Blue Eye Natural Makeup Tips for Beautiful Face Natural Look – Applying Blue Color Makeup for Blue Eyes – Selecting a Right Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

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Women are ardent admirers of makeup products. They just can’t do without them. Every woman or teenage girl should know that more makeup is a very pity sight to see. So I am listing down some information on natural makeup tips or at least help you understand it. One more important aspect of makeup is, women and girls apply it to impress men of all ages. Heavy makeup makes you look artificial and it’s a big turn off. So let’s see some good natural makeup tips and put them to use.

Natural Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes
The purpose of an eye makeup is to enhance and emphasize your eyes. Blue eyes are one of the most envious eye colors in the world. Blue eyes range in color from deep sapphire to gray blue. The correct choice of eye shadow can glorify the features of your eyes. Girls with deep dark blue eyes can experiment with a wide range of colors including acute shades, while girls with light blue eyes can play with milder color range. Applying blue color makeup for blue eyes can be quite tricky, so take care.

For blue eyes, the color of the eye shadow should ideally be brown, rose, lavender, shades of violet or neutral tones. You can also experiment with icy pink, silver and gold too. If you want to be a head turner in a party at night mix black with another color. I recommend turquoise and fuchsia.
The color of the mascara should be dark blue or brown. Select a black eyeliner if it suits you. Avoid jet black eyeliners.
The eye shadow is well suited along the lid and should be as close as possible to the eyelashes and along the crease as well.
Take care that the blush color resembles your cheek color.
A pink beige color lipstick compliments a blue color eye.
Smokey makeup also looks good on blue eyes with a gray or dark blue eye shadow.
Eye line should be soften and bottom should be smudged.
If you still think you need a more natural look then apply a pale shadow with a slightly darker shadow.
Another good eye look is applying a light bronze eye shadow and a bold coated mascara.
Try to match up your eye makeup to enhance your look.
Golden brown hair is best suited for blue eyes, but black is also a good option.

Natural Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes
Applying the eyeshadow by eye color is the best way to match the color of your eyes and your makeup. Selecting a right eye makeup for brown eyes is as important as selecting the right makeup for your face.

Deep shades of blue gray, gold, brown, shades of purple and violet would be the best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes. Shades of pink brown and bronze help to highlight brown eyes in a natural way.
To make brown eyes look more beautiful, apply dark eyeliners that suit your eyeshadow. Try soft pink eyeliners to showcase your brown eyes. Avoid dark black eyeliners, as it gets too strong. For a more real look, you can also apply liquid eyeliner. For a more natural look keep the eyeliner use to a minimum.
To highlight brown eyes naturally, experiment with eye shadows with indifferent colors like browns, peaches, etc.
Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Dark blue mascara is an ideal choice for brown eyes. For natural makeup use a shimmery pastel shadow on your lid, lashes should be curled and apply brown mascara on the outer corner of your eyes.

So ladies, I hope this article on natural makeup tips has provided you useful information on how to stand out in a crowd. So do use these tips and I would be waiting for your valuable feedback.

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