Average Cosmetic Surgery Costs: What to Expect

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Since most cases of plastic surgery are elective and paid for out of pocket, knowing the total cost of your procedure is important for your budget. Your surgeon will provide his or her fee policies, but first let’s examine what goes into the cost of cosmetic surgery. While not all costs are required for every surgery, here’s a list of the fees you may be charged.

Typical Cosmetic Surgery Costs — Consultation Charge

A good number of cosmetic surgeons offer a free consultation to evaluate your case and make preliminary recommendations for surgery. In some cases, photographs, blood work or x-rays may be involved. When the candidate is a complex or unusual case, or the surgical procedure itself is technically challenging, there may be extra costs for the consultation. If your surgeon does not offer a free cosmetic surgery consultation, expect to pay up to several hundred dollars.

Typical Cosmetic Surgery Costs — Office Visits

Depending on the surgeon’s policy, you may receive individual charges for pre-operative and post-operative office visits. On the other hand, your surgeon may offer a set-price plan, which includes all pre- and post- surgical care. Otherwise, each office visit can be up to several hundred dollars.

Typical Cosmetic Surgery Costs — Cosmetic Surgeon’s Fee

Your surgeon will charge a fee for his or her services during the actual surgery. The fee can vary widely, depending on the complexity of the procedure and your particular needs. In most cases of cosmetic plastic surgery, this is the largest cost among all fees.

Keep in mind that many factors go into the cosmetic surgeon’s pricing. A more expensive fee does not necessarily mean a better surgeon, while a less expensive fee does not equate to a poor surgeon. Cost may be a factor in your selection of a surgeon, however, do your research and find the best surgeon to handle your individual needs.

Typical Cosmetic Surgery Costs — Facility Charges

In-office cosmetic surgery procedures may not carry a separate facility cost. Surgery performed at a surgery center or hospital operating room often carries a separate fee. Expect to pay additional costs for surgery that requires an overnight stay or private nursing care.

Typical Cosmetic Surgery Costs — Anesthesiologist Fee

If your surgeon plans to administer local anesthetics without an anesthesiologist, you will probably receive a separate charge for anesthesia. However, if you have regional or general anesthesia, the anesthesiologist will bill you for those services. The anesthesiologist fee can range from several hundred to a couple of thousand dollars.

Typical Cosmetic Surgery Costs — Cosmetic Devices or Implants

Cosmetic plastic surgery devices, such as breast or chin implants, are a separate cost, generally billed through your surgeon. He or she should be able to show you a price sheet or invoice to verify the cost of the devices.

Typical Cosmetic Surgery Costs — Lab and Testing Charges

Blood work and x-rays are the most common types of lab tests required for cosmetic surgery. Labs may be necessary several times over the course of your treatment, in order to help your surgeon plan the procedure and monitor your recovery. You receive charges for lab tests through your surgeon’s office, or directly by the laboratory.

Typical Cosmetic Surgery Costs — Prescription and Nonprescription Medications and Supplies

Before and after cosmetic surgery, your surgeon may prescribe medication. Generally, these include antibiotics and painkillers, though the doctor may prescribe oral sedatives. Your surgeon may also recommend that you purchase other supplies, such as antibiotic ointment, bandages, ice packs or gauze. You will pay for these supplies out of pocket.

Typical Cosmetic Surgery Costs — Revision Surgery Charges

Before you decide on a cosmetic surgeon, make sure you understand his or her policies on revision surgery costs. Revision cosmetic surgery may be discounted price or charged at full cost. Be informed and prepared regarding your surgeon’s policy on revision surgery.

Typical Cosmetic Surgery Costs — Package Pricing and Financing Options

Your surgeon may offer a complete cosmetic surgery package, including all or most of the fees outlined above for one set price. While it will probably be more convenient, it may not necessarily save you money. To find out whether your surgeon’s plan will benefit you, compare the package cost to the separate costs of all the services provided. Average cost for cosmetic surgery procedures are readily available online from reputable sources.

Additionally, your surgeon may offer financing for your cosmetic surgery cost through his or her office or an outside company. By understanding the different cosmetic surgery charge and researching different payment options, there should be no surprises regarding your cosmetic surgery costs.

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