Asian Bridal Makeup

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Asian Bridal Makeup

A person’s wedding day is of course the most memorable day in a person’s life. And being the people who are getting married it brings right in the middle of everyone’s attention. And it becomes all the more important for them to look at their best on this very important day of their lives. Putting time and thought into your Asian bridal makeup will make everything go smoothly and leave you looking gorgeous for your big day.

On your wedding day you want to be the glowing bride and your makeup can help this happen. However, it is important that the guests notice your beauty and not the amount of makeup on your face. Less is often more when it comes to makeup. It is best to use makeup to highlight your best features and discreetly correct the imperfections.

It is best to start planning your makeup and face a few months before your wedding. Use this time to get your skin in good shape. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and begin taking a multivitamin to nourish the skin from the inside out. Get regular facials to condition your skin and it will be radiant on your wedding day.

The correct shaped eyebrow frames your face, so visit a beautician at least a month prior to your wedding to have them shaped and then again a couple of days before the wedding. Foundation acts to smooth out your complexion and cover any imperfections. Choosing the right foundation when you are going to be photographed is important. Some heavy foundations can make you look pallid in photos, so it is best to stick with a light liquid foundation and then dust a little powder over the top. To really make your skin look healthy apply a moisturizer twenty minutes before the foundation.

For Asian bridal makeup the most concentration is on the eyes, and they should be made in such a way so as to stand out from the rest of the features. They are made to stand out by applying a neutral shade of eye shadow to the eyelid and then kajal or kohl to the outer lids. Make yourself as a bride stand out by the Asian bridal makeup style.

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A Meal Making Cooking Class

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I recently attended a meal making cooking class with a group of friends. Basically, it was a Once a Month-Freezer Cooking session combined with a Prepare Your Own Meals store. Our hostess (this was in a private home with a very large kitchen) shopped for the food, chopped the veggies, browned the ground meat, and prepared the prep stations. Using printed instructions, we measured out the ingredients, and put them into labeled freezer bags or aluminum casserole dishes. We then loaded our pre-made meals into coolers and placed them in the freezer when we got home. For , I walked away with eight dishes. This may seem like a lot of money, but I only spent a couple of hours making them, and I didn’t have to drive all over town to buy the ingredients. I didn’t have to do the prep work or clean up. And I have healthy meals in the freezer for those nights when I’m too busy to cook or out of town. The time savings alone made it a bargain.

My every day dishes are the Autumn Leaf pattern by Franciscan by Glading, McBean & Co. The Autumn Leaf pattern was made in the mid-’50s, and they’ve held up very well. (Yes, I put them in the dishwasher.) I have dozens of the bowls and smaller plates and enough dinner plates for a large sit down meal. But there are pieces I never get down from the cupboard, like the matching mugs, which I paid -50 each.

Lusting after dishware is a genetic thing for me. My mom had special bowls for fish soup, and special plates for eating steamed artichokes. So you’ll understand when I occasionally indulge in some online dishware porn – fancy china, crystal, and dinnerware.

Wait till my next blog for great tips to all foodies!!!

Published in May 13th, 2008 Posted by Careena in Recipes at

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Wedding Day Makeup and Beauty Regime

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Whether you are hiring a professional makeup artist or applying your own wedding makeup there are a few things to consider. Your make up and wedding day glow is a culmination of many factors.

First of all you should have beauty regime weeks prior to the wedding day. Sun baking is a ‘no, no’ a few weeks prior to the wedding. The one thing you don’t want to have is distracting unsightly tan lines or heaven forbid sunburn and be peeling on your day. If you want to appear tanned on the day the safest way to go is a spray tan.

You may want to consult a professional beautician and book in for a facial at least a week before the wedding. You need to have it at least a week before to avoid any breakouts. Any closer to the wedding day might be too risky. A couple of days before the wedding ensure you are waxed, manicured and pedicured. Don’t forget these fine details which will assist you in looking spectacular.

It is essential you get a good night sleep before your wedding day. You want to look beautiful and rejuvenated. Weddings can be stressful and to keep relaxed you may want to get invest in weekly massages.

If you are booking a makeup artist for the day, ensure you have a makeup trial at least one month prior to the wedding. A makeup artist should be able to recommend the appropriate colour palette for your skin tone. Warm colour palettes of plum, cream, and taupe complement brunettes and olive skin. Whilst Blue-grey, teal, white, pink and lavender really suit cool blondes. Red heads can choose from terracotta, peach, moss-green and grey shades which look great. You may want to provide the wedding makeup artist with magazine cut outs of makeup you like along with your wedding dress swatches and swatches from the bridesmaid’s. You wedding day makeup should complement the gowns and flowers. Remember your makeup should look a little more glamorous than your natural makeup to stand out in photos.

Applying your own wedding makeup can be tricky. Foundations with yellow undertones look best in photographs. For a warm natural glow use a little bronzing powder on your forehead, cheeks and nose. This will make you appear sun kissed. When applying blush, the more the better. You have to remember that the makeup needs to last throughout the day and for the photographs. With the time restraints it is unlike you’ll have many opportunities to touch up.

When it comes to your eyes shadow, choose soft colours that keep it as natural looking as possible. You may want to consider fake eyelashes. They work wonders in extending the length and size of your eyes. The Smokey eye adds a touch of glamour if you can pull it off.

Your lips will depend on your eye makeup. If you choose soft understated eye shadows, you may want to choose a darker richer lipstick. For Smokey eyes a lighter lipstick will complete the look and keep the emphasis on the eyes.

So whether you are doing your make up your self or hiring an expert be sure to follow a beauty regime to make you glow and sparkle on the most important day of your life. Your wedding day!

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Class teacher plays a very important role in shaping the life of the children. He is the role model before the children. The innovative class teacher always creates new things within the children & inspires them to be creative & innovative. One of the creative works in the class is making a ‘Hand made Class Magazine. I as a class teacher started the practice of class magazine by involving the children of class IX B in my school, Chinmaya Vidyalaya & now it became a feature of all the classes. An innovative class teacher doesn’t think any new in the class as burden but an opportunity to be a part of creation. Involvement of the children in the editing & furnishing it solves the entire burden. The hand made creative class magazine can be prepared by the efforts of the children & the class teacher in the following ways.


1.  Choosing Editorial Body in the class

            Editorial board can be formed in the class. In the board the children of good at English, Art, and Hindi can be included. There should be one editor & one sub editor who are responsible for all works of the magazine. Time to time they will contact the class teacher for taking various advice & to work it out.


2.  Plays the role of an adviser

            Class teacher plays the role of an adviser to the editorial board & the pupil to make a magazine. Time to time he will notice the progress of the class magazine according to the time period allotted. He should think critically about the best effort that the children could give so that the magazine can be more beautiful.


3.  Involvement of all members of the class

            To prepare the magazine all the children should compulsorily involved. Suppose the strength of the class is 35 then the same number of articles must be in hand to prepare the magazine. The class is consisted of the heterogeneous group of writers, poets, painters etc. Some are good in Hindi & some at English. Every page should be A4 size paper so that the size of the magazine will not vary. With these 35 pages other selected pages like achievement page, class government page, content page, introductory page, editorial page, etc can be added & magazine will be of 40 to 45 pages.


4.  Encouragement to original writings

            While announcing the creation of a magazine, encouragement must be given to write the articles on the basis of originality, innovation & creativity. Editorial board should see that the child must not copy anything from the book or magazine. If copied or referred the child must mention the source from which he has taken. The child must maintain honesty while giving an article to the magazine.


5.  Fixation of date & time

            The editor must fix the last date of the submission of the articles by taking advice from the class teacher. The submission of articles is compulsory. But the tentative date of submission will bind them to write with date bound & submit. Children should be inspired not to be stick to the last date & complete the writings in a hasty method rather they should start writings from the inception of the declaration of the date.


6.  Advise to design & size of the paper

            There should be one size of paper for the submission of the write-ups. A-4 size paper is the best paper to be attempted. Before writing anything the paper should be design & decorated with light painting so that this background will better furnish the writing. The editor must speak about these from the very inception.


                                                                                                                                                                                  7. COLLECTIONS & Editing work

            On the fixed date, the editor must collect all the articles, paintings, etc safely. He should start the editing work with the help of the editorial board afterwards. The careless & negligence articles must be rejected after due permission by the class teacher. Students should be motivated to write again to replace the rejected articles.


8.  Role of the Artists

            Artists of the editorial board have a vital role in shaping the magazine in a beautiful & systematic manner. They give the finishing touch to every paper of the magazine. They use colour to make the magazine beautiful.


9.  Giving a title

            Giving a title of the magazine is a difficult task. There should be a democratic selection of the title of the magazine in the class. The class teacher should go for the brain storming to select the title. The children should have participation in this discussion by giving one title each. At last the class teacher should fix the title out of several suggested by the children. This children involvement will increase the inclination of children towards the class & the magazine.


10.  Designing Government page

            There should be one page highlighting the government of the class. The posts such as President, Prime minister, Education minister etc should be highlighted by Writing their names & pasting their respective photos.


11.  Editorial page

            Editorial page must be designed by the editor of the class reflecting the unity & perseverance of the class as a whole. He should take the help of the class teacher while writing this page.


12.  Achievement page

            There must be a class achievement page where all achievements of the students like full attendance, best child of the month, Prizes for outstanding performance in any field like dance, sports, quiz, etc will get their place. The photo of the concerned persons must get the place in the achievement page.


13.  Cover page

            Cover page must be designed by the editor with the help of the artists & class teacher. The design of the cover page must qualify the title of the magazine. Cover page must be painted nicely with class & school name. The month & year must be highlighted on the top of the right side of the cover page.


14.  Final touch by the Class Teacher & Editor

            Once again the class teacher with the editor must check the pages of the magazine carefully & advise if any final touch is left aside. Then the magazine can be given for spiral binding.


 In this way the magazine of a class becomes ready within a short span of time. The children themselves become aware about the creativity, innovation of the life. With this also they develop the feature of leadership quality & cooperation. The work of the magazine can inspire them to be the poets, writers, painters etc in their life beyond their academics.

                                                                              By Mr.Harekrushna Behera





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Are Bridal Spa Parties In Waikiki Homes and Hotels Affordable

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Bridal Spa Parties In Waikiki Homes and Hotels Made Easy For Weddings and Brides Seeking a Makeup Artist and Pampering On That Special Day.

Every women needs a break – try wedding style pampering in Hawaii – you will get pampered with blissful award wining treatments – Lets get you the best in home mobile spa company in Waikiki Oahu.

Get the most abundant spa treatments from a specialist that has Hollywood and Bollywood on their knees begging for a real down to earth good time event.

In India spa parties are huge – Wedding bridal preparations are full of ritual and artistry to bring out the beauty in every bride, even Las Vegas Nevada offers  in home day spa packages for brides maids in Reno casinos and more…

These events party planning can be costly, however In Waikiki, spa party rates and prices are accompanied with the most elite therapist, alongside a certified luxury manicurist and makeup artist.

Things to do the day before a bride gets married are tasky yet important enough to hire a wedding planner to coordinate an event happening in Waikiki.

At these bulleted advertisements are posted on the right to left side navigation’s of their full service in home event spa company Hawaii.

Treatments  can  begin with a relaxing and therapeutic massage guaranteed to ease all that pre wedding tension and leave you feeling renewed and prepared for your special day!

The day is followed by a revitalizing facial that will remove impurities, minimize pores, smooth lines and leave your skin feeling and looking its best.

Manicures and pedicures by waikiki’s best techs, Using the latest colors and specializing in the brides favorite the classic french manicure.

Our final touch to leave a bride looking absolutely gorgeous is our exclusive makeup artistry, We use top quality makeup brands such as Dior, Givenche,  forever and Mac to create the custom look you desire on that special occasion awaited is you’re handsome groom and diamond wedding rings and bouquet of white roses and family, when you say  I DO, every single moment preparing for this one moment will increase all hopes and life time of golden memories abroad.

Our Smoky eye, sparkles, natural beauty allure – we can create any look to mach your personal style and personality and  those of your bridal party. We know how long you waited, and how incredibly and special this day is for you, leave all the details to the Oahu spa party pros in Waikiki.

Your grooms jaw will drop at the sight of you!!   If this is what you desire it can be your fairy tale wedding starting with a trip to Hawaii and a phone call to us at (808) 953-5034. or toll free at (877)-644-3209.

We will be happy to discuss your wedding or special occasion plans.. email

Ask The Specialist – Aaron Sharp Blog Author at The Waikiki Massage Blog

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Bridal Makeup Services- Book to Look the Best

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There are many service agencies opened up in the vicinity that provide bridal makeup services at affordable rates to you. You can find about the whereabouts of these service providers through the online channels. The service agencies basically consist of the individual makeup artists or that of group artists. They are professionals with relevant degrees and experience levels. The makeup services are now mobile, i.e. they provide home services. More and more people are opting for them as they save considerable amount of time. To know more about them you can always search the net.

How the bridal make-up does services work?

To contact the makeup artists you are highly recommended to initially visit the respective websites so that you can get raw hand experience of the quality of work they do. You need to browse through the photo gallery to get a glimpse of the work done by them. Once you are satisfied with the work you can place a call to them. One more determining factor for booking the mobile artists is the rate they charge. Once you are ready to pay the amount you can book them through their websites. The mobile makeup artist will visit your house one day prior to the marriage date and will go with the complete makeup of the bride in the bridal wear. The reason is simple; it is to extract a rough idea of what will best suit the bride. This safeguards the bride against all the makeup odds on the day of the marriage.

More details about the bridal makeup service providers

Most of the time the service providers are known to bring along the makeup kit with them. The kits used are mostly mineral products as these cosmetics are suitable to all skin types and are non allergic. You are free to use the products of your wish though. The rates of these makeup services vary according to one person. Some people charge as per the hour basis whereas others have fixed charge for specific time. To know more about they kindly search the net.

Nasima Ahmed is a fully trained and accredited professional artist of Bridal hair and Makeup, specializing in Indian and Asian bridal makeup with unique Bridal makeup services at economical rates.

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Top Chicago Makeup Artist Expands to the Web with

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Many makeup artists dream of running a small, hip shop that gets good business and has some loyal customers, but few have the talent and drive to make it happen. Over the past decade, Jennifer Stoller has done this and more, first creating her own mineral makeup line and then expanding her business into multiple realms. And as if that were not enough, Stoller has also found time to run a separate business as a wedding makeup stylist, and she is now expanding her sales into the online realm.


Due to her strong work ethic and talent for choosing and applying makeup, Stoller has become one of the most respected makeup artists in Chicagoland. With her passion, talent, and outgoing nature, she is made big waves in the local beauty and fashion scene, particularly through Veeve Cosmetics, her innovative boutique makeup company, and Magnificent Brides, an on-site wedding service she offers along with hairstylist Tina Sclafani.


Stollers rise through the Chicago style world began at Illinois State University, where she earned a Bachelors of Science in Apparel, Merchandise and Design. Soon thereafter, she served for three years as manager of the makeup department at Mario Tricoci, the high-end coiffure salon.


Although Stoller cites her work with Mario Tricoci as a valuable formative experience, she knew she had the talent and ideas to start her own makeup business, so she created Veeve Cosmetics in 2006. Stollers salon offers a full range of mineral makeup and makeup-related products, including everything from foundation to lipstick to eyeliner, plus plenty of accessories. She started out with a salon space in Buffalo Grove, but after having her son Cameron in 2008, she set up a fabulous and welcoming studio at her home in Vernon Hills, which is where she works now.


Never satisfied with merely selling lots of products, Jennifer has also expanded her offerings to include on-site services such as makeup application lessons, makeup soirees, and bag rehab consultations, plus customized classes based on her clients needs.


Meanwhile, Stoller and Sclafani continue to do great business with Magnificent Brides, serving 20 weddings over the past year and with six already booked for the coming season. Their work has included a Premiere Jewelry photo shoot featuring Giuliana Rancic (host of E! News) and Bill Rancic (winner of The Apprentice, Season 1), the wedding of American Idol contestant Jim Verraros and partner Bill Brennan, and a Mira Couture Bridal photo shoot that has been featured in numerous bridal magazines.



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Jennifer loves her work, and she is a natural-born makeup artist with a true passion for creating the perfect look and bringing out her clients true beauty. she is also an expert in mineral makeup products, which is what makes her a leading Chicago Makeup Artist she finds the perfect products for her clients and offers them at affordable prices. Her new online retail website is:, is online now.


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Asian Bridal Makeup- Providing Brides with Mesmerized and Flawless Look on the Special Day

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Marriage holds a special place in everybody life and everyone has a dream for this big day to look stunning and best on this special day. Girls especially plan this day in a beautiful manner so that they can cherish this special occasion for their rest of their life. All the prospective brides have a dream of looking great on their day of marriage and for this enough preparation and planning are done to make their dream come true. Right from wedding dress to jewelry to matching accessories to makeup, brides just want each and every element to be perfect in order to achieve a gorgeous and stunning look that will truly make them a centre of attraction. Every element related to bride is vital to provide them the real bridal look through their dress, jewelry and bridal makeup. Brides of every region and country are easily distinguishable but the Asian brides are unique in their own sense due to their complete bridal makeup that completely makes them stand out among the rest.

Bridal Makeup plays vital role in providing brides with the unique and extraordinary look, which is a must for every Asian bride. Asian brides need to have perfect makeup that goes with their wedding dress and jewelry making them absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Choosing an experienced and talented makeup artist will provides Asian brides with flawless makeup, hiding the facial flaws and highlighting the features of the face. There are some makeup artists who hold specialization in the bridal makeup especially of Asian brides as doing makeup of brides is a challenging and exciting job that requires complete commitment and dedication of the makeup artists. The work of bridal makeup artists is noticed by quite a large section of people thus they get easy and fast publicity of their magical work that have the potential of attracting many.

There are lots of preparations carried on by the brides for the special day that usually begin few days before the special day. Right from manicure to pedicure to facial to bleaching to mehndi and henna, all these process are started few days before so that Asian brides can be given their mesmerized look to grab the attention of not just the groom but all the invitees of the big day. All these process proves to be helpful for the final day preparation so that makeup artists can show their real creativity to provide the brides with the magical and charming look. Asian bridal makeup artists are quite trained in choosing the right kind of makeup kits and cosmetics for the brides that will make most of their features and hides any flaws in their complexion. Bridal makeup is the most vital elements that plays important role in making the brides ready for the special occasion.

Nasima Ahmed is a fully trained and accredited professional Makeup Artist, specialising in Indian and Asian Bridal Makeup with unique makeup services at economical rates.

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Modern bridal makeup

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A bridal and the groom becomes totally wondered about her by looking her in a glance. There are lots of modern makeup methods which have been evolved over the periods of time. For some years the latest bridal makeup method is the airbrushing. This type of method is used by most of the bridal makeup artists.
The bridal makeup artists know this fact very well that the foundation of a perfect bridal makeup is done by the airbrushing. Regardless of the makeup type either Indian bridal makeup or the western bridal makeup, the makeup is not much different than making a beautiful image. At the time of wedding the bride should be so much beautiful in her look, that everybody just gets amazed by her beauty foundation for a good makeup can be done by the modern methods such as airbrushing.  In fact several makeup artists have agreed that the big celebrities also go for the airbrushing method. But what is the special fact about airbrushing that it makes it modern makeup method preferred by the makeup artists?
We all know the airbrushing is much similar like covering a diagram with a smooth layer of airbrush. That’s the same thing in bridal makeup by airbrushing. The airbrushing technique allows the makeup artists to cover the entire area of the face with a smooth and soft, thin layer. The airbrushing is much essential factor for the bridal makeup. Either its Asian or Indian Bridal makeup or the western bridal makeup, the airbrushing technique plays equal role for all types. As a matter of fact, the outlining of the bride’s face is very important for showing the beauty to its extremity; the airbrushing technique can easily make this fact much better. The outlining of the bride’s face can also be done by the normal makeup but that will be little bit patchy especially for the wedding ceremony, hence the airbrushing technique is a good way to make a flawless glow in bride’s beauty so that even in the wedding photographs will look like , the bride is alive in the still photograph also with her glowing skin.
The celebrities are also not hidden from the advanced makeup techniques i.e. airbrushing etc. more than 80 percent of the celebrities use the airbrushing technique while having their makeup. It is better we don’t divert our topic from to them…hmm. If you are planning to get married and you want a flawless makeup such as the HD bridal makeup, you can choose the services from bridal makeup Melbourne. The HD bridal makeup is nothing but the advanced makeup done for the actress for their HD films. The HD makeup is not an unimportant makeup; in fact it is the most advanced type of makeup which enables the optical illusion by just looking on the face of the bride. Hence HD makeup might become a good way to seduce your groom also. Everybody of us likes to look good and attractive and that’s not a strange point for anyone of us. Because of the intense desire to look good and attractive, a lot of us try to do several tricks and tweaks with the looks, and to have a glowing and attractive look. Perhaps some of us fail and some of us succeed periodically. There are a lot of reasons for the good looking or your failed attempt to look good, due to the lack of selecting the right persona of your makeup and other dressings.
Wedding ceremony is one of the most significant even of your life; therefore it is very important you clarify your looks from others. Although you would not like to be much noticed on your regular routine of life, in wedding occasions you have to represent your look at its best.

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<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);” href=””>bridal make up</a>,
<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);” href=””>Indian bridal makeup</a>

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Asian Bridal Makeup Ensures Stunning Looks at Economical Rates

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There are some functions in our life, which is very close to our heart and need special planning and attention. Wedding is one such a function that is treasured by everyone for the entire life. So everybody dreams to look little different and unique so that they can rightly be considered as the centre of attraction. If you want to look your best, then you can search a makeup artist who will assist and help you in looking your absolute best. If you want to attain ravishing look, you can consider Asian bridal makeup. The Asian bridal makeup perfectly blends with lavishly designed dresses and heavily decorated venue. It ensures to make brides look stunning. There are a number of Asian bridal makeup tips available through the internet to enhance the beauty of your facial features and get appreciated for that beautiful and immaculate look on your wedding day.

Some of the Popular Tips on Asian Bridal Makeup

•    Flawless make up on your face is necessary to hide all flaws and imperfections
•    Employ a matching concealer to hide dark circles, pimples and eye bags
•    Employ a good eyelash curler on your eye lashes for making your look enchanting
•    Shape or pluck your eyebrows at least a week prior to your D-day
•    Before applying the make up; cleanse, moisturize and tone your skin

For making your look stunning and spotless, you need an experienced and skilled professional makeup artist who will assist and help you out in looking your absolute best. With the help of the internet, you can find a number of makeup artists who are specialized in Asian bridal makeup, therefore search them to make your look amazing. A well qualified and skilled makeup artist offers its services at cost effective rates if you book in advance.

How to Book Asian Bridal Makeup

In fact, a simple search through the internet helps you to come across a number of trained makeup artists who can surprise you by enhancing your looks with the typical Asian bridal makeup. Apart from brides, other members may also execute Asian bridal makeup by makeup artists. For find suitable makeup artist for Asian bridal makeup, all you need to do is make an extensive search through the internet. After researching and analyzing, you will be able to book an experience makeup artist at cost effective rates.

Nasima Ahmed is a fully trained and accredited professional makeup artist, specialising in Indian and Asian Bridal Makeup with unique Bridal Makeup Services at economical rates.

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subscribe to my channel: subscribe to my sister channel for vlogs, hauls and chat: become a fan on Facebook: My Facebook business profile: follow me on twitter: This look was requested by MsSaiqa786 who wanted me to match the makeup to her wedding dress see link: All products can be purchased from Boots or Superdrugs in the UK and online Barry M Products used: NB: * starred products are optional Eyes: Dazzle Dusts (DD) Bronze DD 44 Pink/Gold DD 3 *Fuschia DD 64 Black DD 66 *Chocolate DD 53 Silver Iridescent DD 8 Gold Iridescent DD 27 Fine Glitter Dusts (FGD): *Yellow Gold FGD 10 *Black Gold FGD 22 Intense Black 3 in 1 Mascara Kohl Pencil KP1 Black Intense Eyeliner Pen RKP 8 Gold Liquid Eyeliner Black LE1 False Eyelashes: Cheryl Cole by Eylure (sold at Superdrugs or Boots) Lips: Lipstick in Coral LP53 Lip Gloss Wands LGW4 Pastel Pink Cheeks, Lips & Eyes: Blusher BL2 Rose For flawless foundation please watch

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