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Executing makeup with a perfect finish requires a good canvas.  The best foundation makeup sets the face on a fresh start, perfect enough to bring out the necessary colors from every component of a makeup kit.

The main function of a good foundation is to conceal the blemishes and to even out the facial skin tone in order to have a clear start for makeup application.  It would simply be analogous to having a perfect canvas base in the beginning of a painting session.  However, the correct foundation should not only cover the imperfections, it should also be capable of providing protection to the facial skin.  With makeup to stay in your face for several hours in a day, the foundation should be able to make the skin look healthier and stronger.  It should have the right ingredients that can supply the necessary moisturizer to prevent the skin from drying and premature aging.

There are different types of foundation that will rightfully serve your requirement.  Depending on the situation and need, a foundation may come in the form of thick creams to very light tinted moisturizers.  Lucky are the women of today with such varied choices as compared to the old times when foundation creams were thick and unmanageable.  It would be helpful to note though, that thicker foundation may have the ability to cover more skin but they tend to be difficult to blend.  Using a light makeup foundation is recommended for those with sensitive skin and for those who need to wear it on a daily basis.

Tinted moisturizers serve as a good light foundation because it supplies the necessary skin coverage without drying the skin.  Those who are always on the go and wish to save time in applying moisturizers first before spreading out the foundation, tinted moisturizers conveniently performs as a moisturizer and a foundation in a single step application.  Mousse foundation delivers the same functionality but the aerosol can packaging to keep the whipped cream foundation makes it more costly.

A liquid foundation is highly preferred for its easy and smooth application.  A number of these types of foundation have been manufactured to last on the skin for several hours, smudge free and even water-proof.  However, they tend to contain oils and chemical ingredients that can cause skin irritation.

The latest trend in the makeup industry is the popularity of the mineral foundation. Minerals, being naturally sourced out from the Earth, do not contain any harsh coloring dyes or chemicals that may damage the skin.  Several outstanding features of a mineral foundation include the natural heat absorption capacity of the iron oxides which prevents skin drying, the inorganic component that eludes bacteria proliferation in the foundation and its non-comedogenic attribute that prevents clogging of the skin pores.

One does not need to be a professional makeup artist to maximize use of a good foundation and take advantage of what it has to offer.  Knowing the best foundation makeup that will work best for your skin and for your facial features will do the trick.

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