Benefits Of Natural And Organic Beauty Products

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I was twelve years old when my mother finally allowed me to wear makeup in public. At that age, it was more about feeling like a grown up than anything else. But the habit has continued into adulthood because the true bottom line is that I love to look and feel beautiful.

A few years ago, a friend turned me onto organic beauty products. Up until that point, I hadn’t really thought too much about what I was actually putting on my face and body. I had a routine that stuck to on a daily basis. Lotion from head to toe. A little bit of eyeliner, and whatever lip gloss I had decided on that week. I did all this without a second though of where the products came from or what they contain. Unlike organic beauty products, products made from synthetic ingredients can contain chemical combinations that include aluminum derivatives, harmful antibacterial agents, and various pesticides. So, while they may get the job done of prettying you up, those man-made chemicals might be harmful when they are absorbed into the skin. I was fascinated to learn that up to sixty percent of ingredients from a typical body product can be absorbed into the skin. Think about that the next time you read the ingredients on the back of your bottle of lotion.

Natural and organic beauty products are made with only natural ingredients. Chemicals and dyes are left out, so there are no harmful agents for your skin to absorb and even the most sensitive skin is less likely to be irritated. While natural ingredients do benefit your face, they are also much better for the environment than products from synthetic materials. You can feel good about your impact on the environment as well as your face each time you apply that organic eye shadow or lipstick.

Another reason to use these products is the small amounts of SPF that are built in to organic beauty products protecting you from the harsh rays of the sun. It won’t be enough to protect your skin on your two hour rooftop tanning session, but it provides an extra level of skin protection, which is always good. I have also found that the organic beauty products that I use show better on my skin and seem to last a lot longer than synthetic stuff.

Although I am not twelve years old any longer, I am still just a girl who loves feeling beautiful. I jumped wholeheartedly onto the organic beauty product bandwagon and now I have wonderful natural products that make me look great and feel great.

Andi Beark, the ultimate WAHM, is a believer when it comes to taking care of her skin. She is a recent convert to the natural beauty products movement, and doesn’t ever want to go back to products that are harmful to her. Pharmaca supports inner health as well as natural beauty by offering organic cosmetics and body care lines. With Pharmaca, you always put your best face first.

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