Dark sunglasses, mainly thick are common too. Emo people usually emphasize their emotional, sensitive, shy and introvertive
qualities.It’s great to play emo dress up games online and try many clothes and styles for an emo character. It’s up to you to choose either dark or bright colors and decide which one is best. It’s great that the majority of online emo dress up games are free. If you like emo style or might just have some time for experimenting, you should definitely try out playing an emo dress up game.

emo makeover games

Also, hairstyle is a big factor in the emo style. It’s very popular to have long side-swept bangs covering one or both eyes. Usually emos have straightened or dyed black hair with highlights of bright colors such as blue, pink, red or bleached blond. Not that uncommon are also short, choppy layers of hair. Free emo dress up games are a great way to test different hairstyles and have fun with combining hairstyles with different clothes. Changing hair color from light to dark or bright is just a matter of a click of a button. Either you are a
boy or a girl, you can have fun with emo dress up since there are games for both genders.. If you are a girl, however, you might also find it fun to
play emo makeover games, as you can play with all the make up you can imagine.Emo dress up games online

emo makeover games

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Extreme Cosmetic Makeovers – Good or Bad Idea?

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Many of us have watched at least one episode of one of the latest reality TV shows about extreme cosmetic makeovers. Admit it; it’s mesmerizing to watch someone with significant physical flaws be transformed into a younger, more attractive version of themselves. Many people seem to undergo a personality makeover as well, gaining confidence and discovering a more gregarious and outgoing nature than before. Having indulged our curiosity or stoked our own thoughts of how we’d like to be made over, people seem to come away with either of two vastly different points of view…

“What a gift! It’s so exciting that this person has the opportunity to overcome appearance issues that have hampered their quality of life. Inspiring to see their dream of a new image come true. Good for them or maybe…wish it were me.” OR “What are these people thinking? How can they subject themselves to the pain and surgical risk over image concerns? Extreme makeover just feeds into our society’s increasingly impossible standards for personal appearance.”

These polar opposite positions raise serious questions. Is extreme makeover surgery too great a risk for too little reason? Or is it a medical achievement that offers people who suffer with physical problems a new lease on life? As you might expect, the answers to these questions are not simple.

Cosmetic procedures are growing at a staggering rate worldwide and in the U.S. Even though most cosmetic surgeries and non-surgical procedures are not covered by insurance, more and more people are taking advantage of the growing range of treatments for appearance flaws, especially related to aging. In 2007, over 11.7 million cosmetic procedures were done, a 446% increase over 1997!

The top cosmetic surgical procedures in 2008 were breast augmentation, nose reshaping, liposuction, eyelid surgery and tummy tuck whereas the top 5 non invasive procedures were botox, hyaluronic acid, chemical peel, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion.

Cosmetic procedures are one thing; extreme makeovers are really a special subset of the cosmetic surgery field. An extreme makeover is defined as undergoing more than one cosmetic surgical procedure at the same time. The popularity of extreme cosmetic makeover reality TV shows is another overwhelming indicator of Americans’ desire for a physical overhaul. Ten thousand applicants tried for a spot on Extreme Makeover’s second season.

However, the controversy over extreme makeovers was brought into focus over the tragic death of Donda West. Ms. West was 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighed 188 pounds and had a history of high blood pressure, high blood sugar and cardiac artery blockage. The procedures performed on Ms. West included liposuction, partial breast reduction, two breast implants, belt lipectomy (removal of fat around the waist and skin tightening), and abdominal muscle tightening.

Despite information suggesting that extreme makeovers will become increasingly more common, there are many controversial issues under discussion regarding extreme makeover surgery.

(1) Anesthesia Risk in Prolonged Surgeries. Anesthesia has a strong effect on the cardiovascular system. Prolonged anesthesia can create a greater risk of complications such as pulmonary thrombosis, where blood clots form in the veins and enter the lungs and the prolonged anesthesia usually means a longer recovery period. Although there have been few studies done on the effects of long periods of anesthesia, physicians generally agree that more than six hours of anesthesia should be avoided if possible. Extreme makeovers can last well over six hours, depending on the number of procedures being done.

However, plastic surgeons who perform extreme makeover surgery suggest that it is preferable for the patient to undergo one episode of anesthesia than three or more separate episodes and that the recovery period for one session of extended anesthesia is much shorter than the combined recovery periods from multiple surgeries performed at different times.

(2) Surgical Complications. Cosmetic surgery, like any surgery, includes some risk of complications. In particular, cosmetic surgery risks include asymmetries, dimpling, loss of sensation, tingling caused by nerve damage, fluid collection under the skin (seroma), infection leading to skin death. When multiple surgeries are performed at once, the risk of complications multiplies at the same time that the body’s immune system is assaulted by the invasive procedures.

However, overall plastic surgery risks are relatively small. The risk of serious complications is less than half of one percent. Mortality plastic surgery risks affect only one in 57,000 patients. Plastic surgery risks are the lowest when the procedure is performed in an appropriate environment (hospital or surgery medical office) by a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Other physicians suggest, however, that there is value in performing one procedure at a time, evaluating the results and making adjustments in subsequent procedures. Plus, multiple procedures multiplies the risks while reducing the body’s ability to fight.

(3) Quick Fix versus Better Choices. Some people worry that extreme makeover surgery, especially surgeries including liposuction and other procedures for fat removal and body tightening, provide an unrealistic quick fix that not only exposes people to unnecessary surgical risks but does not address the underlying issues of need for weight control and exercise.

Others argue that most physicians recommend appropriate lifestyle changes to support these types of surgeries and that some people need to begin with the success of the procedure to develop the motivation to truly adopt a different lifestyle.

(4) Promotion of Unrealistic Ideals of Beauty. In an article about teenage girls, Susan Carney writes that, “The concept of “normal” has become so skewed that it is difficult for most girls, and often for the rest of us, to see things in their proper perspective. Healthy bodies come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. However, we have been conditioned to accept only a very narrow definition of attractive and to consider abnormal almost everything that does not meet those impossible standards”.

Moreover, there is a psychiatric disorder, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), that causes people to believe that they have physical flaws which must be corrected, whether that is realistic or not. People suffering from BDD can become cosmetic surgery addicts.

On the other hand, proponents argue that extreme makeover surgery gives people a new lease on life, allowing them to be the best that they can be, encouraging self-confidence and in some cases, leading to better diets and more exercise. They further argue that plastic surgeons are well aware of BDD and know how to screen patients for signs of this disorder.

(5) Cosmetic surgery gifts and prizes remove selection safeguards. While plastic surgery professional groups have been positive about some reality extreme cosmetic makeover programs because they raise awareness and provide education, the same groups are opposed to contests where a person receives the opportunity for a makeover as prize. Physicians say that it is critical that a qualified specialist determine whether or not a patient should undergo a procedure; faced with a patient who has won a makeover prize, a physician may be hesitant to reject the person as a candidate even if that’s the right decision.

Whether you agree about the worth of extreme cosmetic makeover or not, the combined procedures approach does increase the risks of complications due to anesthesia or surgery but there is no clear evidence at this point that those risks are too great to consider going forward.

However, differing opinions about the value of and the need for extreme makeovers aside, there is one underlying theme that runs through all of the discussion on this topic – it is absolutely critical that the doctor who performs any procedure be qualified to do so. The data show that a skilled, experienced physician must evaluate the patient’s current medical condition to confirm that they are a candidate for an episode of extended surgeries, evaluate the patient’s requests to be sure that they are reasonable, that expectations are not unrealistic and that the patient is not suffering from a mental disorder that should be treated by a therapist rather than a plastic surgeon and educate the patient about risks and benefits for informed decision making.

One of the best ways to evaluate a physician’s competence is to be certain that he or she is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the only plastic surgery board recognized by the American Medical Association. Even if your procedure will be done outside the hospital setting, check to be certain that your doctor has some type of hospital privileges, often courtesy privileges. Hospitals have stringent credentialing processes; their approval is an excellent safeguard.

If your procedure will be performed in non-hospital setting, ask if the facility is accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Facilities (JCAHO) or the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery (AAAASF). Ask if an anesthesiologist will be available for any complications.

Extreme cosmetic makeover remains popular but somewhat controversial. If you decide to consider it, follow good consumer decision making practices to be sure that your experience is as safe as possible.

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Make Up Makeovers

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Everybody craves to be beautiful. Who doesn’t want to look absolutely gorgeous? But not everybody is blessed with good looks and perfect features. Hence women resort to make up to enhance their looks and cover up their flaws. Make up can create wonders for several women. But to apply make up one has to know the right technique and process and have a decent aesthetic sense so that you can achieve that perfect look for yourself. There have been many make up artists now in the market who creates the perfect look which we find in the beauty magazines, and TV commercials. Unhappy with ones appearance one resorts to make makeovers so that they can get that ideal look. Sometimes people even resort to make up makeovers to enhance their features also.

A little bit of make up is always okay but too much of it can be quite disturbing. But people who opt for make up makeovers have various reasons some of the reasons being professional and some being personal. Make Up makeovers can alter a person’s look completely. Hence you can turn yourself into an absolutely new ‘you’. Your looks will be absolutely stunning after a makeover. You can make heads turn with your enhance looks after make up makeovers. To get that perfect make over it is always advisable that you opt for professional help. Otherwise you will not be able to achieve the desired look. Professional make up artists can create magic over you in no time leaving you looking absolutely magnificent be it for the next big meeting or the hottest party in town.

Right Technique to Apply Make Up

To apply make up you have to know the right way and technique. You cannot put make up on you own. You have to know the correct brush strokes so that you can achieve the desired look. For the foundation you should there are three types of foundations. Liquid, cream and powder foundations are available.

Foundation Application: When applying foundation you should use a sponge for a smooth application. When using the liquid foundations you should blend it slowly all over your face. The cream ones should be applied on the face and neck on long and sweeping motions. If you have dry skin then the cream ones are very good for you. Powder foundations are easier to apply and hassle free. There is a new type of camouflage foundations which have been in the market recently which helps the women who needs to conceal ugly marks on their face. Make Up makeovers can be brought about by using the correct foundation for yourself.

Eye Make up Application: You should first apply the eye shadow and then the eyeliner or the kohl. A little bit bronze over the eyelid can help you to enhance the beauty of your eye. And lastly you should apply the mascara on the upper first and then on the lower eye lashes. When applying color on the cheek you should color under the cheekbones and jaw lines and blend it nicely. Use a warm brush when using as a dark brush can leave the skin dry. Use bright and glossy colors. By applying the correct eye make up you will greatly able to achieve make up makeovers for yourself.

Make Up Makeovers for Monsoon

Make Up makeovers for monsoon can be a disastrous idea as if you are not using water proof make up it can ruin your otherwise perfect face. Make up during the monsoon season should be bright but you can also wear matte finish lip colors. Everything should be attuned with the whole make up. Always use the good brands in the market and test it before you use it. Do not go for any radical make up makeovers during the monsoon season. You should take care before you dress up during the monsoon seasons as make up makeovers during this time can lead to disastrous results. So be careful when you are opting for make up makeovers.

Make Up Makeovers for Summer

Make up makeovers for summer is tricky. When it is sultry and hot you should not wear heavy or loud make up. You should keep your make up minimal and you should keep your skin before opting for any make up makeovers as your skin tends to lose a lot of moisture during the summer season. Apply sunscreen lotion before you go out in the sun. You can apply soft pastel shades when you are going out in the morning. For the evening you can opt for eye colors in shades of gold. For better effect you can opt for colorless mascaras. Clear gloss in the morning can give you that dramatic effect in contrast with the light make up you have worn.

Make Up Makeovers for Luscious Lips

When you are opting for make up makeovers for luscious lips you should be very careful as you definitely don’t want to mess up your perfect look. You would first need to nourish your lips with a lip balm. After that you have to outline your lips and then you can fill in the color you like. Coordinate the color of your liner with the lipstick. After wearing the color you should fill it in with lip gloss if you want to get that shiny effect. To get a new shade of color you can mix two colors. But try to avoid doing any experimentation regarding Make up makeovers when you have something important to attend after sometime.

Make Up Makeovers Tips

Make up makeovers Tips are plenty and you can choose anything whichever suits your style and personality so that you can get that ideal look. Skin Test the products before you go for any make up makeovers. Don’t experiment with new stuff even if you have to do you should check it at least 2 days before. If you are in a hurry just put some kohl and a lip gloss and you will be all ready for your outing.

Dangerous Diseases

Free Beeauty tips online

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Dangerous Diseases

Free Beeauty tips online

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How Makeovers Will Alter Your Style?

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Are you a lady who has thought about altering your look?  For numerous women, pondering is all that they do. With beauty becoming an important issue in existence, particularly to numerous women, numerous are afraid to create any drastic changes.  This really is what leads a relatively small number of women to get makeovers each yr.  With that in thoughts though, there are a number of factors as to why you should a minimum of think about undergoing a makeover.

1 of the numerous factors why you should think about obtaining a makeover is simply because it can assist to improve your look, as previously stated.  Regrettably, with regards to look enhancing methods, numerous people only believe of drastic measures, like weight reduction or cosmetic surgery.  Yes, these techniques can assist you improve your physical look, but they can be costly. A makeover is really a easy, yet affordable way to improve your physical look.  When undergoing a makeover, you are able to have your hair carried out, makeup professionally utilized, also as get a manicure.

Additionally to enhancing your look, undergoing a makeover can assist to relieve any stress that you simply might be suffering from.  This happens in a number of different methods. For starters, when undergoing a makeover, the expert in alter will be the one performing all the function; all you have to do is just sit back and relax. Secondly, an improvement in look or even only a small look alter has been recognized to uplift the sprits of numerous women, also as assist relive the stresses that they might be suffering from.

Maybe, the greatest reason as to why you should think about undergoing a makeover is simply because it’s enjoyable.  Makeovers are ideal solo or having a group of friends. There’s just some thing exciting about obtaining a makeover, even if it’s one that will not permanently.  It is also important to mention that numerous makeover specialists or beauticians provide you with freedom over your personal makeover, like what you would like carried out and the way. Additionally to giving you freedom over your makeover, you might discover that your beautician also offers you their personal expert expertise.

Speaking of expertise, you’ll discover that numerous expert beauticians have many years of training and on-the-job experience underneath their belt.  The expertise of the beautician performing your makeover is another one of the numerous factors why you should a minimum of think about undergoing a makeover. Additionally to giving you expert outcomes, you are able to also use your makeover as an educational device. For instance, if your makeover includes makeup application, you might learn a few neat suggestions, tricks, and methods.  Whenever you think about it from that angle, a makeover can not just improve your look now, but within the long term also.

The above mentioned factors are just a few of the numerous reason why you should a minimum of think about undergoing a expert makeover.  In the event you would really like to use a makeover as a way to have enjoyable and relieve all of your stress, you might want to get in touch with your nearby beauty salons, spas, or hair salons. You are able to discover these establishments by asking these that you simply know for recommendations, utilizing your nearby telephone book, or the web.  In the event you would prefer to undergo your makeover within the comfort of your house, you might want to inquire about an at-home makeover.  Most person beauticians, particularly those who are self-employed, could be much more than prepared to accommodate you and at a relatively affordable cost.

Despite what you might have heard within the previous, makeovers are not just for large social events, like weddings.  In the event you wish, you are able to get a makeover at just about any point in time, even for no reason at all.  Of course, the choice as to whether or not you would like to undergo a makeover is your choice to create, but you might want to keep the above mentioned points in thoughts when generating that choice.

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The Most Exaggerated and Enhanced Part of Emo Makeup – How You Can Do Edgy, Yet Cute Emo Makeup for Girls and Boys

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Most people associate the term emo with sensitive, shy, extremely introverted and most importantly angst-ridden people with deep rooted emotional problems. A stereotype that seems to be a take on the fact that the emo culture finds its origins in emo music or emotional hardcore punk music which emerged in the 1980′s. A style of singing that is characterized by melodious tunes and lyrics that border on the confessional variety, emo music has often been criticized for promoting itself as a male bastion, having almost no women in most emo bands. Despite this bias that the music has been blamed for, the emo culture has spawned a fashion style that has become quite a rage amongst both women and men, especially teenagers. A look that can be characterized by the use of the color black, in both clothes and makeup, the style is predominantly dark and also androgynous. A very integral part of the look is emo makeup which is what sets the style apart from other similar punk and goth looks, where you can find the roots of this fashion.

How to do Emo Makeup for Girls

Avril Lavigne with her well-defined smudged eye makeup is a poster girl for scene emo makeup and fashion. Several teenaged girls want to emulate her style and the way she dresses up. If you are equally awed by the rock star, then here is how you can do this edgy, yet cute emo makeup for girls

The first step in applying makeup is always the foundation. Remember to choose a foundation that is of the same tone or a shade lighter than your skin tone.
The next step is emo eye makeup. Choose an eyeshadow, either neon shades or darker colors like black, brown, dark blue, gray, etc.
For girls, it is best to use a liquid eyeliner. First apply eyeliner to the bottom lid in one continuous line. If that is difficult for you, then make four dots on the bottom line starting from one end to the other and then join them. Once you have applied the liner, thicken it.
Now apply the eyeliner to the top lid. Choose the color of the eyeliner depending on how vibrant and colorful you want your look to be. Let the two lines of eyeliner meet at the corners of your eyes and then to exaggerate the effect, give the line an upwards stroke.
Apply mascara to your lashes taking care to not clump them.
Apply a nude lipstick or lip gloss depending on your preference. The lips should not be too prominent as the eyes have to be the most exaggerated and enhanced part of emo makeup.

How to do Emo Makeup for Boys

While emo makeup looks easy for even guys to wear, what they need to remember is that, the aim is to highlight the look and not look like a drag queen or a two year old who was handed a makeup kit. Boys do not have as many color options as girls do, which makes it important to get the makeup right with a minimalist routine. Given below is a step-by-step guide on how to apply emo makeup for guys. Following these emo makeup tips will help you achieve the desired look.

First and foremost, you need to apply the foundation for the makeup. Use a sponge to apply foundation all over your face and neck. There is a misconception that emo makeup needs you to look pale. In fact that holds true for goth. Therefore, use a foundation that is the same shade as your skin tone or only a shade lighter. If you want a slight glow on your skin, then apply a lotion before you apply the foundation.
The most important part of the face to focus on, even for boys, are the eyes. Eye makeup defines the emo look. Most men tend to stick to basic black for the eyes, though if you want to feel adventurous you can opt for red as well.
Start with the eyeliner. We suggest you opt for a pencil eyeliner, as for a guy, a more smudged look sits better. Starting at the inside corner of the eye, line the bottom lid. Make it as thin or thick as you want it to be. Boys should skip applying eyeliner to the upper lid.
The next step is to apply the eyeshadow. Apply black eyeshadow all the way up to the eyebrows. After you are done applying the eyeshadow, you can apply the mascara. Be careful about not clumping up your eyelashes.
If you want you can apply a nude lipstick to complete the look or even opt for lip balm to just make sure that your lips are not cracked or unsightly.

Despite all the criticism that emo sub culture has come under, including accusations of gender bias, being juvenile and even promoting suicidal tendencies and self harm, the music and the fashion still enjoys huge popularity. Emo makeup, therefore, becomes a symbol of rebellion and a statement that is hard to be missed.

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5 Types of Web Fashion Games Your Children Can Play

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If you and your kids are new to online dress up and cooking games then you should definitely try the most known 5 web virtual doll games out there. We’re sure that you and your kids will love them and try to find more Internet dress up games to play in a very short time.

Online Virtual Doll Games With Celebrities

A fun way to spend some free time is to dress up your favorite celebrities. Why not run away into a place where everything shines, people laugh, and everybody is rich? You might create your own Star World where you will be in a company with all the popular sportsmen and celebrities you like. You and your kids can take any celebrity and dress them up for some occasion like a party.

Gnomes And Other Magical Creatures Online Dress Up Games
What might be better than a fairy world where everything is magical and your little girls are able to use magical powers? You and your daughter will have to dress and apply makeup on magical creatures , for example, anime characters. You and your daughter can also create magical creatures if your little girls find the right game. You and your children have to choose everything from the beginning, e.g. the design for their wings. If you have finished designing the magical character, your children can save it and present it to other girls.

Internet Fashion Games Where Players Apply Makeover
In the case that you are into make-up and would like to design makeover then this type of virtual doll games is for you and your kids. You and your daughter will , for sure, learn how to make the best combination to show certain features of your Barbie doll’s face. One more thing, you and your children can practice for the case when you and your little girl need to design your own makeover or for the case when you and your daughter go go shopping. Possibly dress up and makeup games could help you and your kids become a make-up artist, so people that say that such games are not educational will , with no doubt, change their opinion.

Emo And Goth Online Dress Up Games
There is no doubt that your grandmother did nott have fun with this game when she was a child. You and your children will , certainly, enjoy dressing up an emo virtual character. Not only goths and emos have great accessories, but their makeup is very amazing. The colours are not so various, however red will , certainly, create fantastic emo girl looks. But let’s not forget about their crazy hairstyles that you and your girl get to design. You will certainly be happy!

Little Princess Dress Up
Kids love princesses and all little girls want to be one of them. Although not everyone gets her dream, children may design a princess’ world with dress up games which involve little princesses. Your daughter get to choose jewelry e.g. necklace, you and your kids get to dress her in the beautiful dresses and choose the beautiful shoes. And sometimes, beautiful princesses go to dance , so you get to pick a really cool style.

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The Unofficial Guide to Emo: Part One

April 4, 2011 by  
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If you take a quick look around Cooeey, you may notice that one term in particular just keeps on popping up, like errant moles under a mallet. What’s that word, you ask? It’s EMO. EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO, everywhere you look.

But what the hell does that mean? Living in this sheltered world of Cooeey, I could be forgiven for thinking the only common traits of “Emos” were a lack of camera tripods and highly disfigured eyes that required covering with a curtain of hair.

Of course, being a thoroughly curious fellow, I felt compelled to find out more. Where did the term come from? Is it short for something? In this msn obsessed world, is it some sort of acronym? (I initially theorised that it stood for Emphatically Moontanned Objects or perhaps Eratic Mainstays of Online Socialising. Erotic Minions of Orlando?)

Obviously that was entirely incorrect, as I would soon discover.

Part One: Emo Music.

Emo music.

The presiding theory is that Emo music originated in Washington DC hardcore scene n the mid 80s. As you may or may not know, hardcore shows often involve large boots flying around at head level, piercings that can catch on things and beverages in containers that do slightly more than tickle when thrown at someone’s head, i.e. they are quite “hardcore”.

The solution was in the case of bands like The Rites of Spring and Embrace to try and counter the violence by taking their writing on a more emotional turn.

It was around this time that fans started to refer to the style as Emo. It was also the start of another trend: People refusing to admit that they are Emo. Both bands, even today, refuse to accept the label.

In a supposedly unrelated event, the first wave of Emo died when the first wave of bands started breaking up in the early nineties.

After a second wave of “Emo styled” music sprang up in the nineties. Bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Jimmy Eat World were at the forefront of a new “indie Emo” movement, this time centering in Phoenix Arizona. As the spread of the internet grew, older bands like Fugazi that previously never been labeled as Emo started to receive the tag as well, due to a similarity in sound.

Starting to see a trend here? In this ever expanding, internet obsessed world, people start to need keywords or pointers in order to par down the massive swathes of information we receive. It seems that even from the start that the Emo tag was, despite the chagrin of many of the bands it was applied to, a useful way of classifying bands for other fans.

Of course, once fans start engaging with bands on a regular basis, both parties tend to start throwing away the “Emo tag”.

Look at the current generation of groups, like AFI, Funeral for a Friend, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, Senses FailStory of the Year, and The Used. Most of these bands strenuously deny being part of the Emo spectrum, but deny as they might, it remains a useful tag to apply.

Describe a band as Emo and it means one if not all of a long list of attributes which may include: – Makeup Wearing for both sexes – Dyed Hair primarily Black or as White as possible – Prominent fringes or spikes – Favouring of black clothing and bold simple patterns like stripes and checkers – “Punk Rock” or simple barre chord influenced guitar – Preference towards extremely tender or loud screaming vocal performances, often both in the same song – Tattoeed arms and wrists – Lyrics dealing largely with emotional pain and suffering

So it seems that “Emo” is not so much a genre of music as a signpost, giving users a vague idea of what they may expect from a band. What’s more, what attributes that may be conjured up by “Emo” have been changing for nearly twenty years now. Who is to say that Emo will ever have a concrete meaning in music? Perhaps for now it’s best to think of it as an evolving, simplistic term.

article written by Melanie.

emo – emo hair- emo-corner

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Emo Cool Haircuts | Emo Hair cuts

April 4, 2011 by  
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Emo defines a counterculture that developed from emocore, popularly known as emo music. ‘Emo’ is the abbreviation for emotional, that depicts a class of deep rooted emotional and angst-ridden people, inspired profoundly by emo art. Emo hairstyles evolved from a band of rock music, who performed in Washington D.C in 1980s, renowned as ‘Embrace’ and ‘Rites of Spring’. Their lyrics were an expression of their self confessions and strong personal emotions, that created a sub-genre of punk rock music. The typical style adopted by them gradually changed the fashion trend of youngsters.

What is Emo Style?

The predominating color in emo style is black, depicting androgynous and dark side of human beings. This culture has some similarity with goth look. People started adopting complete emo style makeover and flaunted emo style clothes. The typical emo get up of the popular singer Avril Lavigne, became the style statement of young girls. Today both the sexes are much inspired by emo makeup and emo hairstyles. Although, black is the prominent color, teens of present generation are experimenting their looks with bright and flashy colors like orange, pink, green and yellow. The next segment shall give you some emo style tips about the latest hairstyles. Along with the popular emo haircuts, you might be eager to check out these emo makeup tips to acquire a perfect emo look.

Emo Hairstyles for Long Hair

Emo follows an unisex hairstyle quotient. The basic approach of haircut is genuinely same for boys and girls. Long emo hairstyles although look good on girls much more than boys. This hairstyle has uneven cuts at the edge and the hair fall from side with bangs. The top has a messy cut that appears like a cluster tied atop head. The hair needs complete straightening with sharp and chopped ends. Long fringes over forehead is also one of the features of emo hairstyles. Uneven cuts highlighted with bright colors, give an ultra emo look.

Once you get the haircut, you need to choose the right color for the highlights. Color your hair completely black, blend shades of gray or white. This is the ideal emo look. For a supper sassy look, opt for shades of orange, pink, yellow, blue and purple. Highlight a section and keep it straight. The bangs usually fall down closing one eye and touching the neck. There are special hair straightening hairpins for this, that allow the hair to remain straight for a long time.

Emo Hairstyles for Short Hair

Cute emo hairstyles in short hair look good on girls as well as boys. Short emo hairstyles for girls have mostly influenced the teens. They are characterized by random splurges and asymmetrical cuts. Short emo cuts for boys take the shape of straight thorns over head, that have been done with gels and straightening lotions. Short haircuts covering one part of the face, give a towering look. It reflects hidden emotions and sentiments. The cut is never smooth and always ends with rugged end. There’s tuft like form over head, and rest of the hair is partitioned for uneven cuts.

Males prefer a cropped look with spikes. Sleek shags, parted from side and cut close to head is a common emo haircut. Similar to long hair, you can clutch pins in your short emo hair to secure the flicks in position. Select random colors over black base for the right kind of emo look. If you choose the base color as white, then highlights of red, blue or green will look chic. Emo haircuts are a kind of broken and rough hair updo.

A perfect emo makeup is inevitable to complement emo hairstyles. The much contrived emo culture, is still ruling the hearts of millions because of its distinct aspect and flavor.<!– From –> <!– google_ad_section_end –>

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Cute Scene Emo Make Up Ideas for Boys & Girls! How To Do Emo Make Up? How To Create Scene Hair: Hot Emo Hairstyles For Guys: How To Backcomb Your Hair?
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Scene Makeup Ideas

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The fashion world has been growing at a quick pace, adding new dimensions and new meaning to our understanding of fashion and trends. Scene makeup, scene hairstyles, scene clothing are words heard quite often! Have you ever wondered what this strange fashion style is all about? Well, scene makeup is nothing but bright, bold makeup worn by scene teens. Thick eye-makeup and funky hairstyles forms the essence of makeup for scene teens. The eyes are the main feature in scene makeup in which heavy glitter and eye makeup is used in desired patterns to highlight the eyes. Scene teens, unlike the Emo and the Goth teens do not apply dark or too elaborate makeups. Instead, scene makeup is all about holding one’s exclusivity and style with little makeup on the face and heavy glitter and makeup on the eyes. This is usually coupled with wild hairstyles. The following sections will provide you with ideas and tips on the same. Read on to learn more.

Ideas for Scene Makeup

It is always best to start off with a good foundation. A light coat of the foundation can be followed by a concealer to hide the blemishes under the eyes. A little foundation on your palm mixed with a drop of water can be applied onto your eyelids. This works as a primer and thus helps your eye shadow stay longer. Applying too much foundation is not wise as it turns your complexion white.

Bright-coloured eye shadows such as pink, bright green, red, lavender, fuchsia, pewter, etc can be chosen. Begin with the application of the eye shadow using an angular brush in a systematic way, starting from the lash line and continuing till the bottom of the brow bone. Do wait for it to dry and do not forget to check out for the harsh lines. In case you find any, do brush them off.  The bright eye shadow will highlight your eyes.

To acquire an impressive look, add one more dark shade of eye shadow to the upper and lower eye lid, extending it right till the corner of the eye. However, you will have to make sure that both the shades blend well and complement each other.

Although many eyeliners are available, using a liquid eyeliner that does not form clumps, works out smooth and lasts longer will work out as a good choice. Begin the application with the inner corner of the eyelid and wave it down to the outer corner.

Good eye lashes are definitely required to complete the eye makeup. Apply two coats of mascara to make the eye lashes look beautiful. You also have the option of applying false eyelashes and curling them. Curling the eyelashes gives the eyes a bigger look, thus making them look wide open.

Dash the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Choose a colour that is darker than your hair colour. A perfect arc in the eyebrows adds immense beauty.

Application of a little blush on the cheeks, a transparent lip gloss which is not of a darker shade is the last and the final step. Nevertheless, in scene makeup, the focus is on the eyes, thus the rest of the face can look pale in order to highlight the eyes. This completes the scene make-up process.


Black mascara suits eyelashes the best.

Since the eyes are the main focus, do not over do the rest of your face. A pale look on the face is what is required in order to highlight your eyes.

A liquid eyeliner is better, but not a must. A pencil liner can also be used for a natural look.

An application of some translucent powder on the eyelids is facilitates the eye shadows to stay longer. Begin with a white base starting at the eyebrow and end at the crease.

Hair Removal tips

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Hair Removal tips

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The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover Review – The Real Truth

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The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover is a very popular lower body fitness program on the internet today.

On this Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover review we will take a look at this fitness program, talk about the pros and cons of it and learn if this product is really for you.

(Note that this is not the full review, for the in-depth review on The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover and to learn how you can get the program for the lowest price available Click Here)

The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover Review – What Exactly Is It?

Created and written by Joey Atlas, a famous fitness trainer and a real lower body expert, The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover is a step-by-step fitness program made for all the women who wish to tone their lower body areas and to get great results but still have a life.

In his program Joey Atlas shows you step-by-step how to use all the three types of muscle contractions and teaches you exactly what you need to do to make them work together as a unit so you will be able to get the best results and to get your legs, thighs, hips, and butt into their best shape.

However, The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover is not just an exercise program and according to Joey Atlas’ claims this program will not only help to get your body into the best shape possible but will also help you to improve your overall health, to increase your self-esteem and to live your everyday life with no change at all.

To find out if those claims are true and to learn if The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover program is basically for you, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of Joey Atlas’ product.

The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover Review – The Pros

The Program Can Be Done At Home Without Any Special Equipment

One of the biggest advantages of Joey Atlas’ Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover program is that you can follow this program at home easily and at any time, something which can be really helpful for many busy women.

In addition almost all of the exercises of this lower body fitness program uses only your body’s weight as resistance and consequently there is no need to waste hundreds of dollars on weights, special equipment and gym membership to get the best results out from this program.

Developed By A Real Fitness Expert

The creator of The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover, Joey Atlas, holds a master degree in Exercise Physiology and he is considered to be one of the most respected lower body training fitness experts in the world.

Joey Atlas has been training and helping 1000′s of women to get firm toned lower bodies in the last 20 years and he is also the author of several best seller books in the fitness industry, so there is no doubt that he is someone that you can trust.

60 Days Of Full Money Back Guarantee

The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover comes with full money back guarantee for 60 days and if for any reason this lower body fitness program will not help you then you can get a full refund, so actually there is no risk at all and you have nothing to lose.

Click Here To Learn About More Advantages Of The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover And To Get The Program For The Lowest Price Online!

The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover Review – The Cons

Require Some Work And Lifestyle Adjustments

Although the fact that The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover is an easy to follow and user-friendly program, you should understand that this program isn’t any kind of “24 hours magical solution” and if you really want to get the best results you must be prepared to do some work and to make some lifestyle adjustments, such as few changes in your diet.

Can Be Found Only Online

Right now The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover by Joey Atlas can be purchased only online and there is no in-store option.

The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover Review – The Bottom Line

Overall, there is no doubt that The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover is one of the most recommended lower body fitness programs for women for a very good reason.

This program has been proved to be very effective for thousands of women in the last few years and I truly believe that almost any woman who wants to tone her lower body and to do it at home without the need to waste a lot of time on driving to gym and without the need to buy expensive equipment, will find The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover to be very useful for her.

However, don’t forget that The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover program is not a “magic pill” and if you are not prepared to do some work then this program is probably not for you.

I Hope that this Lower Body Makeover Review was helpful for and I wish you the best!

Are you ready to find out if the Ultimate Leg Butt Hip And Thigh Makeover is really for you? Visit, get a free and in-depth report about Joey Atlas’ fitness program and learn how you can get the product for the lowest price available today!

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