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I recently attended a meal making cooking class with a group of friends. Basically, it was a Once a Month-Freezer Cooking session combined with a Prepare Your Own Meals store. Our hostess (this was in a private home with a very large kitchen) shopped for the food, chopped the veggies, browned the ground meat, and prepared the prep stations. Using printed instructions, we measured out the ingredients, and put them into labeled freezer bags or aluminum casserole dishes. We then loaded our pre-made meals into coolers and placed them in the freezer when we got home. For , I walked away with eight dishes. This may seem like a lot of money, but I only spent a couple of hours making them, and I didn’t have to drive all over town to buy the ingredients. I didn’t have to do the prep work or clean up. And I have healthy meals in the freezer for those nights when I’m too busy to cook or out of town. The time savings alone made it a bargain.

My every day dishes are the Autumn Leaf pattern by Franciscan by Glading, McBean & Co. The Autumn Leaf pattern was made in the mid-’50s, and they’ve held up very well. (Yes, I put them in the dishwasher.) I have dozens of the bowls and smaller plates and enough dinner plates for a large sit down meal. But there are pieces I never get down from the cupboard, like the matching mugs, which I paid -50 each.

Lusting after dishware is a genetic thing for me. My mom had special bowls for fish soup, and special plates for eating steamed artichokes. So you’ll understand when I occasionally indulge in some online dishware porn – fancy china, crystal, and dinnerware.

Wait till my next blog for great tips to all foodies!!!

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